Melbourne Torture Gang


Over forty years ago, I was a child slave under a system of abuse and torture by persons still alive today.

During the course of my life, the child en-slaver – torturer who commenced the system of isolation and abuse in Melbourne, Australia has since expanded his terror.

During that time when I was six years old, I was the second “child slave”. The first child slave being a female died in 2016.





Question: As a child slave in Melbourne, what were some of the things which silenced you?

Answer: Butcher’s knife and it was a long one which Mr Sado would use to threaten me with. That silenced me. Knives in general, which I was threatened with silenced me. Mr Sado, his presence and fearing ‘what he would do to me’ silenced me. Fearing what ‘Maso’ would do to me would also silence me.


Question: When did your child slavery begin?

Answer: The year was 1974.


Question: How old were you then?

Answer: I was six years of age.


Question: Where were you located when your child slavery commenced?

Answer: Melbourne, Australia.


Question: How many people were involved in your child slavery?

Answer: At first there was two–then shortly after my arrival in Melbourne, there was one Australian man who was ‘recruited’ into the Gang. He was the first ‘recruit’. So in total there was three at first.


Question: What were their names?

Answer: Mr Sado, Maso and Wilhelm were the original three in Melbourne.


Question: It’s now 2016 – 2017, more than forty years have passed by since your child slavery commenced, is Mr Sado, Maso and Wilhelm still doing child slavery and torture in Melbourne?

Answer: Yes. From the information I have, it has never stopped.


Question: As a 6 year old do you recall the locations in Melbourne where you served as a child slave.

Answer: Yes, I do.


Question: What was the first thing you experienced as a child slave that’s dominant in your memory?

Answer: The isolation, the sheer terror and degradation unleashed upon me by my en-slavers, the deprivation and cruelty. The humiliation, degradation, the control they had over me, the never ending abuse and silencing. It was torture.


Question: When you say isolation, how is it applied?

Answer: A child slave is under full control, he or she is isolated inside the house. He isn’t allowed anything, food is very little, toys are not permitted, shorts, runners any of these things are not permitted.

He isn’t permitted to wash or taught personal hygiene. He must ‘envy’ other kids. He is the cleaner of the ‘whole’ house. If there is another child in the home, that child will be treated differently, they will be given the very best runners, the most expensive sports gear, the best food.

My abusers enjoy the isolation aspect where they try to, isolate the child as much as possible in order to cause great mental harm.

They want to break you in order to torture you.

The isolation of the child slave in the system of abuse which I was a captive — a hostage in is a vital part of the system and the major foundation of Mr Sado’s formula to terrorize and abuse the child.

Question: What was one of the ‘other first things’ you recall and experienced in Mr Sado’s system of child slavery?

Answer: Sado masochistic pornography by way of pornographic books which was left for me to see, greatly explicit, books with very colorful images in BDSM — which given deliberately to a 6 year old child is ‘child abuse.’ Then shortly after that, I was beaten.


Question: How old were you then?

Answer: I was six.


Question: Why do you think Mr Sado introduced children to these types of materials at a young age?

Answer: Mr Sado is ‘into’ sado masochism to the ‘extreme’. It’s not a mere ‘fantasy’ to him and he creates the opportunities to live out his great desire in ‘sado masochism’ ensuring he uses systems and covers to not get caught. What must be understood is, if he or his recruits can get away with inflicting ‘torture’ they will do it. Part of the reason he tries to also drive children mentally insane is so that they can torture the victims. That is the ultimate aim of this crew.

He had a vision, a system which he wanted to bring to Melbourne Australia. He believed that it was in Melbourne, Australia he could freely achieve his goals and dreams of ‘child slavery’ and child abuse.

He did that and it has now lasted for over four decades. So everything he does is ‘calculated’. He is the most deceptive man on earth with his right hand man “Maso”.

By introducing the victim child to books on BDSM or Torture, he is conditioning the child for torture and naturally he greatly frightens and shocks the child slave. He also tries to use such images in order to help drive the child slave to mental insanity and gains great pleasure from breaking that child, especially if the child is a female.

In that case, they are absolutely vicious as those involved gain great joy from the sheer suffering and pain of the female victim. Overall, this is what he is into, so he introduces the child into what ‘he is into’, silencing the child slave victim is a main part of his system as the application of torture or slavery is not something he or his recruits want exposed, so those who can get away, are forever stalked. It never stops.


Question: Does he require a specific number of child slave victims?

Answer: In Mr Sado’s system of isolation and abuse, numbers are not important, what is important is ‘not getting caught’.

Also it depends whether the child slave is female or male, if it’s female they seem to have zero chance of getting away.

Although many people enjoy ‘kink’ in a healthy relationship by ‘mutual consent’ the fetish scene is extremely ‘wide’ and Mr Sado’s great desire is broad. It’s not just a fantasy to him and his crew, it is real and vicious. It is terror and torture never ending.

He ‘enjoys the actual physical deprivation, the degradation and if he can get away with it, absolute ‘torture’ of the victim or child. So he and his recruits also enjoy the humiliation and degradation of one child while the other is treated greatly. However, if there is only one child, than that too is sufficient. What must be remembered as in my own case by the time I was fifteen I had completely escaped the slavery under them, although, I was forever pursued after that. But also it was with the help of one Australian man when I was around twelve – thirteen when I started breaking free. Not all are so lucky.

To take it one step further, Mr Sado also enjoys the extreme ‘phycological abuse’ of the victim child. It doesn’t have to be just that ‘physical aspect’ where he visually see’s and observes the degradation, as for him and the torturers, ‘knowing’ the suffering is going on to that child by one of his recruits is enough to give him pleasure.

He enjoys the severe ‘isolation and humiliation’ of the child and mental abuse.


Question: What was the first feeling you experienced when you were introduced to pornographic images related to fetish and sado masochism at six years of age? Do you remember that moment?

Answer: Yes, it’s as clear as yesterday. It’s not a moment I can forget. However the feeling of observing the images was ‘instant shock’ and ‘instant fear’ and a question ‘what is it — what are these?’ Feeling was immediate fright and not wanting to look anymore. Sadness, confusion. A lot in some short moments. Fear.


Question: Explain some more about Mr Sado’s system.

Answer: Mr Sado commenced his system of abuse and child slavery in Melbourne with two people that were the first victims for him here. He would not only enslave those two victims but he would use their babies and children for abuses in the future years and keep his system rolling, targeting from within.

There is also the application of extreme favoring and extreme cruelty at youth where there are a couple of children.

Where one child will be given all the pocket money he needs, it’s the enslaved child who will not be given one cent, this is all a part of Mr Sado’s humilation and abuse.

“To the observer, it will appear as it’s just a child without money. So Mr Sado and his recruits will abuse and will always have covers. However underneath all the cover’s and pretexts, ‘fetish related child abuse is what’s going on. Like one child said, he wants to create a mental ward for the victim child.”

So what must be understood is ‘it is child abuse however it is extreme sado masochistic – fetish related child abuse, the most intense and gross form of bullying you can imagine which ultimately leads to physical torture.

In my case being the enslaved, “without a choice,” against my own free will, I was aged six when I had to collect bottles and return those bottles to the shop in exchange for spare change. So to give you an idea, one child is in absolute poverty, and another isn’t. Where one child is permitted to shower and wash, keep a normal level of hygiene the other is deprived and can’t even take a shower.

I wasn’t even permitted to shower, at six years of age, Mr Sado ensured, I wasn’t even taught how to shower, while the other child could have daily showers and look after themselves.

This is all a part of his system. It is deliberate and again, all a part of the submissive and dominant in the ‘sado masochistic’ scene Mr Sado introduces children to.

In his system, he does it all in a way and teaches it in a way where he and those he teaches use covers to not get caught.


Question: What do you mean by covers to not get caught?

Answer: To give you an example, let us think about what we are dealing with here. We are dealing with ‘child en-slavers’ bullies of the most gross kind, the biggest cowards one could ever imagine the possibility of confronting. So he wants to carry out the abuses to the child but ‘not get caught’ so in order to not get caught he has many ‘covers’ which he applies and manipulates. His recruits also manipulate it the same way. The core is Fetish and BDSM abuse to the Sado child slaves.

Mr Sado as I mentioned does everything in such a way where he can’t be caught. Look at it this way, he can’t get in trouble for not teaching a child to shower, or not buying a child shoes or clothes and giving the “other” child everything. So seeing one abused and the other dominant then obviously plays an important role in his system of abuse.

He completely ‘humiliates’ the child. So one does not need to touch a child to ‘humiliate’ a child and he applies ‘humiliation’ greatly in his system deliberately. The authorities would just ‘label that’ as ‘favoring’ or ‘neglect’ and that’s the end of it. However, in the Mr Sado system, again it is related to Fetish and Sado Masochism.

The authorities will not know or hear about the “Fetish” – sexual -Sado Masochistic side to the child abuse. But it is the reason, that he and his recruits apply it. They simply get off on it.


Question: In the BDSM – Fetish scene there is usually the dominant role and the submissive role or the ‘slave’ so in Mr Sado’s system of child abuse – child slavery, what you’re saying is that he is making you or other children “the slave” and you started your journey without choice at the age of six, is that correct?

Answer: Yes


Question: Is it possible to get help at the age of six?

Answer: The child is in ‘isolation in his system of abuse.’ The child or child slave is ‘isolated’ as was my case and I was in great fear. It is also immensely humiliating and embarrassing. How does a child talk about such methods being applied? There is no other adult around that I could report it to other than Mr Sado’s en-slavers. Not at the age of six.

That’s how Mr Sado has his system. You must remember, although he greatly loves the humiliation, degradation, scaring, abuse, of the child by applying both phycological and physical methods, Mr Sado is extremely calculating as you will find in order to not get caught.

So he also creates ‘covers’ – never ending covers and just as I explained in the cover of ‘favoring’. He will hold a ‘butchers knife’ to the child but he won’t cut them. Not at that stage.


Question: A butchers knife? What do you mean?

Answer: Well in my case, he would have what I call the butchers knife, it’s actually one of those long ‘kebab knives’ long like a sword. From the ages of 7 until around 12 that was always present, every night where he sat and close by always in my view.

He doesn’t have to ‘cut’ you with it when you’re a child, in my case, just the constant presence of the knives, would frighten the hell out of me. Especially the butchers knife.


Question: Would he ever threaten you with the knives or a butchers knife as a child?

Answer: Of course, the threat was always there. I was aged around seven when the knives were introduced to threaten me. It would be pointed to me and if it wasn’t then it’s always there — within his arms reach. It absolutely ‘silences’ a child and it silenced me. It makes a child very obedient and in my case that’s what it did.

So when I sat opposite to him at the kitchen table, the knife would always be there, either the long bread knife or the ‘butchers knife’ and it would always be visible in my view.

Mr Sado is a master of mental manipulation but one doesn’t need to be an expert when using such tactics against a child so young. So look at it this way, this is a nightly occurrence, which child is going to say anything? The only place I could go was ‘school’ and straight back home.


Question: Did you ever want to tell a teacher?

Answer: I can’t answer that, perhaps I did but what I recall distinctly was the extreme fear if I did. I knew, telling a teacher was simply something forbidden. Telling anyone would be a nightmare.

There was not a chance that was going to happen then. I was in absolute fear of what Mr Sado would do if I did. So basically, this is how he controls.

So there was no way I would say anything and was a hostage to the fear. I would do as he said and say or speak as he wanted me to speak — in most cases when he wanted me to speak.


Question: In what other ways did he use the knife against you or butchers knife?

Answer: At nights, I wasn’t permitted to watch TV. So my routine would be to walk home straight after school. Then I would immediately commence doing all the housework, cleaning the lounge room, cleaning the two bedrooms, then I would start cleaning the kitchen. I would begin around 4pm. Mr Sado would get back around 6.30 pm. Once he arrived, he would make dinner. If it was horrible food, I still had to eat it. On one occasion, what he made was filled to the top of the soup bowl with sheer ‘oil’. I could not eat it and I started vomiting. He had cooked vegetable with oil however when he put it in the soup bowl, he filled the soup bowl to the brim with oil. He would drive another knife, which was a bread knife into the table in front of me repeatedly as I sat in my chair. That way there are no visible scars. Mr Sado and his system is such that he ensures, he won’t be caught. In Mr Sado’s system, it is such that if even if I had said anything at eight years old, he would simply say, “He didn’t like the food.” But even so, again a child who is being imposed such vicious conditions will not speak up at 6, 7 or 8 years of age. Especially in isolation, there is no one to speak up to and he tells you not to say ‘anything’ to anyone at school. That is driven in to the child slave all the time.


Question: What happened with the bowl filled with oil?

Answer: He always sat opposite to me. I tried to eat it as he watched on, my suffering gave him great joy. This is what I mean about the BDSM or Fetish aspect. This is not a normal ‘fetish’ in that scene, Mr Sado’s fetish is vast and wide it goes beyond the normal bounds of ‘kink’, so he gets his pleasure by the degradation and humiliation of children in this way, but ensures he does not get caught. What I felt at the time, I was immensely sick from the taste of pure ‘oil’ and if you can imagine eating a bowl of soup but it’s not soup just ‘oil’ then you will know what I mean and I could not continue and stopped eating. He then screamed, the butchers knife was close by, so was the bread knife, I ate it — all in tears and great fear but it was torture.


Question: What did he do while you ate.

Answer: He sat and watched on.


Question: What other times did he make you feel sick with food?

Answer: Chocolates, if ever he gave me chocolate which I was never permitted, I was given small pieces that had ‘alcohol’ inside them. I would always vomit.’


Question: Did Mr Sado ever show you love or kindness in anyway or at any time?

Answer: The only time Mr Sado would show any affection was around ten pm at night, when he wanted me to sit on his knee. During those times, he would show me love and affection. I was around eight years old and there was no other time where he showed any love or any affection.


Question: What would happen during the time you sat on his knee?

Answer: He would keep me up late and then he would be holding a glass of whiskey and he would make me drink it, giving me sip after sip. This is the only time I would get affection or the only time he would speak nice to me.


Question: So he would sleep deprive you as well?

Answer: Monday to Friday, sleep deprivation was a regular or nightly routine in my child slavery. I would on most nights be up until around 2am or longer. In Mr Sado’s system of abuse and child slaver, isolation, starvation, sleep deprivation, humiliation, degradation are all a part of the process as well as torture.


Question: Would he often take you out?

Answer: No, it was very minimal. In fact there was the time when I was seven and I woke up at one house, I know the house and I know the address even now, anyway I woke up alone around 2.30 am. A child slave does not get privileges. If I was taken to a restaurant then I was deprived in the car.


Question: What do you mean deprived in the car?

Answer: Well, Mr Sado would take me to restaurants on certain occasions where he would meet his ‘male mates’ couple of times a week. However, I was not permitted inside the restaurant. A slave is not permitted inside restaurants. What Mr Sado would do is — he would position the car so that from where I was seated inside the car, I could observe him and his ‘mates’ eating the best food money could buy. I would be permitted one blanket ‘with a view’ for the occasions and I would have to sit there observing through the car window until the late hours of the night. I would feel ‘scared’ for being in the car alone. I would ‘crave’ having the nice food. If anyone asked, in Mr Sado’s world of covers, he would simply say, ‘oh he is sleepy and tired’ and I can keep an ‘eye on him from here. So again there was nothing ‘illegal’ about it at the time and to those who wanted ‘young boys’ Mr Sado had the perfect young exhausted boy, sleep deprived until all hours of the night in the car.


Question: Do you recall the drive back home from the restaurants?

Answer: No, I don’t recall one, only the drives to the restaurants and only my head resting against the car window and only my eyes looking through the restaurant windows and a longing in a way, to be permitted to go inside and have some food until exhaustion hits then I would sleep. It’s a part of Mr Sado’s system, deprive and exhaust.


Question: You said, you were not permitted to watch TV, do you recall anything you were permitted to watch?

Answer: Yes, I do. The most vivid movie I recall was about the Jews, I think it was a TV show called The Holocaust. I was taken by “Maso” to a block of apartments where he lived. Upon entering the street I ‘observed’ the street sign and I recall the street name and I recall the block of flats. Maso forced me to watch the Holocaust and there was ‘nothing’ I could do about it. He wanted me to especially watch the scene where ‘people were being put into isolation chambers.


Question: Who is Maso? How did you feel watching people herded into isolation chambers and the degradation of the Jews.

Answer: Maso is one of Mr Sado’s close relations but much younger. It was Mr Sado and his wife in the early years who trained and raised Maso. Maso was also living with Mr Sado and myself for around 2 years or so in Melbourne. So from the age of 6, upon my arrival here in Melbourne, I was living with Mr Sado and Maso. Maso is brutal, he is the ‘hitter’ and dishes out the punishment and is the mastermind of many covers and deceptions. On that occasion, Maso took me to his flat to watch a ‘movie’ and it turned out that he wanted me to watch ‘isolation’ and the degradation of the Jewish people. I felt horrible and I did recall distinctly, I did not want to watch it, but ‘there was no way, I would say no to Maso, as he had beaten me before. I was extremely frightened of him as a child. I observed the holocaust — as I was taught to observe in ‘silence’, and the more I watched the show that night the more I became extremely frightened. It was the scene with the isolation chamber that I recall the most. However I also did have one very distinct thought which I still can recall, and that was “Why is he making me watch this?” – I made sure not to ask. As a child slave, it’s about being ‘obedient’. I was aged around 8 at the time.


Question: What happened after?

Answer: I was in sheer tears, trembling and crying in Maso’s bedroom. I was returned back to Mr Sado’s the next day.


Question: So from the ages of 6 to around 8 you experienced a lot of abuse and were you the first and only child to be a ‘child slave’?

Answer: No. I wasn’t the first child slave. I was the second child slave. Sis was the first. She was so beautiful.


Question: How old was Sis and where was she? What was she like towards you?

Answer: Sis was so gorgeous, she was so beautiful. She meant the world to me and was ‘my protector’. She was much older than me. Her abuse began overseas prior to our arrival here. When she was a child Mr Sado and his wife would degrade her and abuse her the same, however, she would be ‘hit more’. In the Sado system of abuse, the female is completely degraded, they get more joy and pleasure from the degradation, humiliation and extreme cruelty to females. They are far more defenseless as well. Mr Sado’s system relies upon ‘complete deception and lies, constantly covering up their abuses. He is and his ‘recruits’ into the system of abuse are also the very same, expert liars just like “Maso”. Overseas, she was sent to school without food, hungry and poorly clothed great neglect. I was brought here with Sis, we were together, until Mr Sado’s plan went all wrong and she vanished.


