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July 18, 2017


© Jordan Duran | Read Reviews | (SANTINI Rain Productions)

Then you turn

Into the corners of my mind
One more night

What moon comes to mind?

In my dreams of your love
I have the honor
To speak the words of a thousand dreams
And you become mine
Again and again
In all glory
You are magnified

This Love I feel
Why do you wait?
You’re not denied of dreams

What remains?

But the fortress of my heart
All for you
Only for you
Now you rise
There’s only sunshine
In the Rain we fall in love

Your hands touch mine
In the morning mist
Of Love

What becomes?

It is my heart carried to you by doves
I am Love
I adore you
Under the moonlit sky

I share your dreams
Where’s heavens door opens
I fly,
I soar
No memory remains

I am the King of my castle
You the Princess
Of my world

I roam the lands unforgotten
In your hands
Stretched to mine
I carry you across all time

My Love
This is the river of dance
We float in joy

Again to my dreams
We enter through the sacred gate
You are the world in my heart
It is you and I
You have become
One with all time
Embraced in a spiralling web of love

To the world of Bliss

My chariot arrived
To take you to that special place
I will embrace you through the nights breeze

Who would dare hurt you,
Ever again?

Now that I found you
Your tears are mine
I hold you
As the moon shines
For I am the poet of your Love
Embraced in my knights armour
Together we journey to the place
We become One
Under the moon I pledge my Love to you
My Universe is you

© Jordan Duran | Read Reviews | (SANTINI Rain Productions)


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