Question: What was Mr Sado’s plan?

Answer: Well remember when I said that Mr Sado’s plan requires two at the time Sis was born there was also one of Mr Sado’s relations Maso. So Mr Sado and his wife always treated “Maso” as the royalty and during that time it was Sis who was being abused greatly. Mr Sado and his wife broke up and Sado had a great vision to remove myself and Sis to Melbourne to live out his dream and establish his system freely. Because overseas, where we lived, we also had uncles and aunties and cousins and a family, so Mr Sado was very restricted in the amount of abuse he could unleash on Sis and I.


Question: So by changing your country where you both lived, am I correct in saying Mr Sado ‘isolated’ both of you from being able to get any help from extended family.

Answer: That’s correct, in all of the abuse that Mr Sado does and his entire system, ‘isolation’ of the target child or victim ‘child slave’ is constantly used. So again, he ‘isolated’ both of us ‘legally’. You see, he can’t get into trouble for taking two children to live in a new country. Mr Sado will say, “I just migrated to a new country.” So there is nothing illegal about that when in actual fact, he moved to a new country in order to ‘isolate two children’ and begin his system of child slavery and child abuse.


Question: You said, Sis vanished, how did she vanish? Please explain what you mean by Mr Sado’s plan going wrong..

Answer: In order for the Sado system to survive, it needs victims. By migrating to Melbourne, he had a beautiful girl who was aged around seventeen or eighteen at the time. She left her amazing future and career behind ‘trusting Sado’ and came here. But little did she know, it was Mr Sado’s plan to have her marry someone ‘he chose.’ You see, in Mr Sado’s system of isolation and abuse, he didn’t need one hundred people. He only needed two. He had me as a six year old boy, his plan with Sis was for him to have her married off to just one man. So having a gorgeous girl who he could force into marriage ‘to someone he chose’ with no extended family to help would be easy for him to achieve, especially when he had a girl that was as beautiful as any model. His system works by ‘recruiting in’ a male member or ‘recruiting in’ other members.

So the plan was, — all he had to do was find just one ‘cruel and like minded man out of the hundreds and thousands of men, recruit him in. Then she would be married. During that marriage she would not be aware that she was married in fact into marriage and her husband was a recruit who also abused her extremely.

You see this was also important for Mr Sado, simply because again, Mr Sado and Maso both love and get great joy from both the physical and phycological suffering of the submissive person. This is again ‘beyond the bounds of legal kink and legal fetish’ where consenting adults enjoy. So because Sado’s and Maso’s joy went beyond the normal bounds of fetish, Mr Sado created a way where he could ‘get off’ and enjoy from the great suffering of Sis and I.

For example, if she had a ‘husband abusing her who was a part of Sado’s small crew, the three would enjoy her torment and anguish. Mr Sado could direct it or Maso could direct it and she would never know as it was ‘always the husband’ who was abusing her. Once again, this was the plan. This way, Mr Sado could show ‘he had nothing to do with it’. His reason would be, ‘it is just a conflict or it is just a bad marriage, nothing to do with him when the truth is, if the plan worked, it would have everything to do with him, Maso and the recruit. As it would be an ‘organised system’.

Her abuse would then continue in that marriage year after year after year. While that happened, Sado would be busy with abusing me as I was only six.

If the plan worked, and she married a recruit that Mr Sado found then the only person who fed me, and empowered me daily and protected me with all of her heart, and the only person I had would also be gone and that would then again leave me isolated.

But in the bigger picture of Mr Sado’s plan it was also about expansion because once Mr Sado’s plan worked then of course in marriage Sis would have more children and then without her knowledge, ‘those children would become the new target victims’ of Mr Sado, Maso and the new recruit.

This would then give Mr Sado and Maso and his new recruit decades of children to abuse by simply ‘duplicating the process’ of what he had done to Sis and I. It also gave him great cover and greatly minimized the chance of Mr Sado and Maso and the recruit the chance of getting caught because in the Sado and Maso system of child abuse and slavery ‘they work from within’. They control everything.


Question: So what you’re then saying is, his plan was to expand, but do it from ‘within’ — utilizing you and the person named Sis. That way, they have you and they have the person named Sis surrounded, so they know your movements and in fact they are always in control.

Answer: That’s right. That was the whole plan and because their wasn’t many they didn’t need hundreds of children. Further more, we are dealing not only with child abuse, but we are dealing with child slavery and child torture as well as trying to drive children to suicide and driving children to great mental harm all deliberately. I don’t know what the laws are for the organisation and application of such ‘horrific actions’ but they are things which they don’t want getting out. By keeping it small, they could keep control and continue to abuse and bully and degrade.


Question: So until you were eight or from the ages of six to eight, you were living in Melbourne in what appears to be something similar to a concentration camp. Is that correct?

Answer: Yes, I was.


Question: Did Mr Sado’s evil plan work and you said there was a problem, what happened?

Answer: He conned Sis and conned me although I was a child prior to our arrival. We were waiting for some weeks in excitement to come to beautiful Australia where we would have a new start. Upon setting foot here on the first day Mr Sado began. We had entered a torture chamber. Anything I wanted or asked for was denied on the first day. He would not even get me a drink. I can even show you the exact shop or milk bar where I wanted to get a drink from. When he said ‘no’. I knew and felt something was strange. I was not to ask again. His plan worked perfect because immediately upon arriving Mr Sado and Maso met an Australian man by the name of Wilhelm. I call him Wilhelm the Cruel because he is exceptionally cruel. Wilhelm the Cruel was working as a security guard where we lived so he would see Mr Sado and Maso daily. Mr Sado decided that Sis would marry Wilhelm and put his master plan of abuse to work. However, Sis only being around 18 at the time did not want to marry. She certainly did not want to marry Wilhelm the Cruel upon our arrival here. For some weeks she would tell me as she fed me. She would also encourage me and empower me, telling me, you are so clever, you are so clever, it would never end. At the time, I did not know why she was telling me ‘how clever I was’ but she was in fact ‘preparing’ me for what was to come. She was preparing me to overcome the slavery and abuse that would confront me. It was those empowering words she told me over and over again that made me believe what she had said and it was those empowering words that she filled me with over and over again which ensured I was one that actually did survive.


Question: So what happened after she refused to marry Wilhelm the Cruel?

Answer: Mr Sado put his back up plan to action. Wilhelm kept trying to build rapport with Sis acting like the ‘knight in shining armour’ while her abuse commenced. She was beaten and beaten and beaten in front of my eyes repeatedly for weeks. I was shocked and horrified at what I was observing and what was happening to my comforter. I was shocked and horrified as I was only six and I had never seen her beaten before by a man. She was isloated. I was isolated. I was made to watch sitting on the lounge. Mr Sado had got the ‘hitter’ Maso to beat sis. By beating her, she was to fall into the arms of the man ‘Recruited’ in to his crew, the first ‘recruit’ is what I call him, Wilhelm the Cruel.


Question: What happened, did the plan work?

Answer: No, sis vanished. She ran far away and no one knew where she was. Or at least I did not know. Maso and Mr Sado said she ran away and they did not know where she was.


Question: So with the last person who protected you gone, that was the start of your isolation in Melbourne?

Answer: Yes. Sis did not even know how to speak english and she had ‘no family here’. Shortly after arrival, she had gone but prior to her fleeing the abuse, she had repeatedly told me and kept telling me, ‘you are so clever, you are so clever.’ I believed her and I believed in her and those words during the months and years ahead kept me going through the adversities and challenges that were to confront me.


Question: Were you beaten after she ran away?

Answer: Yes. I received my first beating by Maso shortly after at the age of six.


Question: What about Wilhelm? Did he continue to visit Mr Sado and Maso?

Answer: Yes. All the time. he was their best friend. He was the first Australian recruit. Mr Sado would love making fun of me especially when Wilhelm the Cruel came over. Mr Sado would keep yelling out at me and say “He is so stupid.” — He is the stupid one. Then they would both “laugh and laugh and continue to laugh.” Then the next time Wilhelm would come over, he would say, Hey, remember when I came over last time and he yelled out to you saying “How stupid you are?’ I had to burst out in laughter, that was so funny. he would then laugh and laugh in front of my face, reminding me over and over again.


Question; What would you do then and how would you feel?

Answer: As a six year old child, there is little I could do but this practice with Wilhelm never ended. It was a process of repetition, the same Mr Sado would use in his bag of tricks. What I did was, simply not believe it. That’s what I recall. Sis had said the opposite over and over again and I think that played a big part because I believed her. When Wilhelm repeated the opposite or when Sado kept saying it in front of Wilhelm, I kept saying to myself, it’s not true. I wasn’t permitted to answer back to Mr Sado.


Question, so let’s go back to when you were eight, what else would Mr Sado do that would scare you or how else did he control and condition you?

Answer: If I looked the wrong way, one of the first things he would do is throw a plate towards my head. Plates were popular to throw when I was aged around eight because night times were the times I would have to sit there at the table across from him while he drank his whiskey. He would drink it for hours. Only he is permitted to talk. So a plate was always close by and usually with some left over food on it. if I smiled or of I moved the wrong way, it would cause a ‘reaction’ and he would pick up the closest ‘dinner plate’ and throw it towards my head however he would always miss it on purpose.


Question: So the plates never hit you?

Answer: No. Maso was the hitter. They would fly towards my head but he would ensure they went ‘over the top of my head and smash into the wall behind me.’ He would throw it at full force so it made an almighty smashing sound. Then he would make me get on my knees and pick up the broken pieces as he towered over me, yelling his commands. A slave in Mr Sado’s system is on all fours, on his hands and knees and he enjoyed having me on my hands and knees that’s why several times a week, sometimes every night he used this process. So I was always trying to not do whatever it was that triggered that plate, or the butchers knife held towards me or the bread knife being stabbed into the table in front of me. I couldn’t really stop it from happening, but I got used to sitting like a frozen statue for hours in silence and although he had the perfect plan and system of abuse to enslave me, that was one of his biggest miscalculations at the time.


Question: How did he miscalculate?

Answer: Well, even as a child enduring such a process, when I remained silent for hours each night, sitting in front of him, naturally I wanted to be ‘obedient’ by being ‘obedient’ I could then avoid the violence and threat against me. If I could achieve that then, I could stop harm, that’s all I was trying to achieve. So if you think about it, obedience is the key. So from what I recall, it was around the time when I was eight years of age when I commenced the habit of ‘thinking’ as I observed, and following his ‘patterns’. In other words, my thoughts were constantly active and I would ‘think’, “ok, don’t react” and ok, “don’t respond” or “don’t reply” or one big one was, “don’t smile”, “don’t have an expression” and what I found was it didn’t fully stop a plate being thrown towards my head, however it minimized the violence against me. So, with this process minimizing the threats, I was going “within” to my thoughts more. Because everything was stripped from me. I had no rights, I had nothing, I was a slave as a child. But I found having everything stripped off me, my observation and thoughts became my secret helper in a sense, as again, it minimized the threats or violence against me. So therefore having everything stripped from me, there was no way that I would give Mr Sado this as I knew, even as a child, if I revealed what was reducing the number of plates being thrown or the violence decreasing then, I thought he will also take that away from me. So there was no way, I was going to do that. The more nights passed me by, the more I observed, the more I thought, the more I tried to seize a solution. That’s what happens when even a child is trying to survive, well in my case, I was ‘automatically going within to my thoughts’ trying to be ‘obedient’, anything to stop the violence. So that was his miscalculation at the time, so from then on, I never stopped observing and “taking notes” over the years that were to pass by or seeking solutions. It just became a habit, so later on in my life, I was able to find solutions to problems, and take notes from observations ‘on auto pilot’. So I continued to take notes on Mr Sado and Maso and their actions automatically, that has never changed. So in a sense, he miscalculated that part.


Question: What else did Mr Sado do that was frightening?

Answer: He would flip the large kitchen table often and regardless of how many plates were on that table, or food or utensils, in a fit of rage, he would simply flip it and once again, I would be ordered to ‘clean it up’, and again, I would be obediently on my hands and knees in a ‘flash’ cleaning it all up, as quick as I could to the background sound of his ‘yelling’ which just becomes noise. It’s the fear and again the obedience becomes faster and faster the more he did this.


Question: So your childhood in Melbourne was pretty much like a concentration camp?

Answer: Yes, and again, it was my thoughts and the ability to go within and ‘think’ and ‘think’ as I observed Mr Sado that would enable me to “keep going”. I didn’t know then at the time, other than the fact, there was ‘help’ and I sought that help and perhaps if I did not have the power to think, or observe, I may not have survived. Because when I was ‘thinking’ I was also seeking the solution, so it tends to take you away, for moments from the trauma or violence or perhaps reduces the fear being applied. It was his desire or his great desire to drive me to great mental harm. As he enjoys doing that to his child slave victims.


Question: What other thoughts would you have?

Answer: One thought I would have was often wonder if other kids at school had to wait up until 2 or 2.30am. This thought was a common one and again, the thought of ensuring to ‘not tell anyone and not speak up’ or else. The sheer fear to talk as I knew if I did, Mr Sado would get me in some way. It was just something that was not to be done. Most thoughts were based on just ‘doing’ and being obedient and ensuring I evaded his wrath in my isolation and process of being conditioned night after night, month after month. I also had great hopes.


Question: Hopes? Can you recall what they were?

Answer: Yes, of course my biggest hope was for Deri to be ok, she was the love of my life. I would ‘wonder’ often, how she was, if she was ok and if I couyld get enough courage to ask Mr Sado about her. So after some time past by I would ask, but it would often turn out a plate would fly over the top of my head. But it was one of the last occasions when I did get enough courage to ask, and again, we were seated at the dinner table and on this occasion he picked up the bread knife and repeatedly stabbed the table so viciously, unlike before, it was frightening enough to never ask again.


Question: Did you ever see Deri Sis again? Do you know what happened to her?

Answer: Yes, I did. After three years of not seeing her and after she had fled, she somehow gained the courage to return and help me, but she walked into a trap, a nightmare that would destroy her entire life.


Question: What happened to her, how was Deri Sis trapped?

Answer: She was kicked and beaten by Mr Sado within the first week after she returned, at the time, she had bought an art board and we were sitting on the floor together and she was showing me how to weave the colour strings through short nails she on the board, to create an image. It was the first ‘toy or art’ I had ever done at home. Mr Sado walked in after work and screamed at her. He threw a kick and she flew upward, I was in shock, I can’t recall exactly if it connected but she was running to the back room very quickly and in that back room there was a lock, a key and I knew that. I was also aware not to follow her because I knew if I followed her then he would pursue her, so ‘I quickly thought about what I should do to avoid her getting hurt anymore, and I something told me, if I stay in the kitchen where he is, he won’t pursue her. It worked. But then a few days later it started again. She was beaten and Maso and Wilhelm started coming over more, visiting and then Wilhelm the Cruel more on his own. He took her out shortly after she arrived, they started dating and before I knew it, they were married off. She married him, thinking he was her knight in shining armor. He wasn’t. It was a ‘set up’. Deri married the very first recruit into Sado’s abuse system. She got beaten and Wilhelm provided the comfort, or at least until they got married. Then she was gone as quick as she came and I was left alone with Mr Sado once again.


Question: So her whole marriage to the ‘recruit’ in this abuse system was in actual fact was just a set up and where it failed the first time, three years or so later, Mr Sado’s plan worked. So she was conned and walked into a marriage that was a deliberate trap, without her knowledge?

Answer: Yes, exactly. Then once married, Wilhelm went to work, degrading her, humiliating her, bashing her week after week, abusing her mentally and she never got help from the only adults she had that was Mr Sado and Maso. To them, the whole thing was some kind of fun. I would observe and ask, ‘why don’t one of those two help her?’ I would notice, they never did. Instead, they did the stalking of her. So it became a three way system of abuse. Even when they moved house, they stalked her,stealing her lingerie off the line. Wherever she went, she was stalked. Wilhelm would never help. What Deri didn’t realize was that it was all organised and at the time conducted by the three people against her. I was around nine years old by this stage. Shortly after they married it was conveniently set up that while Wilhelm was at work at ‘nightshirt’ one tried to break in to her home and she screamed in great fear, the intruder was wearing a mask and fled. She believed it was Maso that did this. So she didn’t ask for help from any of the two elders and collected me. She informed me that she believed it was Maso as he also ‘liked to scare others.’ He had scared me before as well. Her husband didn’t comfort her either. So it was once again when they moved to a home they purchased the ‘stalker’ had come again. This time stealing lingerie off her clothes line and calling her on the ‘phone’ scaring her by distance. The scaring would be done by the “Sado and Maso”. More Maso, Then her bashings, began and of course there was ‘no one to help.’ There was one guy named Lance who was Wilhelms brother. Lance was a really nice guy completely different to Wilhelm but he didn’t come into the picture for some years later.


Question: What kind of ‘bashings and humiliation did she receive?

Answer: She would often have black eyes. She never drank. Wilhelm would bash her, call her a wog, and completely degrade her daily. They wanted the bigger picture you see.


Question: What was the bigger picture?

Answer: Well, Mr Sado in his evil plan wanted more victims and Maso also wanted more victims and wanted females much more. So in Mr Sado’s evil plan, Deri was to get married asap so that she could have children. This way the three abusers, Sado, Maso and Wilhelm could continue abusing from “within”. You see the enemy was always “within” and by keeping it small in this way, they did not need to ‘go outside to others and risk getting caught’. But I was observing and taking notes of the events on auto pilot as much as I could and events and abuses accumulate. The other part of this plan was the fact that by keeping it small, having me and Deni as the abused, they could run rings around us, they could track us, they could isolate us and the risk of them getting caught was minimal. So it was sheer brutal plan that could only be revealed with the accumulation of time.


Question: What else happened to Deni?

Answer: She was beaten with cricket bat and again no one helped and her abuse just continued as a “wog”.


Question: How many children did she have to Wilhelm?

Answer: She had three all up to him.


Question: Would you see them often?

Answer: When I first went or was dropped off to their home, I saw him abuse two boys and again, I must have been around nine still from what I can recall. Deni was not aware as she was cooking in the kitchen. He thought his action was really funny and laughed. It was so bizzare. I was speechless and became very frightened, I wanted to tell Deni, but he would not leave my side. The two brothers were not going to return Deni said so I was relieved for that. What he did was ensured I sat next to him, his routine was to sit on the lounge in front of the TV and clean his guns. He had several guns, rifles and I would have to watch him strip and clean them.


Question: What else would he do?

Answer: Every time I was dropped off to their house instead of going to school the next day, Mr Sado or Maso would instruct him to ensure I was kept away from school. He would then take me to his work which was outdoors. He would lay stones on concrete and in the heat, I would have to sit in the car for at least around eight hours and that would put me in a ‘sleepy’ state. He would then ensure to talk about ‘cancer’ repeating Mr Sado’s hypnotic methods over and over again as he mixed white powder with the stones. At the time naturally, I did not know what he was doing or why, only after in my later years when I became a master practitioner of hypnosis, I understood why this method was being applied. Mr Sado and his methods were advanced at the time but in his hypnosis method, it is a very simple process of ‘repetition’ of the words over and over again. Like ‘he is stupid or ‘he is the stupid one, he is the stupid one and always in front of at least Wilhelm. He liked to humiliate in front of an audience. With the white powder as Wilhelm mixed it, he would say, “This will give you cancer,” This will give you cancer. It was always the same words and to this day, I recall, so it was being done purposely. Of course having lived the system of abuse, and known these people for over four decades and observed the accumulation of ‘same events’ for me, it is clear who and how this is done.


Question: What other things did Wilhelm do?

Answer: I know him as the ‘corrupter’ in the crew. Where the others like Mr Sado which is short for Mr Sadistic and Maso which is short for masochistic, because they enjoy ‘sado masochism’ and torture to this level, Wilhelm was very cruel, he is the type who enjoyed watching a nazi type of movie with a ‘torture’ element to it, like someone in the chair being tortured. As the corrupter he would try to make me watch. He would act as if he was a friend and always had to sit next to him. But one of the most startling things about him and why I call him the corrupter is unlike Sado and Maso, who would leave sado masochistic pornography material for view, Wilhelm would talk constantly about sex, regardless of my age. So when I was driving to a days work with him, he would talk about penises and how he had sex with this girl or that girl during the times he was a security guard and really hardcore xxx ‘sex’ acts that he performed. Of course as a nine or ten year old boy, I would remain silent. So of course it was Sado who was the boss and it was him that wanted me to stay an extra day and that extra day always meant ‘no school’. They target that and at the time school or to do well in school was really the only thing I had, that way I could save myself. So they know this and degrade it in the Sado system of abuse.


Question: So did your isolation and abuse ever stop during the time you were nine or ten?

Answer: No, it continued the same and Deri’s continued on. So she was enduring on one side, in another home and I was enduring it in another home, isolated from each other. My abuse in this isolation only changed but didn’t stop when Mr Sado married a lady. The marriage lasted only four weeks or so as she fled back overseas where she was sent by Sado’s brother. She was a really nice lady, however Sado beat hr so bad and kicked her so bad that she had a permanent limp and died limping. So what happened here was, I would be sent to bed at 7.30 pm over these four weeks, then she would be abused. I would fall asleep, but the nights Sado threw the table over, I would be dragged out of bed sometimes around 2am and obediently on my hands and knees, I would be cleaning the mess up off the floor. On a couple of other occasions before I went to bed, when he ‘hit her’ so hard, I tried to stop it, I took her into her bedroom and tried to stop her reacting, I was still aged around nine and a half only at the time. It worked. So he did not continue, she was crying, I can’t recall how I got her but I know I did, and he must have walked out of the kitchen. That house, you walk in and the lounge room, the kitchen and their room was on the right. In my own way, I was trying to protect her. For that time it worked. I whispered holding her, “don’t make a sound”.


Question: So he would ‘hit the female” physically where with you it would be more throwing plates and the table and threats with knives, is that correct?

Answer: Yes, however, he would throw chairs and flip the table and throw plates at females too. In other words the female would get savagely hit, she was also kicked and she limped for the rest of her life. His brother said, she died limping. The only other difference was, he wanted me to clean the mess on my hands and knees. It wouldn’t be her. She lived the hell of her life for around four weeks maybe a little more in Melbourne Australia. I was to soon after find out that I had been prepared for physical torture in isolation, it was my biggest nightmare ever when Sado and Maso lied to me about an amazing holiday I was being taken on.


Question: How were you tortured in isolation?

Answer: By this stage, I was around eleven but what I had been through in isolation and control and this abuse, I don’t even think I knew what a police officer was. I was living a life of extreme fear daily my routine had not changed and the idea of going overseas for a holiday was ‘hope’ perhaps there was something to look forward to and perhaps I would see even my mother who I could not recall except for maybe two occasions. I was however growing quick as a young man. Mr Sado wanted to ‘marry again’ and again this marriage was arranged and he was introduced to his wife to be by a relative overseas and he was showing me his kindness and taking me. Once we arrived there, I was tricked and deceived, the holiday was an opportunity for him to have me isolated in front of many people in a house. When I knew what was going on, I tried to hide, refusing to go through, but Mr Sado would not permit it. he was drinking a glass of his alcohol for the event, while, I was held down by two men, both arms and cut, in full view of everyone. It was torture. I don’t like to think of the event. I remember seeing Mr Sado’s face while I was lying on my back and I tried to see what was happening, I saw him in the crowd of people, I saw blood everywhere. I tried kicking the man in between my legs, I screamed but it was useless. I was tortured in isolation away from the safety of Australia which was also isolation. So Mr Sado again under the pretext of a holiday had now taken me overseas and in isolation physically watched me get tortured. I spent around one month recovering. he went off and got married then returned with his new wife. Then I had not fully recovered, but was able to walk the three of us returned back to Australia.


Question: So during your so called holiday, did you get to see your mother?

Answer: No, Mr Sado would not permit it and continued his process of isolation, my time there was spent indoors, I was tortured, nearly recovered then we returned. Mr Sado had experienced in full view ‘torture in isolation.’


Question: What happened with his new wife in Melbourne?

Answer: His new wife took over the place of his last wife, the same, beatings, tables thrown, I was dragged out of bed to clean up the mess on my hands and knees the only difference was now there would be the addition of ‘blood’ on the floor. I would be forced to clean it all up at two am, three am and so on. She would be crying speechless. Hit by him, I was growing at this stage but still isolated, I tried on several occasions to save her too just like the last lady he was married to. There was also the time after school he hit her and she fled, he put me in the car and drove after her, driving along footpath as she ran and ran, to only go back on the road where there was signs or trees obstructing him. There was nothing I could say as I was still a slave and its like living as a robot. He would either keep me moving, go buy me cigarettes or cut the lawns, or do this and he was still sending me to bed at 7.30pm. What had changed was, his new wife, completely took the chair where I had to sit for so many years opposite him and I tried to teach her in my way so she would not get hit. We became friends at the time. It was around this time, that Sado seemed occupied abusing her and he forgot to restrict me from watching cricket mainly on weekends or daytimes. Perhaps he wasn’t around and she would let me watch. She took over most of the housework as well but the beatings became physical for her and never ending. Being dragged out of bed at 2 am to see her crying, sitting on a kitchen chair and being told to clean up the mess, the blood off the floor, the first time as Mr Sado towered over me, I recall that moment, it was trauma, shocking, it had changed.


Question: What happened to her?

Answer: unlike the other lady who was from the city and involved in city life his new wife was a decade younger than him, maybe more and she was from a ‘village’ she had a different up bringing, a more simple personality. Although she ran and fled, she somehow returned. I’m not sure how and they had two children, step brothers.


Question: What happened to Deni?

Answer: Deni’s abuse continued on, and Maso and Sado refused to help, she tried to survive and look after her children and was the most amazing cook, amazing mum, never drank alcohol, and ever so hard working, but she was trapped amongst the three men, just like I was.


Question: Did it get easier for you?

Answer: Mr Sado refused to let me attend high school due to me being too stupid and because of that, I had to attend a technical school. It was my hope I could attend high school and at least become something and get a good career and then I could be ‘free” I thought. But Mr Sado wanted me to go to a tech and become a car mechanic which I hated. I obeyed. I had no choice. I met a boy there named Anthony and through Anthony, I met his dad who was a staunch Australian man. His father gave me courage, and fronted Mr Sado and insited that I play sport with his son. Mr Sado said no, but my new found friend refused to take ‘no for an answer’ and Mr Sado backed down and I was permitted to play sport and attend training. My friend and his family took me away for Christmas and again Mr Sado objected and again my new found Australian friend came to the house and fronted Mr Sado and refused to take ‘no’ for an answer and I observed Mr Sado back down. He was losing his grip.


Question: What happened after that?

Answer: Mr Sado had Maso arrive with his his wife and they had ‘set it up’ so I was to leave Mr Sado’s house and go to Maso’s house and live there. They had just got married. My role was to get home and clean the bathroom everyday and my room. I hated school. It was a trap as Maso started his bashing’s of me. Like he had hit Deni, he made life hell and I decided at fifteen, I will leave school and leave their home. So I did that, I got a job laboring and rented a bungalow at the back of a house. I only had a bed and earned around eighty dollars a week but, for a short time, I thought I was free. It was then, I remember, I felt alone and isolated and it was strange for a couple of months, no one had looked for me. This was the stage to ‘set up and kill’ the victim child slave that was abused, drive them to severe mental illness or suicide in Mr Sado’s system.


Question: Why does he do that?

Answer: In Mr Sado’s system, the child once abused and grows up, he needs to ‘cover up the abuse’ that’s where “Maso” comes in and he is an expert with ‘gangs’ and setting up the target child or victim. He also enjoys the suffering. So he sets up scenarios ‘where he can’t get caught’ – organises them by stalking and tracking to ensure that there is no trace.


Question: Did he come after you?

Answer: Yes. He has never stopped stalking me or coming after me. I have been trying to survive ever since. When he came after me at 15 for sometime he was distant then he made up the idea that somehow Mr Sado had reformed and manipulated me. Because I never received love, they use that, making you ‘think’ there will be some kind of ‘love’ or care. he convinced me that Mr Sado had opened a new business that I should quit work and he would take me to work for Mr Sado. Because I was conditioned to ‘obey’ as a slave, it’s a process of programming. I was also scared to say ‘no’ to Maso, I quit my job at the time, Maso came with me and he actually sat at the office with me while I quit then drove me to Mr Sado’s work where I started working and I was tricked once again. There was no love. After a few weeks working for Mr Sado, he threw me out – firing me on a Friday. I had worked all week and refused to give me my salary for that week. Which was only $80 or $90 dollars. I explained I only had change left, and I could not pay my rent of $40, but Mr Sado refused. I used the change I had to make an urgent call at the telephone booth and I called Lance who had given me the number of a company to call and they gave me a laboring job on Bridge Rd that day. I was lucky to get that job. But this was one of Maso’s set ups.


Question: Did Maso’s set ups stop?

Answer: No, shortly after one of Maso’s friends invited me out and it was again a ‘set up’ by Maso. I was fifteen at the time. On that night, I was beaten and attacked by a gang in Dandenong where around 25 men attacked me, beating the living daylights out of me. My head was smashed against the gutter repeatedly. I was saved by two security guards, or I don’t think I could have survived. I ended up in Dandenong hospital. Surviving it was a miracle now that I look back and all I recall was, ‘thinking’ and thinking at the time of the beating trying to survive.


Question: Did Maso or Sado come to see you at hospital?

Answer: No. When Maso set’s me up, he always goes into silence. That’s the time they will never be seen.


Question: What happened after that? How did you survive on through those years?

Answer: I survived alone mostly and with my friends. I was just getting by on a budget. I never really heard from anyone, but I would go to see Deri. Wilhelm was abusing her still by this stage but his brother Lance had become good friends with Deri and she relied on his friendship. I was becoming more protective. When thing went wrong Deri would let me know. I would often go to check to see if she was ok. She was my best friend, we were one. Wilhelm was careful to not treat her the way he did when I went to visit when I was around 16. Then with the failed ‘set ups’ against me and my survival, Mr Sado became more worried and wanted to ‘do a good deed’ out of the blue and told me he will take me overseas to see my mother. This form of manipulation was applied because they started to have a problem as I was older and protective of Deri.

At the time, I did not think of my abuses, I focused on the opportunity to see my mother and during my trip overseas, I did see her and I stayed around three months. On this occasion Mr Sado left me completely alone and I was free to travel and see the country without him. It was very strange but it was manipulation. I had my first ever holiday after years of isolation and abuse.

In Mr Sado’s system when they can’t break you and you get past the greatest of adversities and break free from child slavery, they tried to do all they can to make me not think or remember about what I had endured.

They try to manipulate and make the abused forget. Of course at this stage, I thought I was the only male child who had been or was to be a child slave or be abused in the system. But Deri and I were surrounded. Mr Sado in a sense tried to reverse his role to be nice, leaving me to wonder then he would have Maso trying to set me up to harm me in some way. Wilhelm the cruel always played with chemicals and he would say be-careful what you eat someone could poison you. That was a concern. Shortly after Lance died.


Question: How did Lance die? Do you think he poisoned his brother somehow?

Answer: I know for a fact he knew about chemicals and he always experimented with chemicals and powders in his garage. He would talk about how this chemical mixed with that chemical would make this or that. Stuff I never took notice of or topics I never engaged in. But it was a mail order book that intrigued me most when I was around eleven, Wilhelm had ordered a book from the USA and it was a book about ‘dirty tricks and getting even’ with people and he read it to me. I can never forget, it was his favorite. He read it out aloud how a man in Mcdonalds would start work at 6am before everyone else and he hated the people he worked with so what he would do is urinate in the ‘french fries’ cooker. now as a kid, some guy telling me this and its the same guy who kept trying to ‘hyponotise me in the car’ with the words ‘this can give you cancer’ over and over again when he mixed the powder to me seemed ‘odd’.

Lance was getting very close with Deri. Wilhelm did not like that and although they were brothers other than me, Lance was the only support and caring friend Deri had. Lance was also an ex Australian Commando and he would also jump out of planes. Lance also was a pilot and later became a helicopter pilot and an instructor. He was also very fit and a black belt in martial arts. So Wilhelm would not ‘front’ him if he felt Deri was getting support from his brother. What the rumor was is that Deri had an affair with him. This would have made Wilhelm furious but if that is true then she had an affair after many years of the abuse and stalking. Deri always spoke highly of Lance too. Lance was instructing a helicopter pilot and ‘Wilhelm’ said that he had some kind of ‘fit’ in the chopper and the chopper crashed. Wilhelm claimed that Lance had some form of illness, my question always was, if that’s the case, how did he pass the military medicals to become a commando? How did he pass the medicals to be a pilot? How did he pass the medicals to become a chopper pilot? I’m not sure if he has to pass medicals to jump out of planes for a hobby but it seems odd that he would have beaten the medical so many times with such a severe condition of ‘fits’ of some sort. Everything abusers do is by deception’ and in Mr Sado’s system of isolation and abuse and torture, it is pure deception that is ‘organised deception.’ So for me, it was and always has been suspicious about Lance’s death. I remember one night I had slept in a room out the back when I had visited Deri late and it was Wilhelm who put ‘rats’ in the room while I was trying to sleep and I got the hell out of there. So for me, the guy who beats women with cricket bats and degrades for years with abuses is dangerous. He was always upset and always talked about ‘how he could not get into the Australian army yet he somehow had owned many rifles back then. Even today as we speak, I can guarantee you inside his home he has ‘guns’ and he has a licence to own one. The general army entry requirement would be easy questions, not that difficult, one question was similar to, “the cat sat on the mat, where was the cat?’ But he said he failed on a phyce issue, so I am baffled how today in a suburb like Chelsea to Aspendale there is a man who owns guns and has a licence for guns with bullets everywhere.


Question: Do you really think he has a gun now?

Answer: Yes, I guarantee he has a gun now and maybe two.


Question: Is there anyone else that he could have poisoned?

Answer: Well it wasn’t that long ago that his other brother who lived in the house next door to him also died, just some years back.


Question: Why was his death strange?

Answer: He and his brother Kristo were friends and for many years lived next door to each other but Wilhelm blamed his brother for apparently taking ‘money’ from their mother. They had an argument.


Question: What happened after that?

Answer: Kristo had cancer and a lot of his lung cut out soon after the argument and died, he never smoked cigarettes either. I saw him in hospital the day before he died and it was around 4pm, I got there and he was alone and isolated. His best friend brother for decades, was nowhere to be seen. There’s also his sister in Geelong and his sisters husband he always brags about apparently they owned some kind of medical center or hospital, I am not sure, its medical related. This was always a concern because he keeps going there to find out information from them about medicine.


Question: Do you think Lance and Kristo were in Sado’s abuse and torture group as well?

Answer: No. I don’t have any suspicion or indication that would make me think either of his other two brothers were in the abuse group or had any knowledge. They were nice guys. Mr Sado and the group relies on small numbers, besides, it was just me and Deri, they are careful to not get caught. But you can see in the group you have the chemical mastermind or ‘the nutty professor’ as he is known. That alone is enough to scare someone. You have the master of set ups and gangs Maso who loves to see girls abused. You have Mr Sado himself, the butcher and you know a lot about him.


Question: Why does Maso love to see girls abused do you think?

Answer: When Mr Sado and Maso’s mum split up, what happened is Maso uses the excuse saying that Mr Sado sent his mum, prostituted her in some way with other men. So he believes that because of this he has a right to abuse other girls from within and that this somehow gives him some kind of power. He also thinks he is a gangster and that this is what gangsters do, abuse or sex slave children, however these are all excuses as no one has the right to do such things. I believe, it’s how Mr Sado taught him, introduced him to the sado masochistic books and images. He also had Deri as the ‘other’ child so in Sado’s system, Deri becomes the abused submissive and Maso becomes the dominant. Mr Sado commenced his abuse system with these two first before any other child. I believe that some children fall for it and others become compassionate. Sado observes through the abuse the response of the child, but where there are females, he ensures the female is submissive, the weakest always takes the submissive role. In his system, the weakest who suffers they get the most joy from. That’s what I have experienced. But I can’t tell you much else other than “why” that he is sado masochistic.


Question: So were you the only two stuck in the abuse crew, that is you and Deri or did they strike other kids?

Answer: No there was more, many more. Deri;s abuses got so bad and with only me to help her it was around the ninth year of her marriage that she ‘snapped’. Until this stage she had not been a drinker but that’s the whole system of Sado’s abuse group they push and push and beat their target until she is mentally ill, a drunk or on drugs or suicides. In Deri’s case when they had visitors over Wilhelm said in front of them “Why don’t you put some high heels on and go work in St Kilda” meaning work as a hooker. This ‘line comes directly from Maso. So here Maso loves the phycological aspect of the abuse. So it is a clear example of how his mind works, he isn’t present, but it is his line and by having Wilhelm say this to Deri in presence of guests, it somehow gives Maso great joy. But not only that, it breaks down Deri more. What you have to understand in this Sado system of torture is Deri and myself were programmed by these two people and we were conditioned and abused by these two people so they know how we are, how we react, what will hurt us emotionally and what to say and so on. Of course with Maso directing this side as time went by, he learned more and more because regardless of our age, Deri and I were always trapped. If I ran to help Deri then Wilhelm would call Maso and Maso would advise him or our movements would be known. It has always been absolute stalking. An organised system of torture. So regardless of how much I tried to help Deri, I was running up and back. Maso and the crew of three who had become four were destroying us. So by this stage now that Deri was about to fall as an alcoholic after in her last year of marriage, after Wilhelm had abused her and drunk fr many years himself, it was time to exit and secure the three children.


Question: So, you said now there is four in the Sado system of torture? Was there a new recruit?

Answer: Yes, Maso’s wife Evli joined them at some stage as she was more actively involved and started emerging around this time and as time went on, she became more involved.


Question: How did the Sado torture gang secure the three children after Wilhelm had beaten Deri with cricket bats and abused her so much?

Answer: The same as they always do. Maso who had applied to be a police officer but failed his own phyce test had masterminded another set up. The set ups Maso masterminds has three parts and sometimes he will use only two parts. So how he does it to ensure there is no trace usually back to him. He does it legally. The first is part a) and he uses the departments or courts like magistrates court or family court or child protection and so on and the second part is part b) Maso will get ‘someone other than himself to do the dirty work he designed and again this way there is no trace back to him and then there is part c) in most cases he will use a female as the front to do the work or in other cases where it may not matter he will use a male. What’s important is there is no trace to him. He has a thorough knowledge and has studied how the department systems work. He also claims he has police officers a couple as his friends. I have seen him with at least one where they went out together. He learns the systems from them. Where you and I may not sit and learn what the process or procedures are by understanding ‘how the system works in departments thoroughly Maso then knew he could easily use the system to ‘set people up’ and in his case or the Sado systems case, it has always been to entrap the children and take control of them so the three who became four could abuse the children and abuse the parents of the children. So in the case of Deri what he wanted to do was it wasn’t enough how she had been abused for so long by Mr Sado and his system of isolation and abuse, but now once they take control of the children Deri would be ‘isolated’ unable to see her children and abused for many more years ensuring that she was severely depressed and slowly but surely became iller under severe stress. So this is his organised method and its a legal form of isolation and abuse. How he designed the taking of the children from Deri was Maso got the very same friend of his named “Ali” who had lured me ‘out’ when I got attacked and nearly killed by the twenty five men in Dandenong to write a false statement against Teri to submit to the court that Deri was a bad mother and that Wilhelm was a great guy.


Question: Did it happen? Did Ali do it and what was the outcome?

Answer: Deri immediately rached out to me, calling me on the phone as she would, crying in tears, telling me that there is a guy by the name of Ali who had written a horrible statement against her and that she had never met him and if I by any chance knew him, she said that, please I am going to lose my kids. Something to that effect and I was always in this fashion all my life running after Deri, so we were trapped. I replied, yes, I do know who it is and I also knew they had not met. I quickly called Maso and told him how Deri was crying and how she was begging for help and that this Ali guy had made a statement against her. It was his friend and I explained they had never met, he can’t write false statements like this to please help.


Question: Did Maso stop Ali and help?

Answer: Again in the Sado system it’s all about deception and Maso replied to me and said, “don’t worry, I will call him and take care of it.” So right there at the time, I thought great, he will help Deri for once. As you must understand this is another part of how the isolation and the ‘small crew system of Mr Sado works” there is no one else for me to call. Now that I called Maso, the information goes straight back to the source so from there he masterminds and changes it accordingly, it is severe stalking and complete entrapment and Deri and myself or her kids did not have a chance. Maso lied and again deceived me, putting me to sleep, saying he will fix it, but he never did and Deri called me and explained her anguish, that she had lost her three children to the abuser ‘Wilhelm the Cruel.’ I was around seventeen at the time. So when I talk about a ‘set up’ this is one real scenario of a ‘set up’. For Deri, it was torture and the torture was going to continue and all of these things that had occurred and were occurring, I could not help but take notes, it was on auto pilot, that was the miscalculation Mr Sado had made by ‘keeping me silent’ — so as I observed and thought, it all just accumulates. But again, it was very early stages there was years more of set ups and abuses to come with more attempts on my life because, I was the one that somehow got away.


Question: Is Ali a part of the Sado Torture Gang?

Answer: Those four definitely are, when it comes to people like Ali, I am not sure at the extent of their involvement in the gang as I am not a police officer. I can only tell you of the people that have targeted and done these things as described for decades where i am certain. The accumulation of events in the order of events as well as ‘my own slavery for so many years and my own isolation and torture for so many years’ which is my real experience and of course the patterns leave me in a position where ‘I know’. In saying that when it comes to some people perhaps like Ali what I also observed was that Maso would manipulate them to do certain things from time to time. Do they know that its for Sado and his Melbourne Torture Gang? I can’t say.


Question: So what happened to Deri did she see her children?

Answer: Maso is extremely cruel hearted, not only did was she unable to see her children but they design a system where they completely ‘destroyed’ her towards her children. Wilhelm would constantly use that repetitive ‘hypnosis’ on the young minds and say ‘she is mad’ – she is mentaly ill. “She is mad, she is mentally ill.” The children believe this. In other words, they won’t state that it’s an organised crew that is doing this to her. The other thing they did was the children lived only a few minutes drive from her for years and years, maybe as close as Chelsea to Aspendale, just a drive away, but of course in this system of the Melbourne Torture Gang as I call them, the work and foundation of ‘isolation’ is applied. Maso is that severe so he would have Wilhelm apply isolation for years and years, just as it was applied to me.


Question: What about Mr Sado, what would he do?

Answer: Well he would do the same. Whenever Deri called them trying to get help to see her children or just to talk, Mr Sado would hang up the phone so the very second she said ‘hello’, he would hang up and say oh it’s Deri, she is mentally ill. So then when his wife picked up the phone she would say the same, hang up and say she is mentally ill. Wilhelm would apply the same. Maso would apply the same system. Loon would apply the same. So she had no one to talk to about her kids and this process would just continue as I was to find.


Question: What was happening to the three children at the time?

Answer: The three children were also being isolated from their mum then Wilhelm was using application of the repetitive words over and over again which some call manipulation and I call hypnosis. He was also using time to learn more advanced forms of hypnosis. Now when you have children 4 years of age and so on in Mr Sado’s system what do you think is happening, the children are being isolated for years from their mum and of course the same duplication of the process that was applied to me is being applied to them, in similar ways but of course in different forms of cruelty. Like Jezzabelle said, Wilhelm would come into my room and ‘cut’ the cord off my heater and I would freeze. Wilhelm would put locks on the lounge room door so it would be isolation. So his excuse would be in the Mr Sado’s system, “she messes the lounge so I put a lock on it or, she uses too much electricity so I cut her cord off the heating. Jezzabelle said, that she had to sometimes use her hair dryer to keep warm. Then same as Mr Sado taught Wilhelm one child would be favored for sometime. So Wilhelm is also by applying this cruel methods to the children he is raising one cruel and wants that child to have a ‘cruel’ outcome like “Maso” so dominate and submit so one child abuses the other and they get off on it. Jezzabelle said recently when I saw Mr Sado, he gave me a picture of myself and it was a pic of me sitting on top of his knee and he asked – do you remember that? She apparently replied no. So she has a lot of mental health issues now and has been battling with it for decades. One child is still living next to the garage out the back.


Question: If I went to see the kids and ask where is Jezzabelle Wilhelm would say, oh she is in bed, she is mentally ill. I would wonder what the hell is going on. The mother would leave messages after messages and he would play them over and over to the kids and even to me and he would say look she left so many messages, she is ‘mad’. He wouldn’t say that she is leaving messages because she is isolated from her kids and no one is talking to her, he would play them out to people and the kids. The whole Melbourne Torture Gang doing these methods to them, they cannot get in trouble and cause severe harm. But it’s “organised” they all use the same system and it’s deliberate. So I attend for half an hour or so and right there he ‘isolates’ me from Jezzabelle and I go back to work hoping to see her next time to find I don’t see her, so as far as I know, the torture I experienced to the lengths I experienced were only for me. Like the cutting of the electric heating cord was explained to me years later or of course I would intervene. I could walk in his lounge room, I did not check if he put locks on the door of the lounge room because ‘who does that’? Again, he in Sado’s methods will only say, there is no law against it. So this is how they get away, but personally for me, they are a torture gang in an organised and deliberate system of abuse.


Question: What else happened to Deni?

Answer: They continued to call departments falsely and in doing so this drove her more towards misery and pain, and drove her to drink more. She had met a new guy and they were going out and Maso took control of him and ‘recruited’ him in to the system of their abuse.


Question: Does Mr Sado’s gang stalk the victim using the departments?

Answer: Absolutely. It never ends. Over the last few decades, they constantly call the police or DHS or child protection or get false IVO’s. This ‘notches’ up a mark on the victim child’s name or victims name. That way, the victim is always having to deal with ‘false’ claims. In the case of false IVO’s which is their favorite, they can seperate a child from the loving parent and then perform their torture on both the child and the parent. This gives them great satisfaction. They also let you know about it. They made something like close to 30 IVO applications against me purely so they can torture the child and torture me. An IVO to them is a legal form of ‘isolation’.

Question: How did Mr Sado achieve that?

Answer: He uses the ‘female’. She makes a false claim. The courts create a day for the hearing. It used to be a couple of weeks later where the matter could be heard. The child gets tortured and abused during that time. They let you know about it. They know if you attend then that would be a breach of an IVO. So once it’s over, you return to court on the hearing date to defend and usually the female who applied for the IVO is not there so it is thrown out. That was how they applied it with me and my children.


Question: When you say they would let you know about the torture or abuse – how would they do it?

Answer: They would call me and put my child on the phone begging, screaming for help. A child pleading for help so severely it is beyond explanation.


Question: Could you call the police?

Answer: Yes. I would call the police however when the police attend they use a cover. Like one cover that was used is, ‘the child is missing their puppy.’ The police then just leave. They would call me and say, ‘the mother said the child is just missing her puppy.’ That’s the end of it. Mr Sado knows this and in his system this is how they use the ‘law’. Then they just do it all over again and again and again. It has never stopped.



Question: Did Maso do many other things wrong towards you?

Answer: Yes, when I was seventeen he called me to lunch at restaurant where he had a few friends and it ended up with me leaving the restaurant and when I walked outside he hit me twice cutting my lip, and at the time police were patrolling past and they stopped and took us to the station and I explained he pursued me and I did not strike him, however the police said we both had to go to court. So I didn’t argue and before the court hearing it was odd that he wanted to make up and be friendly and said, I will pick you up and we can drive in. So he was very nervous about it. I didn’t think much at the time and we went in and received a hundred dollar fine each then I didn’t see much of him again. So he just applied this kind of strange pressure. I would have little to do with him, and I was trying to make my own career as I had been in poverty struggling hardly ever seeing Mr Sado and they were doing whatever they were doing to the other three children.


Question: What happened then?

Answer: I got a great job in sales and met a mentor there and he gave me some really amazing tools over a week and I became very successful reaching the top sales in the company and for the first time made so much money. I was for the first time ‘out of poverty.’


Question: What happened after that?

Answer: Maso appeared and had obtained work in the same company I was working for. He has always stalked me. He has never stopped since. He had left his job where he worked for a decade and stalked me right into my job. I was eighteen at the time, I thought it was strange but having found a great job and mastering new skills, I was too dedicated to success and my career. Until one night after a few years, I went to a meeting at the Tok H centre for a product launch and as we were leaving the building Maso had ‘set up’ one of his mates to push me in the back pushing me into a window at the building. The next day, my job was terminated. I was shocked as many of the witnesses saw me ‘pushed as I took a few steps off the escalator so the guy who pushed me, Maso’s friend had ran from behind me. I did not even see him. So again losing my job was devastating.


Question: What happened after that?

Answer: I got another job straight away and I took that company to the tribunal for unfair dismissal and after six months I won the case and returned back to my role. So Maso had again struck in yet another set up to destroy me and this is how he sets up events. It’s not his fault, it’s someone else doing it. By ‘organising someone else to do it’ Maso then can’t get caught.


Question: How did you feel about all of this going on?

Answer: It was starting to get to me, at one point I felt suicidal and ended up in Dandenong Hospital, the shadow that never stops following you, getting into your whole life.


Question: Where there any deaths?

Answer: Well at this stage the Mr Sado and Maso, Loon and Wilhelm were very crafty. They had Deni’s three children secured in isolation and, I was busy in my career and Deni seemed happy in her new relationship and there was some hope. I went to see her and had bbq’s then when I was around 21 I joined the army, I always wanted to move away, but I stayed for Deni, because Mr Sado and Maso would send Wilhelm over to her house to ‘stalk’ her and she would call me for help. I would rush there or always had to ensure she was ok, I was like her guardian. I would call him and say, ‘What’s going on, don’t go near her. I would call Maso, because and tell him to talk to his mate and to get him to stop stalking and harassing her. But it would just happen again. So by using these methods, Deni and I were trapped inside a circle. They had me running around like a merry go round. Deni hated Wilhelm. So a lot also happened for me during this short time, trying to live my life and my relationships and work. Deni seemed to do well or was happier once in a relationship. She was to marry, so I didn’t really have anyone else. I joined the army and left and got posted in Brisbane in the army.


Question: Anything strange happen while you were away?

Answer: Yes, it happened on a four day short break I had and I returned to Melbourne to see Deni. Mr Sado was wanting me to see him, he was a newly reformed man. He had taken up religion and was praying five times a day as a muslim, given up the alcohol. The sadist become a priest. For me, I had very little to do with him, I had blocked a lot of my torture out. I was focused in the military, I went to see the new preacher of Islam. So anyway they bring this sixteen year old girl with her father to me in Melbourne. I’m told to pretty much marry her. I’m pretty shocke at whatever is going on so I took that opportunity to ask if I could speak to the girl alone for a few minutes as apparently that wasn’t allowed. I was permitted and we went into a room and I said to her ‘don’t let people destroy your life like this and choose. What is going on? You can’t do this. You must make your own choices and something to that effect. I wasn’t a coach at the time, but I was trying hard to convince her with the little time I had. So this young female wearing her head scarf said, “But I will cook for you and iron for you and clean for you.” I replied but that’s not right and especially my history where I came from as a ‘slave’ I surely knew how to cook and clean. That was the last thing on my mind. I explained we should not be forced into marriage or relationship by anyone and that she had to choose on her own accord. She told me that if I don’t accept that her father would send her overseas to marry a man he chose for her there. So they left in the end. I was upset with Mr Sado and for the first time, I said to him, something along the lines of ‘never do that to me again’ and frankly I was in shock, who would expect that. So I returned back to the army after my leave of four days and at some point I heard the young girl was sent overseas with her dad to marry there as Mr Sado had explained. Now that I look back at that, it’s not hard for me to see what Mr Sado was wanting, more babies, from an obedient girl under control, but at the time, I did not know. So he continued his work in religion and I stayed in the army, but of course I was to find much later down the track, his faith in the religion carrying a rug was only just yet another cover to hide the abuses as the reformed man. Naturally the mastermind behind this idea would have been no other than Wilhelm. The ideas man. I guess his cover looked good for a while, until many more holes emerged over time.


Question: How else did religion help Mr Sado?

Answer: Well later as Jezzabelle reported to me that he would enter her room and ask her ‘if he can pray in there?” So she would let him go in and pray, I don’t know what he would do in there but, for me, it’s not hard to work out?


Question: What kind of religion is it?

Answer: It’s a muslim religion but Mr Sado follows the “FETO” system in that religion. The FETO or Fetullah Gulen system otherwise known as “Gulenists” are known as what I believe these days as a ‘terror’ group in the nation of Turkey. They are a very big organisation in many countries. Fettulah Gulen the head of the organisation is living in exile in the USA. From my understanding about the “Feto” system is they simply get into places of power in Turkey. So a Feto follower will get into the ‘police’ or become a ‘judge’ or be in the ‘government’ or as they recently saw in Turkey they will be in great numbers, inside the military. Of course the members of this terror group ‘keep it a secret’ as the Turkish government is actively ‘hunting them down.’ So from ‘within’ they cause great chaos with such power. With Mr Sado and his small crew, what they did was ‘take that idea’ about from being ‘within’ and use it ‘on their own family and children to commit torture.’ It is terror. By doing it this way, it prevents them from getting caught for a long time. The religion aspect was also only a ‘cover’.


Question: What about the years he enslaved you? How was he now you were grown? Was he violent towards you?

Answer: No, he was no longer violent towards me. When I returned from the army, a couple of years later, it wasn’t as if I was rushing to him, and when I did see him, I would go to see the other two children who were teenagers at the time, two great brothers who played sports together and loved each-other. Mr Sado was still with his wife and still is the one he bashed so many times although for years I think they have been committing some kind of gov fraud saying they are separated, the whole gang relies on fraud and more massive frauds later would occur by Maso.


Question: How was Deni? Well I settled back in and tried to get work and Deni was married recently and it wasn’t long she was happy and chaos struck. She fell pregrant to her new husband Ron. Maso had got in and manipulated Ron and took control, they organised car thefts together and Ron was a weak type of character who was easily mislead and had some trouble in NZ before. Maso was encouraging the abuse of Deni again and in less than a year, they split up. On numerous occasions she called me for help, I caught him once when Deni called for help. When I arrived there, I observed him walking towards her to punch her with a clenched fist. He was walking on the driveway at the time and he backed off when he saw me, and jumped in his car and drove away.

The whole thing was, they had a child, this created the chaos. The child was female, a beautiful girl by the name of Tana. What had happened is Maso had got in with Ron they were again doing work together and great friends.

What happened was Jezzabelle Deni’s other daughter, who was with Wilhelm somehow ended up with Ron, passed around like I was.

Ron had ‘sexually abused her in some way’ at around the age of fourteen so this drove Deni into a further ‘nightmare’ and again with no help from Maso who was staying distant while his recruits were doing their thing.

I heard about it late and was shocked.

Deni was absolutely shattered that her new husband had somehow abused her daughter living with Wilhelm and of course although everyone was scared of Maso the Gangster man he and Loon did nothing to help Deni.

Mr Sado stayed a distance saying “Deni is mental”.  It’s a ‘cover’ he uses. he creates the state of ‘isolation’ for children and they abuse the children in ‘isolation’ then they ‘label’ or try to label them as ‘mental or mentally ill.’

I was too late to help stop it. But the police were involved and due to the abuse, Ron was not permitted to go near their newborn daughter Tana and he stayed away for many years.

Deni struggled alone to raise her daughter Tana, crippled by the on going abuse that had encircled her and of course when the baby girl was born it appears Maso and the gang wanted that relationship stripped apart and it worked. They used Jezzabelle and they wanted Tana. The flase DHS reports continued to pile on Deni.  The system of Sado abuse driving Deni to drink more and more and she would say she was being stalked, someone keeps dobbing her in, they were preparing her to take Tana.


Question: Did she survive it and how?

Answer: Well yes, she wanted to pay her house off and she lived there paying and paying and trying to keep it but the stalking continued and she got boarders to help pay. I took a security guard friend of mine Phil there who boarded for a while and she had peace while he was there but she was always in the trap of a group organised and then I walked into one big time without realizing.


Question: How?

Answer: Maso had been going to a BDSM nightclub in Carlton whil I was posted in the army in Brisbane and while there he met some girl a female who was like minded like him ‘sado masochistic’ with a hatred for girls. Anyway he and Mr Sado had organised with the girl to be ‘recruited in’ to the system of abuse and she became a part of the Melbourne Torture Gang with one single aim to ‘torture. Then there was yet another attempt on my life.


Question: What happened?

Answer: I was invited to a nightclub by Mr Maso’s friends who happened to be going overseas the next day so I went to the club in Toorak and we left at a strange time and suddenly. Once outside Maso’s friend said “I’m just going to get soimething to eat’ and I waited near a taxi rank then this girl he had briefly met, again looked around seventeen or eighteen came sat next to me waiting for a taxi. Then minutes later a man walking past us grabbed her by the throat and tried to ‘kidnap’ her dragging her towards the car nearby. I stopped the attack and he tried to punch me and I defended myself and he was worse off then another man had lunged from the back seat of the car and stabbed me from behind in the arm. He then tried slashing me in the stomach three times but missed. Maso’s friend returned a long time later and disarmed him. The girl ran for her life and was safe. I was rushed to hospital. Oddly again, when Maso found out about it, what Sado and Maso were ‘silent’. I was stitched up and no one said a word. Maso’s friend and I went to the CIB and I reported it and made a statement. Maso’s friend went quickly overseas the next day – back to Turkey and didn’t return for a long time, maybe a year or more.


Question: You and the girl are very lucky.

Answer: That’s for sure but things start to accumulate. Me and Deni had something following us, organizing against us and the kids and I kept taking the notes and the notes kept accumulating.


Question: You said that Maso and Sado had a girl that Maso had met at a BDSM nightclub in Melbourne and they had a new plan. What was that plan?

Answer: That aim was for gang to now entrap me in a relationship with her and torture me more like they had with Deni and get children from that relationship if they could and torture the children from that relationship, so they could ‘duplicate’ the process now with Mr Sado a reformed religious man. Not only that, but together, in an organised manner they would forever rob me, destroying every home and business I created. The gang would commit fraud and fund themselves by once again robbing me and Deni.


Question: Were they successful in setting you up without you knowing what was to happen?

Answer: Yes, they were. Maso chased me for around three weeks asking me over and over again to go out with a girl he introduced me to by the name of Rada. Now at this stage, I was busy just out of the army trying to protect Deni and establish my life, somehow from the military so I had no idea that they would try this approach on me. Now I did say ‘no’ for around three weeks and Maso actually failed getting me to go out with her, but what he did was change his strategy when he failed, he had one of his ‘other girlfriends ask me several times — calling me at work, so that at the time ‘put me to sleep’ and I fell for it. I don’t think she knew that Maso had bad intentions, it’s just what he does and how he uses people. So once I went out with her after three weeks or so, the ‘stalking’ began. So what happens is “Maso” will instruct Radda on ‘how to stalk me’ that way they make it appear as if it is ‘just dating.’ It’s not. It has never stopped for decades. So this way, I am always ‘entrapped from within, now they have a ‘new addition’ in their gang of torture.

It was a con, I fell right into their trap and she started talking about babies all the time and used a lot of emotional talk, “I have no one” – “I was bashed all my childhood by my dad and so on and made me feel really sorry about what she went through, of course it may be true however, Maso and Mr Sado knew which buttons to push on me, as I had been enslaved and to be honest, since my escape from slavery, nothing ever stopped, so I never had time to think, the minute I had time to think, Maso would send Wilhelm to Deni’s and harass her and I would be rushing there or here, so these actions really didn’t give me much time to think, now I was with someone so badly abused and she was reeling me in, all for the Melbourne Torture Gang.


To be honest, who does this, I never imagined as a young man Deni and I would go through this, but we were. Just like Deni had been trapped to Wilhelm at the start in 1974, now they had Mr Sado had tried to entrap me with a young female and failed and some years later I walked straight into their trap.

They wanted babies for their sado masochistic abuses applied to them, to anue and torture them in isolation and to torture me in isolation. They also wanted ‘female’ victim babies’.  I would fight to save the children and I have been fighting ever since to save them and myself..


Question: What happened, did you have children?

Answer: Yes, when my son was born about two months after his birth, Rada asked me to go help one of her friends and she insisted I do. I did as she asked however, it was another one of the gangs games when I returned she kept screaming ‘where were you?’ Why did you leave me here alone? It was so weird. Loona then came over and immediately said as she walked in, Come on, take the baby and let’s go. So I quickly intervened and would not let them take the baby, they left. i picked my son up and held him on the lounge then they attempted another ‘set up’ and this time police were at the sliding door of the unit and walked in as I was sitting down on the lounge holding my son. One of them said something like the mother is out the front and wants the baby. I explained I was the dad and that was our home and that, the baby was staying at home with me. The officers saw that all was ok and just left. That was the end of that. Then Loona and Rada went back to Maso’s home a close distance to ours and Rada came back that night or the next day, I can’t recall. For me, it was strange at the time. I felt very uneasy and no longer wanted to live there and planned to move far away from the peninsula away from Maso’s home. I moved Rada and my son to Hawthorn area and we moved into an apartment upstairs. it wasn’t long after we had the baby, Rada was erratic and strange and acting so weird at the time she would get ‘violent’ and make threats, she knew ‘gangsters’ all of a sudden. It was Maso who had gang and gangster connections. Radda started drinking heavily and was very strange with her sudden change. I opened a mobile phone store and the business was generating around 30k a week and we were on the way to great success but I came home to find Radda and our son had vanished. There was no note, nothing, no sign, just silence. Most of the furniture was gone a bed and a couch left. I had no idea what was going on but the torture of isolation had once again commenced.


Question: What happened next?

The door knocked and I answered. It was the police and they served me an IVO, a made up IVO and I still had no address where my son was, where Radda was. The scaring started, threats to take the child overseas and that i would never see him again. Maso and Sado were acting as if they knew nothing. I was crumbling with the fear of not knowing and the fear the baby would be taken to the middle east. I waited for the date of the IVO and attended court, the IVO was dismissed, the mother had not shown up. The stripping of my business had also begun as Maso had come over as I started to feel depressed and he used the pretext of cheering me up and then stayed over that night. I went to open my store and try and work that next day while he slept on the couch when I returned home Maso was gone and had stolen around seventeen thousand dollars worth of mobile phones from my apartment. I called him and asked him “Where are the phones”? Maso claimed, he did not know what I was talking about. In the state I was in, I had more concerns for my son. I went to court, I got solicitors and with the threats of him being taken overseas, the court granted a restraining order be placed on the perimeter of Victoria.


Question: So now there was no one to help Deni against the group either because you were locked down looking for your son and the other three kids were isolated and Deni was isolated with Tana at her home alone?

Answer: That’s right. There was one girl my niece with Wilhelm, ‘leeni” I called her and she was growing up and she hated cruelty but was silenced for so long. She was one less we had to worry about. There was very little time I could spend helping her or the other kids, me and Deni since being brought here were so entrapped by these hidden stalkers and for Maso and Sado they had finally nailed me again. Now I was looking – searching for my son. The Judge at court had said when you find the address to take it back to court from memory. So I hired private investigators trying to locate him paying thousands. My successful business was crumbling but somehow I tried to keep it a float. The investigators had no luck at the time. Then it was just thinking of a solution and, I thought, if I learn about investigating it may greatly help and it may be something I need in the future. So with the perimeter of Victoria secured, I got a sponsorship as a trainee PI and did many real jobs learning as much as I could. I went to Sydney and studied more about close personal protection for a few weeks there, trying to learn all I could.

Although I had court orders to see him every week, Radda was nowhere to be found. Then after some months went by, I located my son and took it to court Radda attended and promised to let me see him, but after the court she simply vanished again. For a couple of years she and the crew kept me busy this way. Gangsters would threaten me. I would be punched in the back of the head. “Leave your son alone, stop going after him.” My car windows would be smashed, set up after set up I would have to face. Numerous false IVO’s would be obtained, I would beat everyone. Threats would never stop.

Until one set up attempt for a false breach of an IVO Radda would also bring a false witness to court and the Magistrate would finally catch her out, saying she is lying and disbelieved and using the orders for improper purposes and listing her on the court computer after doing it dozens of times. The false witness would also be caught out but to my dismay and shock, there was no punishment. The Magistrate on the day had termed her as an intervention order shopper and gave me a letter at the time to show police that the set ups were that many, he had concerns. I did as your honor said. The set ups continued on and on, Maso with a ‘female at the front’ doing all that he wanted was having the time of his life trying to destroy me and my son. After a year my business had collapsed, 30k a week had ended to close down time.

Maso tried to get me to keep the building to open a BDSM Fetish chamber. I said, I don’t want to be involved in that line of work and rejected it. Besides I had no such licence or know how to operate anything like that. My store,. business was located in Swan street Richmond at the time. It would be illegal to open that type of establishment. Maso wanted to use the building for that line of work and wanted to open it ‘underground’. I rejected the idea and it was just too weird. I was extremely ‘weary’ of him, but he had Radda doing it all at the ‘front’ – the female torture gang member, so it made it hard to detect. Just like a merry go round.

The PI work was all I had, I worked seven days a week. It was on one Tuesday night, I followed a hunch, to go to Sado’s home at around 9.30pm for a surprise visit and upon arriving there, I found my son, hidden in their home. I was baffled by what this new religious man was doing with my son when he had full knowledge I had been looking for him. I took his wife to the Police at night to make a statement and she stated that although I had orders to see my son, my son was not being made available for contact. It made no difference as I was to find that the Family Court there was no real punishment for these acts. I was in chaos and The Melbourne Torture Gang were having a party. I could not take the child either as that would have made me in breach as the AFP said and all I could do was wait for the mother to arrive and collect the child. The Police couldn’t help as I had to take the matter back to court that meant applying and waiting a couple of months. So Maso was an expert at understanding this system but something happened that night which was to change everything again. Having caught Mr Sado hiding my son during 1998, he and his crew went back to having Radda reconcile with me shortly after. They wanted more babies and were wanting a ‘girl’. Radda also hated girls.


Question: How do you know she hated young girls?

Answer: It was the first time when Maso had her stalk me, I had been out with her once. Radda did not stop after that. She appeared at the store where I worked in Springvale right before ‘knock off time.’ She had caught a train from her ‘flat’ in Ferrar’s street South Melbourne. When she arrived that time, she was holding ‘multiple’ bags. Those bags were filled with expensive designer clothes for me. No one had bought me so many things all at once. She must have spent close to a thousand dollars. A bit strange for someone you only dated just ‘once’. To me it was. She claimed that she made a thousand dollars a night or more and was working as a ‘stripper.’ She claimed that ‘money’ was ‘not an issue for her.’ She bragged about it openly while I was driving home. She came to my place for the first time that night after work. During the drive there I protested and asked for her ‘not to buy me things’ as I could not return the favor. My salary was a thousand dollars or so a week, I had bills to pay. So her spending around a thousand dollars on me in ‘one go’ made me feel awkward as I like to return the favor, but knew I couldn’t. It was when I kept asking her ‘to not spend money on me’ her response to that during the drive home to my place, from Springvale to Frankston where she kept repeating ‘how she made so much money stripping, it was not a problem to her. How she kept repeating that ‘she kept her money in a safety deposit box’ and she had so much stashed away, to the mismatch that occurred when we arrived at my place.

Question: What was that mismatch?

Answer: She appeared fine, happy looking around my home when we walked in. I showed her a picture of a young girl that I was sponsoring at World Vision who was around seven years old. The young girl had sent me a card, a letter and although Radda was looking around my home, I had felt surprised to receive correspondence from the sponsored child. I wanted to show Radda the picture and the letter and when I did, Radda’s state changed completely and she left me ‘shocked’ at the time. From being ‘happy, she became angered, like a certain hatred, and she kept repeating over and over again, ‘get rid of that’. Get rid of it! Wanting me to stop sponsoring the child. I was shocked. I said to Radda, it’s only thirty dollars a month and she and her family apparently get so much help from it. But Radda continued and she was visibly ‘angered’ by my sponsorship helping a young girl. Now, for me at that moment, I had Radda who was minutes before ‘bragging about how she earned a thousand dollars a night or more – ‘tax free’. You need to understand these people do not pay tax. She was spending close to a thousand dollars on me after only dating me ‘once.’ Yet the first time she came into my home, she was angry about a thirty dollar a month sponsorship that had ‘nothing’ to do with her and displaying ‘hatred’ for my actions in helping the young girl. So for me, I had never seen a female so enraged for giving charity to someone else, that had nothing to do with her.


Question: What did you do at that moment when Radda was filled with hatred towards the young female child?

Answer: It is a strange situation to be in. I never encountered that before it threw me completely ‘off guard’. What I wanted to do was quickly change the subject seeing it angered her so much. I did just that and didn’t bring it up again. Radda then went back to being pleasant. However, because her anger and hatred were so sudden and strange, I thought maybe one day this will be answered and it was answered, she has a hatred for females and her abuse has never stopped to the children.


Question: What else did you find strange about her that first night she came to your home?

Answer: She kept talking about babies. She kept repeating she wanted my baby. For me, I did not want to have a child. It was weird because again, here is a person that Maso had for three weeks chased me with, asking me to date, go out with his friend. When I said no, he git his female friend to call me until I said yes. Once I went out with Radda, I kept getting calls at work that Monday, I kept running to reception. The calls did not stop. Next on the same day, she appeared right at the door of my work just before I was to leave holding bags of presents for me spending around a thousand dollars. By the end of the night, she had ‘made it in through the door of my home and showed me she ‘hates young girls’ then  on the same night kept repeating ‘she wants to have my babies.’ This process of repetition was all taught to her by Mr Sado and Maso. This is all organised. The gifts she bought me were all organised. It was a trap. No one can get in trouble for buying someone gifts. What needs to be remembered is ‘why?’ Once we had a baby born the gang successfully took the child. So in Mr Sado’s system everything they do has ‘covers’ the ‘covers’ are there so they can hide the ‘torture’ and crimes.


Question: Let us go back to when you found your son at Mr Sado’s home in 1998, did you get to have contact with your son after you located him at Mr Sado’s?

Answer: Not immediately, the games continued but there was also an issue with the birth certificate, and although I was present during his birth, the Sado Gang had made it so Radda did not place my name on the birth certificate.


Question: Why did they not put your name on the birth certificate?

Answer: When my son was born during 1996, I was at Frankston hospital. I was young and I had no idea that my name would not be placed on the birth certificate. Shortly after as I said, they tried to ‘snatch’ him and failed. I relocated, but then shortly after because Radda was working with the gang, there was no way, that I was going to be able to stop the snatching. The reason for that is Radda is not only the mother, but Radda is a part of Mr Saddo’s gang and a part of the Melbourne Torture Gang. To the police the ‘cover’ that front is ‘she is a mother’. Although it is true, she is a mother, she is also the abuser and a part of the abuse crew and torture crew. This ‘terror’ system from the Feto Terror organisation that Mr Sado used and Maso used, is one that gave the ultimate cover. So shortly after my son vanished, he was being abused by the crew. The threats were coming to me that Radda was going to take my son overseas and I would never see him again, this is the ‘phycological torture’ that Mr Sado and Maso and the Melbourne Torture Gang applied. The documents I have also reveal that my son was being ‘dropped off’ at certain addresses. These were all noted. The addresses were found. I had court orders to see my son, but Radda would not let me. She and Maso would have Radda leave the child at the homes of other people. It was on his disappearance the very first time, that a restraining order was placed due to the severity of the vanishing of the child and that was a restraining order by the Family Court not permitting the child to leave the state of Victoria. That’s how severe the threats were. So for me not placing me on the birth certificate of the child then and threatening to take him out of the state or to another country, these people were looking at doing far worse. The threats were at the time, that he would be taken to middle east. So for me, it is clear why they deliberately did not place my name on the birth certificate. The judge later at Ringwood Court found the mother using IVO’s for ‘improper purposes. The Judge also stated on his notes that – although the mother acknowledges that he is the father of the child, she refuses to put his name on the birth certificate. So of course what happened was the crew became angry. I was at the time constantly attacked, bashed, hit, that was all designed by Maso who was using his gangster connections, but I refused to take the restraining order off as it was the only protection the child had and I had to restrict the perimeter. So the Melbourne Torture Gang then came up with a new plan. After I caught Mr Sado hiding the child, and after they could not get the child out of the state of Victoria and after addresses of locations where the child was being dropped off was found and taken to court as well as many letters which I still have to the solictor’s, they came up with an ingenious plan for Radda to reconcile with me, trick me yet again as they are masters of deception, then have more babies if possible, then rob me, rob my children and begin their campaign of ‘terror’ – ‘torture’ and ‘child slavery’ and abuse once again.


Question: Did you reconcile and when?

Answer: Yes, I got a call from Radda. She had put an act on and was crying and all of a sudden wanted to meet with me to reconcile after around two years of this abuse. She asked me to meet her and I did that night. My plan was if I reconciled with her, it would give me a chance to be with my son and somehow ‘save him’ from this nightmare. This reconciliation occurred around late 1998 just before 1999. I met with her, I said that we could reconcile but she would need to change address as ‘gangsters’ were going to her home, who were also Maso’s mates. I also asked that she would let me relocate her and our son. She agreed until the next day when she gave me the news.


Question: What was the news she gave you the next day?

Answer: Radda said she had saved thousands of dollars and that she wanted to open a BDSM Fetish Dungeon. She said that there was a lot of money to be made in that business.


Question: Did she open one? How did you feel?

Answer: For me at the time, I had a job. I was with my son. He was safe, just over two years old now. We had been through a never ending nightmare. My salary was also enough in my PI work, to move and relocate Radda and my son and also provide for us. All I wanted was ‘peace’ and all I wanted was a ‘family’ and to raise my son up in a family. I wanted to give our reconciliation a new ‘go’. I did not want to be involved in any such establishment. I explained to Radda as far as I know, that is like a ‘brothel’. I explained to her that I did not want to be in any scene like a brothel for any business. I explained and said that for our son’s sake and future it would be better to not open such establishments, that once again it would lead to ‘gangsters’ and dangerous people. So I spoke to Radda giving my reasons. She replied and said, “It was not dangerous and that she would bring her brothers who were ‘heavy apparently and in and out of prison in NSW”, to help and provide protection. So the longer the conversation went, the more she insisted. So only on the second day, she had given me this same obstacle, the very same obstacle as Maso who wanted to turn my mobile phone store into an ‘underground BDSM Fetish dungeon. So as we continued the conversation, I was trying to find a ‘way out’ to steer her ‘away’ from the idea. I finally succeeded when I suggested to her and said, “Why don’t you do it online” as the internet is new and booming, you don’t have to see anyone in real, you don’t have to get girls working for you in such establishments, you can create by images stories and so on, all scripted. There’s a chance you will make a lot of money and our child will be safe. She agreed and loved the idea and thought of a business name there and then, the letters for the three words in the business she registered was AQE and the first word is coincidentally “Arabian”. It was a relief for me. I helped her and did as she wanted. It was all scripted, ‘not real’ at the time. Then I helped her by getting her many ‘models’ who did the work. As the disclaimer on the sites had said, this is just ‘purely fantasy and it’s not real’.


Question: Did it work, did she make money?

Answer: Yes, she made millions. The money was all paid into her account by credit card from overseas. So it can’t be hidden. It was a Commonwealth Bank Merchant Account which she had and her branch was at Brandon Park. What they did of course was kept withdrawing the the money and hiding it. The gang was getting rich.


Question: Millions? What about the tax? Did she pay tax?

Answer: No, she didn’t pay tax. What they did is they had an accountant with the initials, AK (I won’t reveal his real name here) who was working to hide it. So he would somehow make it appear that she only had to pay four thousand or five thousand dollars tax for hundreds of thousands of dollars that went into the millions. I guarantee it, the money can’t be hidden because the clients could only pay by credit card so it had to go into her account. The accountant later changed her business name to a company name which again had the initials WP Pty Ltd. (I won’t reveal the real name here.) The accountant helped with the fraud side. But finding that fraud is so simple. I’m no tax expert, but it would be so simple, that all one has to do is ask the bank how much money was deposited into this account and that account and check the tax that was paid to the tax department. It is fraud.


Question: Was the accountant a part of the child abuse crew and torture crew?

Answer: The accountant was a part of the gang and is a part of the gang for the ‘money side’ the ‘fraud side’. I have no indication that he is a part of the ‘child abuse’ side. The child abuse side and the child slavery side of the Melbourne Torture Gang is not a side that is revealed to all. Mr Sado and the Feto Terror system is very secretive. When you have people dealing with child slavery, child torture, parent torture, child abuse, you will find it’s not something they will easily reveal to everyone. The accountant was also scared. Maso uses his ‘scaring tactics’ to get people involved. Maso, Radda, AK the accountant have committed much fraud.


Question: What happened to Deni? Was there anymore abuse to her after her split from Ron?

Answer: It never stopped. Radda and I reconciled and shortly after Deni notified me that her daughter Jezzebelle who was living at Wilhelm’s had left her home and was in some ‘flats’ in Dandenong with other ‘men’. She asked me to ‘please help’ so — I went to see Wilhelm at his home in Aspendale and asked him why he does not go collect his child from the flats in Dandenong. To my shock, he refused. So I asked him for the address. The gang knew that I wouldn’t leave the child in there. I drove to Dandenong where the flats were located. I knocked on the door, a man answered. I asked if Jezzebelle was there at the time and he confirmed that she was, and pointed towards a room with the door closed. I walked in and walked up to the door and she was inside with some other guy. I asked her to come with me and she did. She said she did not want to return to Wilhelm’s. I told her she could stay at my home in Clayton where I had just moved Radda and my son to. We left. She was around fourteen or maybe fifteen. So this is how the gang had me going in circles, like a merry go round, running after Deni, running after Denni’s children, running after my own son and so on. It never ended, it couldn’t be beat, because Mr Sado’s original system was to target the family, that’s me and Deni from within and target their children from within.


Question: What happened to Jezzebelle?

Answer: Again, because Wilhelm and Maso and Ron and Mr Sado and Loon are working together, at first it seemed find, Jezzebelle was at our home, calm, happy but it was around on day three when I returned home from work, Radda did her violent and anger campaign. She had consulted with Maso and Wilhelm, they wanted the child back at Wilhelm’s, so Radda threatened violence if I did not comply, with a complete and instant erratic change in behavior as I would report. It was all staged and designed to scare. So to stop her from being violent, I would comply. The child went back to Wilhelm’s I believe. What they wanted to do was ‘get the child away from me, before she started talking about her abuses. They succeeded.


Question: So you were always helping Deni and her kids – was there any other abuses to Deni or her kids?

Answer: Yes. It never stopped. Sometime around then, during 1999, I was on my way to work and I got another call from Deni. She was in absolute anguish and tears. She was at the children’s court in Melbourne. She was pleading for me to rush there. Now that Deni was split up from Ron and having a child left behing that was ‘female’ and around four years of age or so, the Melbourne Torture Gang were desperately trying to secure her fourth child Tana. So I rushed to the Melbourne Children’s Court to help Deni.


Question: Wait. Wilhelm was not Tana’s dad. Wilhelm had already taken control of the first three children in the marriage after seperation with the help of Maso and Ali where they fabricated a statement against Deni. How was it that he could get Deni’s child that was born to Ron?

Answer: Ron didn’t mind as it was set up by Wilhelm and Maso to abuse Jezzebelle. So Tana’s dad Ron was a child abuser to begin with and the police were involved. The plan was to use the step sisters of Tana who were living with Wilhelm iu Aspendale. So the whole plan was that. Ron couldn’t get the young girl and Maso and Sado knew by using the other children it gave them a door to get the young girl of Deni.


Question: But Wilhelm had also abused Deni in their marriage and stalked her after marriage as well as isolated her from her other children. So by using his other children as the ‘cover’ he would obtain Deni’s last child then the abuse on Tana would begin by the way this looks. Did he achieve the result of getting Tana? Did the plan work? What happened?

Answer: Yes, he achieved the result in getting Tana however that was only until I rocked up to the Children’s Court in Melbourne. At the time when I walked in, I saw Tana standing there on one of the seats. What had happened was the stalking using the system had not stopped against Deni, they were trying to drive her mentally insane. So when I got to the court there was a few investigators from DHS, they informed me that Tana would be living with Wilhelm and her step sisters. They were holding a report about the case. I asked them if I could quickly read through it as it was many pages. I quickly flicked through searching for information and I found a part in the document where “Wilhelm had admitted to abusing Deni” during their relationship, So after finding that section in the report, from memory it may have been a few sentences, I brought that to the attention of the DHS – Child Protection investigators and showed them. I then asked them, “How can Tana be given to the care of a person who has admitted to abusing Tana’s mum?”

The workers read the sentences of admission and seemed a bit baffled, maybe they had missed it. They then went away from me and huddled up and talked privately and returned. They then asked me ‘If I would be willing to take Tana until a time where Deni resolved the issues she was having so that Tana could be returned to her. I said ‘of course.’

Child Protection workers were very clear and stated that at no stage was Tana to go to see or have contact with Ron and if that happened, they would immediately ‘intervene’ and remove the child. I said to them that everyone is aware about Ron, including Maso and everyone was aware of what had happened to Jezzebelle and the police were involved. That at no stage would Tana go to Ron’s. After that Tana and I left and I took Tana home to play with my son. So it seemed all good for a day or two. Until Tana and Deni were absolutely in chaos, destroyed by yet another “Maso and abuse crew set up.’


Question: How was Tana and Deni in chaos and how did they get destroyed? What was the “set up” now?

Answer: I was working and while I was at work, Radda and Maso and Wilhelm had made a new set up plan. Tana would be given to Maso and his wife Loon. It was around on day three that Radda pulled her erratic change of ‘state’ stunt and told me that Tana is to go to Maso’s home. They had agreed and talked while I was at work. They used the excuse that they were more established and had a nice big home where we had just got back together. She also used a weird excuse saying our son ‘would get jealous’ if Tana stayed. I was baffled by this and totally confused. I rejected it. But as Radda does, she turned on the ‘anger’ and violent threats and immediately I backed off. Maso stated he was aware that Ron was not to see Tana or Child Protection would intervene and take the child. So they took Tana and kept her for a week then seven days later Deni called me in absolute anguish and tears, bewildered. What Maso had done deliberately was take Tana and drop her off at the home of Ron, the man who had abused his other niece Jezzebelle. He did that with full knowledge DHS would get involved and intervene and remove the child. So after having their way with the child with him and his wife Loon, she is dropped off at Ron’s. Child Protection immediately intervened and put the child into ‘foster care.’ I was shocked at what Maso had done.


Question: How long was Tana in foster care? It must have destroyed Deni.

Answer: It did. It absolutely destroyed her. She battled for months and months trying to get her out of foster care. I am unsure at the length of time but a lot longer and perhaps a year. She was isolated from her fourth child by the actions of this group. They had tried to ‘snatch’ the child by deception through the legal system, by constantly setting up Deni and stalking her and when the child was saved, she was never saved as Deni and I had all of these Melbourne Torture Gang members who were surrounding us. We had no hope. Deni tried and tried getting the child back, Deni fell to drinking more. The stalking of Deni had never ended, ever. They would cover it up. If I went interstate, to work, Deni would be on the phone. Screaming for help, Wilhelm would be sent to her house to stalk, bully and scare and abuse her. She would call me, I would then call him and Maso and tell them to stop. Maso would say, “I will take care of it.” Maso had never stopped abusing her or directing the stalking of her. She stayed there in her home, paying it off but was surrounded. They were going to take her kids, and they were going to not stop there, ultimately, the home she paid for, the gang was going to try and take after her death. But for now, the torture gang wanted more children so I was still a target as well. It appeared safe, but it was far from being safe.


Question: How did they do it? How did they get more kids?

Answer: By deception: Radda was instructed to act calm and play her role. She started on the ‘let’s have another child, a friend for our son, repeating it over and over again. Her BDSM business online started to make hundreds and thousands of dollars, which turned into millions. She fell pregnant, for some time her violence had stopped only after until the child was born. She gave birth to a girl in 2000, our daughter at Monash Hospital where I was present for a ‘natural birth’. After the child was born, she refused to look after her and within weeks put her in ‘child care’. Her business was on auto pilot being online, all she was doing was banking and processing credit cards maybe half an hour of work a day. Then it was around two years later when the child was two that she insisted we go to Maso’s house for a small Christmas party. While we were there she ‘hit’ Maso in front of everyone, I was shocked. After that when we returned home, the knives came out. The gang wanted our kids and our daughter, and they wanted all the cash which they had been taking together out of the bank. Mr Sado, Maso, Radda were all working together, they were the torture crew with Wilhelm.


Question: How did the knives come out?

Answer: It was clear that her and Mr Sado were very close from when I was introduced to her. He would teach her what to do with knives to ‘trigger’ what I had experienced as a child slave. I never had a chance to think as the abusers just kept me moving, saving Deni, saving Deni’s kids, saving my own kids, saving myself. So it was a simple process which I learned as time went by they kept creating the chaos in my life so I would not have a chance to ‘look back’ at what was going on. Now that a child being female was around two, it was the age they wanted that female child in the abuse torture gang for torture. So Deni brought the knives out. Threatened the girl and me with a knife. The police from Glen Waverley police station were called daily. I was constantly trying to save the children. The police disarmed her on one occasion. What they were doing was trying to ‘make it appear as if Radda suddenly had an obsession with knives. The threats about the ‘butchers knife’ came out and I reported it. The police kicked her out of our home for the knight. She threw objects at our daughters head in police presence, they witnessed it. She caused absolute and sudden chaos.


Question: Was it a mental illness?

Answer: No. It was deliberate. You see when she was disarmed by police, I thought as the mother of my kids, get her some help as the police wanted to lock her up and charge her. However we agreed that her sudden fixation with knives, it’s best to get her help and separate. The CAT team were called in and their report and assessment states she did not have any mental illness. Then if you look at her own ‘affidavits’ which I kept and hid for many years, I found what she says to the Cat team may be that she is going to ‘kill me” then to the investigating DHS workers she says the opposite. So what she says to one, she says the opposite to the other. She changes her stories to suit the situation and who she is speaking to. It was all planned and designed. The knives were used at the time so once she got a hold of the kids, it was the preparation of the torture to come with Mr Sado and Maso’s involvement. That way if she got caught later, she could say “I am mentally ill” or I had a problem with knives before. It was all a part of the torture groups plan.


Question: So what was the year of separation?

Answer: It was in 2002 we separated, she took the kids. I started again however they started the torture of our children.

Question: What did they do to the children?

Answer: The young girl was attacked with knives. She was starved. My son was starved. He was trying to always get food and help the young girl. They refused to let me see the children. Even though I had court orders, time after time, they would be hidden. Then there were others being abused. So to them they get the child when the child is young, abuse and torture the child then cause ‘mental abuse’. In Resevoir far from my reach another child was being abused by Mr Sado.


Question: Another child? Who was the other child? What was happening to that child?

Answer: As I mentioned earlier. Mr Sado had two boys his last wife gave birth to. I was at this stage living in Rowville. Mr Sado and his wife were always for last couple of decades living in Resevoir where the two ‘step brothers’ grew up. They seemed to be good kids, happy always together. But I didn’t see them that often. It was around the age of fifteen where one of the boys kept being ‘isolated’ in his room. They kept feeding him in his room. I was shocked to find that he began to develop a ‘mental illness’. When I tried to help him he was around seventeen, I went there and took him out of the room. I took him to the city. I tried to encourage him. I took him to Deni’s house for the weekend. On another occasion I took him to my home to teach him how to shower and look after himself. At the age of seventeen and eighteen he was deprived, just the same as i had encountered but what I escaped he could not escape. So naturally with all the patterns emerging he must have encountered the abuses to a degree as I did when I was younger. Then they started the pornography in BDSM and Fetish. But on this occasion what and how they did it was, Mr Sado and Maso had their recruited toture gang member ‘send the child’ by email pictures of herself in BDSM and Fetish. So this is to Mr Sado’s home. Again, they did this under the cover of ‘creating a website’ for Radda. It wasn’t that. It was to destroy his mind more. They achieved it. Shortly after he was completely mentally ill. Mr Sado finished that off by constantly keeping him in his room and bombarding him with ‘so called’ muslim religious texts that he told him to keep repeating. Then he became schizophrenic and like Deni was encouraged to and pushed to drink alcohol and to my knowledge still lives in that room and still drinks. Then there was the other son who they tried to terminate, until I was able to save him and his life by chance. It’s all the same process and all the very same people doing the same thing, abuse, fetish torture and mental illness or harm to cover it up.


Question: They tried to terminate the life of his younger step brother and you saved him? What happened to him?

Answer: He was very ill in hospital as he has a heart condition. That’s the younger one of the two brothers. For a start what they did was apparently Radda and Wilhelm had come up with an idea to let him grow up at the back of the house in a very old and cold caravan. You see in Wilhelm’s methods he designs these to grow the child up ‘cruel’. He is the ‘cruel’ ideas man. Maso is the law man where he ‘sets up scenarios’ and sets up fraud. For example, getting an IVO for a few weeks and torturing a child is set up by Maso. Having gangsters hit me is set up by Maso. The idea of the caravan and the cover of religion was set up by Wilhelm. So in any case what happened was the younger child who was born with a hole in his heart was living in an old freezing caravan out the back. The older brother that was living inside the house who was driven mentally ill was separated from his brother. They used to share a room. So at one stage the brother in the caravan developed an infection of some kind and was in a coma for weeks. They had to do major surgery and was on life support. I went to his hospital for three months everyday. Then what Mr Sado and Maso decided was as Mr Sado said, they are going to ‘pull his life support.’ This way again, it’s a cover. He eliminates an abused child because in their system of isolation and abuse and torture, it is the utmost priority they do not get caught and they continue to abuse, and torture and enslave children. Especially females because by enslaving females they can then later have them working in the ‘sex scene’ as enslaved ‘sex workers.’ This is achieved by ‘mentally harming them at youth’. So when they wanted to pull the life support, I was there and I stopped it. I would not let them do it. There was an argument. Mr Sado got very angry at the hospital and tried insulted me and was abusive.I stood my ground. I told him, that it wasn’t going to happen. When they asked about the procedure and wanted permission to operate, it was only me who signed the document and the operation went ahead. The man survived. I then coached him back to health at the hospital. He got married. Had children since and has been alive for many years. While his brother was driven to mental illness.


Question: So it appears that you are running all over the place, trapped ‘inside’ a small group of torturers. Is this correct? Was there more torture and abuse?

Answer: Yes, that’s what has unfolded. The torture and the abuse didn’t slow down, it became fare worse. It accumulated and as we speak today there are children in great danger and yes, I am still trying to free them.


Question: So what you are saying is, ‘by pulling the life support’ of one of the males, Mr Sado would not be prosecuted, that would have been a ‘cover up’. This began in 1974 and it’s now 2016 nearing 2017 and this abuse torture group has expanded. That’s over forty years in Melbourne and you are still stalked and there are children at great risk. Do you think they gave him something to poison him to make him so ill again?

Answer: The only person who would know how to do that and give him any form of poison or mix it in his food is Wilhelm, the so called “nutty professor”. I cannot tell you if they did that or not. But because he had a whole in his heart at birth and because a tube was placed inside him then, he was ‘always’ an easy target to the torturers. So of course  if you asked me, whether Wilhelm and the crew gave him something, I would say that I am greatly suspicious of this as will unfold why in our conversation and the notes I have taken. He was playing cricket and was active when this happened. But of course I cannot say 100 percent they poisoned him with something to get so ill. Would Wilhelm do it? Yes. Does he have the capacity and knowledge to do it? Knowing him since 1974 for over forty years and how others ‘die’ around him, and his methods, I would say yes. But let us talk about the facts, what I do know, what I did experience and observe.


Question: What other torture was there?

Answer: Again it was during the worst years of torture after my separation between the year 2002 and 2010. They had my children and I was desperately trying to free them. One of the reports was my son cut his hand supposedly ‘playing with a knife’ he must have been aged around six at the time. Radda responded as I reported that a child has to ‘experience things.’ The other child like Deni was starved as a girl decades back was also being starved. The knife attacks on her became so bad that the child became ‘mute’ refusing to speak. I took the matter to court immediately trying to get help and stop the torture and abuse of the children. The child had also been sexually abused and had complained about Radda. The court ordered that a psychologist examine the children and found that ‘urgent help was required’ for the young girl. He warned of the great dangers. However Radda ‘hid this’.


Question: Did you win the court case?

Answer: Maso stopped me from winning. Maso was always worried about me because I would keep ‘notes’ and I would take court action or go to the police. Maso was also really the only relation I had. So he was constantly using that ‘power’ from within to destroy me and the children. He was also vicious in his ‘set ups’. What had happened prior to the young girl being tortured with knives was Maso had made up a scenario for me to help him and his wife in a business. He claimed he just wanted some extra cash. So we had arranged that they would do the support side of the business. I was also running low on cash. Maso would do the payments, he would arrange the bank, and they would take care of the ‘money side’ like refunds or anything to do with the admin. So the plan seemed to work and I had close to fifteen thousand dollars in the business account. Money was paid into that Westpac account by credit card. Because of the uncertainty with the children at the time, I left the money in the business account so if I should need a lawyer for the children, the money was there. Maso had agreed prior to entering any agreement with me that at any stage, I wanted the money he would give it to me and at any stage, I wanted to see the account, he would let me see it. What they did was, they poured on the knife attacks and threats to the little girl during this time. When I urgently tried to get my money to pay solicitors to stop the torture of the children, Maso refused to give me my money. I was focused on saving the child and children and went to DHS in Dandenong i a single day and they could not help me. I then went to Dadenong court the same day and they wanted to make an appointment and I explained to the clerk that I had to see a Magistrate that day. I refused to leave due to the urgency and was successful. I saw a magistrate who informed me that they granted an intervention order however the family orders somehow over ride them. So it would mean the children would have to stay with the mother and her partner Pele who was also now in the abuse group and abusing the children. I was devastated, so I urgently tried to get my money from Maso for family court to pay solicitors but of course Maso refused to give my money to me. I was deceived. With my children being tortured, I had to defend it on my own against the mothers top solicitors the government paid for. Over three days, I did all I could and although I was successful in getting it in to court and even with the evidence of the court appointed psychologist – I did not have the expertise to win, however I was again assured that I would have regular contact and again after the court case was over, Radda refused to let me have contact. What Maso did was take my children’s money I was to use for court and send his wife Loon overseas for a holiday. This form of torture brings them much joy, their fetish, they cover up. The money is easily traced via the dates and banks. It cannot be hidden as Maso had the bank account open and money was paid in by credit cards. So I was totally deceived yet again.

Question:  So you had a very small family to begin. You only had Mr Sado and Maso and Deni, then they recruited Wilhelm right at the start. They tried recruiting a sixteen year old girl when you were in the army, they would have destroyed her. I can see why now. Some years later they applied the stalking of you with their recruit Radda, and the nightmare continued on. So Maso is playing a big double card, continues to get info from you, where you confide in him and then he of course uses it against you constantly. So in the whole system of the Sado abuse and isolation, it appears, Isolation was applied to you at the start and then isolation of Deni’s kids, then isolation of yours, then isolation of your step brothers. Isolation is very dominant. Without the isolation or ‘hiding’ the kids they can’t do the long term harm or the torture. I can see how by making a false IVO they seperate the child, torture the child, abuse the child and if a family member tries to help the tortured child ‘and in this case, the ONLY family member is you’ then you would be arrested then there is no one else to help. Wow. How many false IVO applications did they make against you?

Answer: That’s exactly right. I complained during the years 2002 and 2010 that they had made around 25 ‘applications’ against me, going from one court to the other court and not one of them stuck. Every one was either dismissed because Radda was caught lying or it was thrown out because after the torture was completed or abuse, they did not need to IVO so they just wouldn’t come to the court. Also, like recently I went to the police and said, I am trying to get copies of the IVO’s and the member said, mate there are like thirty or so there but most ‘expired.’ I can’t give you copies you have to go to the court. So what happens is obviously a police officer years later, looks on the computer and there are all these IVO’s (none went through as they were false) and it looks really bad. Look at it this way, of course they started this process with my son. Clocking up fake notifications on his name, even trying to put fake reports against him. They did the same to Deni for years, but she did not know ‘who was stalking her with this.’


Question: So it hasn’t stopped still?

Answer: No, it hasn’t stopped. What happens is I found a person can go to the police and make a complaint and they seem to want to help but once they see there is an IVO there, it’s game over. They won’t budge.


Question: They won’t help even though it’s torture. Are you serious?

Answer: Absolutely, I am still trying to find how I can make a statement. No one will take a statement. They want me to stand at the counter try and explain all of this. It’s not possible to explain a 43 year series of events, stalking for decades and abuse and torture that is organised in five minutes over the counter.


Question: So what other abuses happened during 2002 and 2010?

Answer: The abuses and isolation of the children continued. I complained that the isolation was going to do ‘mental harm’. It’s all on the court files. Sometimes I could not see the kids for an entire school term. neighbors reported the children were starved and abused. My son was trying to do all he could to protect the younger child even at seven and eight years old he was trying to ‘sneak’ food for her at night. The Police can’t help, they just keep saying go back to the family court. Any funds I saved for their future was dwindling. I kept working and kept paying my solicitors. Then, Radda made a bold move at one stage and moved directly opposite my home just about and refused to let me see the children and continued these actions. Radda then started abusing the children with Pele, especially the girl. She even tried getting IVO against me even while living nearly opposite my home. The gang had grown with the inclusion of Pele. Then one day she made a bold move and ‘against restraining orders stopping the children from moving out of the state of Victoria that was in place, Rada simply relocated to a place unknown, snatching the kids even when I had court orders to see them. No one knew where they were. I went to court and was told to let the Australian Federal Police know once I knew where the location was. It took a couple of months. They were being ‘hidden’ in NSW, I was able to again track down the address. I gave that to the Federal Police. They told me to fly to Sydney and get a hotel and let them know my location and wait. Before this, I had to go back to court and ask the judge of course to grant that the Federal Police could act and he granted it. I flew to Sydney, I did as I was told and waited. It took around three days, the federal Police located the mother and the kids, took the children and brought them to my hotel. I flew back to Melbourne.


Question: So did Rada lose the children now for breaching the order and snatching the kids to Sydney?

Answer: I was shocked, no, she didn’t as it was only ordered that I have the children with me until such a time that she relocates to Melbourne. So what she was doing was hiding the children long term after severe abuse away from the only ‘helper’ that was around and that was me. With the courts help and tying it in court constantly it slowed them down but it did not stop the abuses or the torture and I can tell you, time and time again, not knowing where your children are is ‘torture’ in itself. So I re-established the children and enrolled them into school. I took care of them and settled them down then around two to three months later, once Rada settled back in Melbourne again I had to give the children back by court order.


Question: Let me guess, she then continued with the abuses, is that correct? Did she use and apply the same methods?

Answer: Yes, not only that she did it again. On my son’s birthday, they vanished sometime later. Again no one knew where they were. I was waiting all day to give him his birthday present as I did not think that Radda would keep him away again on his birthday. But again, she had cleared the house and moved to a location unknown. Not only could I not see the children but again the children were missing.


Question: Did they move close by?

Answer: No, it took a while to track them down. Again I had to apply to court and get solictors and again I tracked them down in Sydney but this time she lied to the Police in Sydney. My solicitor checked and she had fabricated and made up a lie to the Police who confirmed it wasn’t true. The judge here ordered that she immediately return back to Melbourne after she relocated there. She returned withing days and again she lost the children on that day, and again it was ordered until she ‘move back to Melbourne’ that the children reside with me. So again, she took two or three months to return and again I had to hand the children back once she did as court order. I was completely shocked that she would have the kids after this. I was understanding the Family Law system greatly favors the female.


Question: So after you handed the children back to Rada did she continue the same process of isolation and abuse?

Answer: Yes. She would not stop. Her neighbor saw me one day waiting by the letter box and she stated, I waited three hours for my children and no sign of them. Her neighbor was friends with her and she said that she would see her leave just before I got there every-time. The report by the neighbor also states that she had to take them food as the kids were not fed. The young child fell down and she observed Radda towering over her refusing to pick her up while she continued to hold her dog. At some point she moved in with her boyfriend Pele. I moved to Rowville. The gang had organised a way for me to buy a ‘cheap house’ and work and pay off as much as I could using the accountant AK but they would sell the house and steal my money. The stalking where I was living continued. Maso continued to stalk and leave ‘dead fish’ on my door. On one occasion I did get my kids, we went to my place to see three dead fish at the door. Three meaning me, and my kids. I moved. Then when I did move one of Maso’s friends had called me for a business meeting, I went and they had me backed up against a wall in near a side street off Lygon street. They were demanding I pay them five thousand dollars on a Saturday night. During this time, Maso was on the phone to his friend trying to hold me up. They left dead birds on the doorway of my home. Three of them. It was insane. It was Maso doing it with his friends. I had about eighty or ninety thousand dollars profit from that house if I sold it, so I decided to “sell it and move.” I went overseas to stay with my cousin in the USA while the house sold and when the house and my car sold, AK the accountant was arranging the sale and of course when I returned, they refused to give me any money from the sale. I was conned and deceived. I was not aware that AK the accountant was working with Maso and Radda and he had the house under a company name, holding it for me in ‘trust’. I battled to get any back. First he gave me three thousand dollars. Then after more communication I received another twenty seven thousand dollars back and that was it.


Question: How did he give you that money? Was it cash?

Answer: No, he sent twenty seven thousand dollars in a cheque and it was brought to me oddly by Maso. Maso had done a deal with him, they robbed me and my kids home. AK had promised me that no matter what, no one would ever touch my home. But he wasn’t a friend. He was working in Maso’s gang.

So this is pretty much how they did it. I went and lived with the mother of a friend of mine in Narre Warren and that was the time Maso conned me again, I fell for it. He gave me a car to pay off claiming his family could not, I paid it for a year, but what he did was instead of transferring it in my name, he collected the car and traded it in and didn’t give me one cent. I was carless in Narre Warren and I could not reach my kids if they were in trouble. I could not reach Deni or anyone. So his role was always using his trust as a relation to also destroy me.


Question: Wow. I can see, he wasn’t only involved in the abuse but was also robbing you from within. So were the children still being abused? Did you have access?

Answer: Yes, they were still being abused in ‘isolation.’ Pele had joined them and the young female was still being targeted. Although I had court orders still to see them, Radda would not stick to them. The thing was, no one was going to stop their system. She knew if it went to court again, all she had to do was what she always did, lie and say ok, I will let him see the kids. There is and was no real punishment for her actions. After the court is over, she would simply give me access to the children a couple of times, then resort to denying me access for months. The woman could lie at court and get caught and nothing happened. She could lie to the Police and get caught and nothing happened. She could ‘snatch’ the children and breach restraining safety orders and take them out of the state, and the AFP would be forced to do an operation and bring them back and no punishment would she receive. Then she would do it again, she would still get no punishment. In fact at one stage, it was a Judge who did catch her and stated that she is using intervention orders for improper purposes against the father and on that day the same Judge found that Radda had attempted to bring in a ‘false witness’ to court who was also caught lying and not even then ‘was there any punishment. Not even when the Family court at one stage appointed a child psychologist “Papeleo” who interviewed the children alone and I paid around three thousand dollars for that report. The top child psychologist in his report clearly stated that the ‘children wanted to live with me’ and that my son had informed him the mother had called him things like a ‘little bitch’ and that screaming of the mother and so on, not even then would the court let me have the children.

Question: So the court asked for the report. How much was that report and who paid?

Answer: Yes. The court wanted the report. I paid around trhree thousand dollars for the report at the time, which is not the issue as I can imagine those reports take a fair bit of work and he is the ‘top’ or was the top child psychologist. For me, it was, well the court wants this so wait for that report and the report was ‘from the kids point of view wanting to live with me’ — so for me that would be the end of isolation and abuse to the children, or the future of slavery. Yet not even then, would the children be permitted to live with me. It was so bizarre.


Question: So how many contact orders over that course of time 2002 and 2010 did Rada breach?

Answer: Radda breached hundreds of contact orders. Let me put it this way, imagine having orders to see your children every week and not being able to see them for an entire school term. Imagine going to pick your kids up and the children are simply not there. On one contact order, I went to see the children and collect them she refused. I didn’t even get to see them, she didn’t even open the door. A witness was watching and what she did was call the police. The police came and they tried. They went in and asked. She said no. I asked the police member if I could at least give my kids a hug. The police officers went inside and asked. Radda said no. I could see my child ‘waving to me from the window’ in hope that I could get them out of there. The police could do nothing.


Question: What other set ups did you endure?

Answer: There was one of those IVO’s that was delivered to me. I received it then she rang my phone constantly. In those days, it wasn’t permitted. She then tried to have me ‘set up’ for a breach of IVO. I attended Frankston Magistrates Court and it was found that I did not make calls to Rada but she actually made dozens of calls to my number. The case was dismissed. What she did not realize is I kept the calls that were logged and showed the judge. So it was a clear attempt to ‘set me up.’ What I didn’t realize at the time was ‘there is no law against anyone trying to set me up.’ I was set up, time and time again. So this was a great concern. There were other occasions, one of the most classic ones was the time in Carlton when I was trying to find my son. It would have been 1997/98. Radda was living in Ashwood area, on that night my car window was smashed outside in Elgin street where I lived. Again it was Radda and Maso and their gang trying to ‘back me off’ from trying to help my son. I received a call from the Carlton Police. I had a home phone. I lived alone. The officer said, there is an interim order and you need to come in and see me as Radda had apparently made a ‘false call’ stalking me with the system and again lying about a breach. I replied to the police officer and said, It is not possible because I live alone and I am constantly being ‘set up’. I stated that what I do at home is –I make a phone call from my house phone every ten minutes so the calls are logged and I can provide him my phone records to check at anytime. He will see that during those times I was at home. I said it would be impossible for me to drive from Carlton to Ashwood and return all in ten minutes. I also stated they were just doing this to ‘keep me away from my son. and that my car window was also smashed.’ After my explanation on the phone, I was not required to go in. No further action was taken. But, what you need to understand is, this is how I have had to live. We are going back around twenty years. Like Radda always said, I know the system and I will never stop. What Mr Sado and Maso did by putting her at the ‘front’ being female was a strategy that caused immense problems, as I was to find, although she is one of the most vicious, cruel, violent women I have ever met — regardless of what she does, there is no punishment. So where there is no punishment, I can see why she will continue to do this over and over and over again as she has and abuse the children and stalk the children, get others to abuse the children and relentlessly do this to me. It has never stopped and got actually worse.


Question: So if at any stage when you had the children, did you ever breach orders stopping her having the children and is it true that Rada and Maso and Mr Sado system relies a lot on ‘stalking’ their target victim by making fabrications to the Police and courts?

Answer: No, to my knowledge I have never isolated and hidden any child and the answer is yes, stalking through departments and set ups is a major part of their system of abuse.


Question: Would I be correct in saying that since the age of six years old, until those times, you were enslaved by your captors?

Answer: You would be correct in saying that and the thing is even right now, I am still enslaved by Mr Sado and Maso and their crew. I am not a free man in Melbourne as this still has not stopped and now is far worse. I believe that I have a right to be free and to live free from abuse. I believe that children have a right to live free from slavery and abuse and torture.


Question: What happened to Deni? Did she get her daughter back out of foster care?

Answer: Yes she did, but it took a long – long time and unfortunately they continued to stalk her and have her ‘bashed’ and drove her to drink more and more so when the child reached the age of around ten years of age or so, ‘she had no option but to go to her loving sisters.’ But of course once she moved into the home of her step sisters and step brother, Wilhelm was there and he took charge and took control and commenced doing what he did to me, and worked on favoring her and corrupting Tana at the same time. I was told by one of the sisters that Wilhelm took control, gave her everything and neglected his own kids. Mr Sado’s system where one is very dominant and the other is submissive. I was told that Tana had ‘sex’ also at teh age of around thirteen and opne of the sisters had advised and helped get her onto contraception. Then Wilhelm applied the ‘degradation of their mum’ Deni was constantly ‘put down’ and labeled as ‘mad’ and mentally ill. Wilhelm kept doing his part raising Tana to be greatly manipulated and very cruel. Jezzebelle would suffer, her heating cords would be cut, she would have no heater in winter. The autistic son would continue to live next to the garage in a shed. I was told that Wilhelm still at times ‘hoses’ the adult man down to give him a shower. If that isn’t cruelty, I don’t know what is. So Tana had entered a training of the Sado system. It was her oldest step sister who helped get her and got Tana a job and did all she could so she could have a future. But Wilhelm was working hard to turn her away from her sisters as we were to find.


Deni had a friend of hers she met an older delivery driver who moved in. His name is Simon. Simon apparently was bisexual and liked ‘boys’ I was to find out much later. However there was a real problem, because Deni started getting black eyes and was being beaten. I was rushing over many times. It was Simon beating her. Her daughters also told me and I rushed over there to help. Of course it was Maso who lived fifteen minutes away that was instructing their ‘new recruit’ which he had recruited in to the Chelsea address.


Question: What would Deni say about the black eyes?

Answer: What happens is Mr Sado and Maso ‘get off on abusing girls” she had been abused all her life non stop. They get away with it by getting other abusers ‘in with them.’ What needs to be remembered is since 1974 they did not recruit that many, only a handful. So there are decades that pass and it’s only a handful who join them. Deni was the first slave child and she was and began that during her life in Turkey. So if we look at what they did to me during my slavery between the ages of six and 12 say, then we see clearly what they did with my children, then we know the effects of that suffering and slavery especially to ‘females’ where they are more physically vicious and as the child protection said, during 2002 and 2010 ‘the children refuse to talk.’ In other words they were that frightened by the knives, they not only refused to talk, that one child would only talk to me, that child was ‘mute’ for one year or more. It was caused clearly by the knives the chasing the mother did and whoever else did with the child during those times of torture. Now the effects of that when I follow the pattern to my own childhood and my own child slavery under Mr Sado was the same, I would refuse to speak, I was so frightened. Being a female they get more bashing’s more starvation’s early on so Deni endured the very same system of abuse by the designers, the original designers of that abuse who introduced it to Melbourne. What happened after that is the ‘stalking’ the stalking at nights to her home and the scaring which never ended. So I am not a psychologist, but those who are in the system of Sado’s child slavery do not talk. Deni did not know Simon who was bashing her and giving her black eyes was in actual fact recruited in to The Melbourne Torture Gang and even today works with Maso, which I can easily prove.


Question: What else would Maso do that would make you wonder about him and give you concerns?

Answer: He visited BDSM parlours a dungeoun late at night and asked me on numerous occasions to ‘drop him off’ out of the blue. He never went to help Deni once. The same with Mr Sado, he still never went to help Deni once during those years and continued to try and label her as ‘mental’ or mentally ill, degrading her. At times he would complain saying things over and over again – that when he was a child it was Mr Sado who had made his mum go to other men. This gave me great concern. He would sleep with his friends wives and have affairs all over Melbourne. Two girls who he had long term affairs with told his wife Loona and she had no care. She remained with him. He tried to get me to take pictures for him in a hotel room while he was with a friends wife. I declined and I started to become more and more weary of him. He would at times say things about Rada like Mr Sado would, they would say ‘how bad and abusive she is to the kids and someday I would get my kids and we would all be a family and the isolation would end. But it was all lies.

The longer time went by, the more I would stay clear of Maso. The greater concerns I would have. He was constantly trying to ‘set me up’ and I felt he was trying to humiliate me all my life. It was around 2010 when I was set up yet again by Maso.


Question: What did Maso do around 2010 to set you up?

Answer: Deni was not in a good way. The years of stalking she encountered had taken its toll on her. The abuses had never stopped. She was secretly being ‘ganged up on’. However, it was always the same people. She was drinking heavily, depressed.

I went to her home to try and help her and stay with her for sometime. I was able to help her stop ‘drinking’ but found Maso was sending her “gardener” over to her home, he would be leaving bottles of alcohol, hiding them outside in the “garden”.

I noticed at the time, Maso had started using the same gardener all of a sudden to do some work outside of his home. Deni had told me this as he had wanted her ‘gardeners’ number from her.

For around nearly two to three months I stayed with Deni.

One night Maso called me as I wasn’t working at the time and he said he had some work for me. I went and met him at a hotel around the corner of his home.

He was with another female “Marcia” at the time, he introduced me to her and he wanted me to do some work for her. It was a trap and I was not aware of it at the time. I had been occupied trying to help Deni and her deep problems with alcoholism. It was taking a toll on her.

Maso would use his advantage as a relation to me to form his ‘traps’, he would abuse the trust. I would be more weary of him. By this stage being weary of Maso, he found it difficult to fool me directly and again he used another person to achieve his aims.

His aim was to humiliate me and get me out of Deni’s home so that the gang could have there way with her again. He couldn’t achieve that on his own.

On one night Maso called me to go out to a club as he had a new boss who he was to work for. His new boss had flown to Melbourne and was settling in.

What Maso wanted to do was ‘take him out’ and show him a good time to win his rapport. However, on that night he called me to join him and his new boss, he also invited the same female who he had introduced me to at the hotel, Marcia.

We went out to a local bar where Maso lived.

Shortly after, what Maso did was, he told me, “That we had to leave.” He wanted to leave Marcia with his “new boss”. I felt awkward as it was early. Marcia did not know his “new boss” and had only met him during that hour or so we were there. I felt awkward because “it felt weird” how Maso had “set the whole thing up” and for me it was clear, “he was using his own friend” Marcia to win rapport with his boss. I didn’t think this was right. For some time we spoke outside. I gave him my opinion and I told him, that it wasn’t right from my point of view. He insisted that we leave, so after perhaps fifteen minutes or so, I had enough trying to get my point across and left.

I went to Deni’s. I had more concerns about the way Maso used his friend. Maso’s friend Marcia started to call me during that week. She wanted to be friends all of a sudden. She would call me everyday wanting to meet up. She then suddenly started to visit Deni’s nightly. We would go to a local cafe, restaurant and talk. She started talking about all of her problems and how her partner of ten years or so was so bad to her and how he apparently had a new girlfriend and they slept in separate rooms.

She was using her emotional guilt, just like every other female Maso had introduced me to. She was coming to see me nightly. At the time, I wasn’t thinking that it was Maso behind it yet again. Marcia was very persistent and convincing.

She pursued me for some months and finally I moved out of Deni’s home. Maso had successfuly ‘diverted’ my attention away. I got my own place and moved in. Marcia continued to visit me each night and would wait for me on the steps leading to my apartment.

This method had been used before, long ago when Maso had Rada enter my life. I had tried to shut Maso out and keep him at a distance but he has a way where he ‘won’t ever leave me alone’.

In the end, when we did have a relationship or start to have a relationship, it was revealed that Maso had been having an affair with Marcia for some years. The whole thing was ‘set up’ to somehow further ‘humiliate me’ without my knowledge.

I ended the relationship. I realised later how Maso had again organised and now stopped me from trying to help Deni.

But that wasn’t enough as on one of the last nights I had seen Marcia, just prior to me ending the relationship, she visited my home late at night and stayed around half an hour.

It was a real quick visit, unlike any other time. I had a drink in my lounge room and during that time when I went into the kitchen, I believe and am suspicious she put something in my drink as immediately after she left, I had some of my drink and I ended up vomiting and collapsing on the kitchen floor. Prior to collapsing, I ws able to send Marcia a text message asking for “help”. I had very little time to do that. That was around 9.30pm and from what I recall, it was around 2.30am when I got up. What was really odd about that moment was, Marcia had not responded to my distress text. I called her to explain what had happened and for the very first time, ‘she had switched her phone off.’ Not only that, the next night Marcia appeared at my door around 10.30pm, she had driven all the way from Hallam to Bentleigh where I was living ‘in her dressing gown’ not to stay, but she said that she left a ‘blue plastic cigarette’ container at my apartment. She found it and immediately left. What was odd about that container was the fact that, it must be valued at around five dollars. The urgency in picking it up from my home gave me suspicions because it would also have been cheaper for her to go to a tobacco shop close by and buy a new one.

The relationship however was over, once I had found out she was having an affair with Maso for many years. It was also revealed that her partner at home for ten years was friends with Maso and at the time still had a relationship with Marcia.

Prior to ending it, Marcia had also stated to me that although she had a really great day job and two children that Maso had got her to work at a dungeon as an ‘apprentice dominatrix’ where she performed all kinds of acts on men. The dungeon that she ‘worked’ in for around four weeks she said was the very same place that Maso had asked me to drop him off to on numerous occasions late at night.

So from here on, I further tried to distance myself from Maso even more, trying to do my own thing as I did not believe after decades there would be any proper relationship between us. But, because as a relation, he was one of the main characters, and perhaps apart from Deni, the only other person, I had always ‘hoped’ that someday he would change his ways.  It wasn’t to be. It as the accumulation of his attempted “set ups” against me over the years that also greatly scared me. On this occasion, I believe Marcia and Maso had worked together to emotionally try to humiliate and destroy me and then somehow she had spiked my drink to poison me, but whatever they put in my drink, didn’t work.

What was successful was the fact that Deni now was alone and I had been removed from her house by Maso’s plan.


Question: What were Deni’s thoughts about Maso?

Answer: Deni would have very little to do with him, she would try to stay a distance from him and greatly disliked Maso’s wife. They would never see each other for decades. The last time they had seen eacother some decades back, Deni and Maso’s wife had an altercation. They had a massive fight. Since then, I don’t think they saw each other. There was always some rumor that when Deni passed away that Maso would try to take over her estate and home and that rumor would infuriate Deni. She had a great dislike for Maso and a great fear about him. Deni always informed me, that if anything happened to her, that her home was for her children and that she had battled to pay off her house so that she could leave a house at least for her children. That was Deni’s wish.


Question: Was there ever a time that Maso mentioned anything about Deni’s home to you or her estate?

Answer: There was, however, it was a long time back. As I very rarely see Maso. What he had said back then is, something along the lines that, “he won’t let anyone get Deni’s house” after she passes away. That was a very long time ago. It was odd for me that he would say that, as at the time Deni was not in a situation where she was in ‘bad health’.


Question: Do you know if Maso liked beating girls?

Answer: Yes. He would flog one of his girlfriends. He would say she enjoyed it. She fell in love with him, told his wife then Maso threatened her, she ha a child. She left, I never heard or so of her again. Maso claimed she is living in Queensland, however I am unsure as I was her friend then, and after she left, I never heard from her again. I hope she is ok.


Question: Are you concerned for her and her child now?

Answer: Of course I am, I am hoping that she is ok and her child is ok and that she just got away somewhere safe and lived and moved on with her life. But of course now that I think of it, what if she could not get away? If I knew her surname, I would try to track her down, I can’t recall it.

I also have concerns for one other Australian female and her outcome.

Maso had also told me that he wanted Deni’s house and that no one would take it when she passed away. That was real strange because Deni was so ‘scared’ of Maso and hardly ever saw him and he would just get others in his crew to stalk her and scare her or abuse her. he knew you see that Deni would call me and he showed his face very little, because he always works that way to not leave a trace to him.


Question: So now it is around 2010. The isolation of your children continued on or could you see your children through the school as you had court orders. Did the school help you?

 Answer: What Rada did was somehow get work for the first time in the school and she got work helping supposedly the ‘handicapped children.’ Through that avenue she would have ‘made friends’ with mums and parents so I am not sure if she had any child stay at her home during those years she worked there. It was so odd because it was the first time ever I had known of her doing any job that was outside of the adult industry and of course I can see perhaps ‘why’ now. But this presented also another problem to me as she ‘warned’ me to not to go to the school or else. If I tried that avenue, I was scared she would take it out on the children as she had total control even with my court orders. So it wasn’t a risk I wanted to take. Until once again they simply ‘vanished’. I had no option but to go to the school.


Question: How did the children vanish again and what happened?

Answer: For a long time Rada was living around the corner from Pele, they had split up and she was living alone with the children. I was isolated from the children so I was not aware that Pele was constantly abusing the girl. I would try to get access by going to their home but Rada would mostly not permit it. She completely isolated them, denying any phone calls or a phone or social media. They were not even permitted to mention my name in the house, It was complete isolation. By this stage my youngest girl was around ten years old and my son was perhaps thirteen / fourteen at the time. So when I arrived at their home trying to have contact access again to find she had packed and moved, I was shocked. I had no idea where they were. I went to see Pele and he would not tell me. He was still seeing Rada so it was then, I went to the school to try and track my children down. Rada was furious. I saw the principle and showed him my court orders to see my children and he agreed to immediately help me and had great concerns about Rada and the manner our child, the youngest girl was being treated. It was noted she was still kept ‘hungry’ starved even at the age of ten. The acting principal had written a on the DHS report after having seen her with the child for so long, it was her view that Rada had a ‘certain hatred’ for the child. The very same as when I met Rada years back when I observed she had a ‘certain hatred for a simple thirty dollar sponsorship I was giving to World Vision. The school was more than happy to help me see the child. It was when I got contact access to the young child with the help of the school, the Mr Sado Abuse crew had ‘set up’ a new scenario so the child would not speak about the abuses.

Question: So what you are saying is that the abuses has never stopped and no matter what you do and even since your very own child slavery and torture you encountered, you were still fighting to save the children and yourself and Deni. Is that correct, that it never stopped?

Answer: Yes, it is correct and I have lost all faith in the system stopping them. After more than forty years and today, right now I am still trying to stop it. But they admit clearly, ‘they will never stop’ and even with their own admission as Rada admitted and said “I will never stop’. We have the text message. I also complained ten years back the very same, she said, “she will never stop”. It’s on the court documents. You can’t stop people with that mindset. We are not police officers to stop them. If the police refuse to stop them, we are unable to stop them. This is one of the worst cases of never ending abuse, gang stalking, child abuse, torture and it continued. They designed a ‘new set up’ a new plot and it even threw me off at the time.

Question: What was the new plot they set up.

Answer: It was when I was successful in getting access to my very scared child who was slim. I took her home to where I lived in Narre Warren. After that, weekend, I was to return to the school to get weekend access two weeks later as court ordered. But the child was abused greatly over the course of the years between 2002 and late 2010. So to stop her talking about her abuses as she would tell me, what the abuse group did was worked out a plan where Rada quickly within that week moved back into Pele’s home. Once they were living there again, just before I could pick the child up for my next contact access, they made the child watch the mother after school get put in bondage as the boyfriend come home and tied her up in front of the child. This caused much stress to her. The child was focused and traumatized by her mum being tied up and was screaming for the boyfriend Pele to untie the mother. He also pretended to try and gag the mother in front of the child. So what had happened was the child was now desperately trying to save her mum and all of her focus shifted away from herself and was now on “what Pele had done.” At the time, I was at home and not only did they do that, but he called me during this BDSM scenario in front of the child. I could hear the child screaming in the background. I told him to stop and I called the Police. They attended and I drove down there and collected the child. DHS and Police were involved and what they did was lied to the Police and lied to the DHS, that report I still have and re-reading that report shows the clear lies. They did that to mislead police. It worked. Rada also stated on the report the child is not permitted a phone or to even talk about my name. One thing Rada made sure not to mention was the court appointed phycologist and his findings from five years back where the mother had to as a matter of urgency get help for the child due to behaviour that she could become neurotic. So what the mother did was the opposite, rather than getting the child help she continued to inflict abuse on the child for a number of years after her being mute. So when the DHS Child protection investigator in actual fact interviewed the child the DHS worker was not aware of the child’s condition. It was ‘hidden’ the mother diverted to try an blame a phone or mentioning my name and so on. This caused a problem because the Child Protection worker clearly states, The child told me that Pele hits her sometimes but could not give me a time of when this occurred. The child could not give a time because her condition was not treated. This was done deliberately and gross neglect by the mother who had the child in her care hiding and isolating the child for most part of the years as I struggled through the system trying to save and free the children. I also stated on numerous court documents that the child have the risk of developing mental health issues to end what was being done. So that final report by the police and DHS investigating is most extensive. If the mother had informed DHS of what condition and what recommendation was made and that no action was taken on her behalf the DHS worker would have known the reason the child could not give a time to when Pele was hitting her.

Pele also lied and said he tied the mother up to protect the children. That wasn’t true as he was the one hitting the child from the child’s own revelation. So again by misleading the police and DHS, they were able to walk away and the mother was still able to have ‘access’ to the child. Even after such sheer abuse, I still had to abide bv what DHS wanted and give access to the mother, even though the child was to live with me. What had thrown me off was the sudden ‘move’ back to Pele’s home. I didn’t even think of it at the time. What happens when such chaos hits yet again, all the focus goes onto getting the children out of there. My son was conveniently hidden at a friends home so I could not access him.

It was the Sado System of Torture and Abuse that was continuing on and on.

Question: Did you go to court with the DHS?

Answer: Yes. It was just around the start of 2011 and the child was placed in my care by my ‘child’s own choice. The mother and Pele came to court twice and tried to take the child back and pretended they were a couple. The judge wouldn’t have it and said on clear terms to the mother “Do Not Come Back Here”. I thought it was over however, I had to keep taking the child back for restricted contact at DHS every week. Rada tried to use the excuse that she was on alcohol and would start AA. It was all just lies. i took the child for restricted and supervised access but Rada would refuse to see the child on those occasions and wanted to see her without restriction and in doing so Rada started playing her mind games with the child, keeping the child focused on her. By not giving love, she used Sado’s strategy of making the child keep trying to get the love that the child never had. It was shortly after the child was in my care that Maso had come up with a plan to get the child back before she spoke up and keep the child enslaved. It was from here where Maso and Mr Sado and I would have a complete split.

The child and I walked into a trap of never ending stalking and abuse that had never stopped, one that they would continue until they had ‘snatched’ the child again.

Question: How did you walk into a trap?

Answer: With Maso, I had little to do with him.

Regardless of the distance I would try to keep, Maso’s attempts of getting in my life would accumulate more and more. he would use other people. It was trickery and deception. Directly fooling me, or trying to fool me, no longer seemed to work. His stalking had no end.

Mr Sado was a reformed religious man and continued on his way, but that was to be uncovered also as a ‘scam’ and a fraud.

I walked into a trap by being deceived yet again.

The child abuse group wanted and always want to keep those who they stalk under their watchful eyes. This is the Sado system.

So Maso had said, now you have your child, come and stay with us and look for a place from our home. That way the child can mix with family.

I wanted family for my children.

It was something they or we never had.

I trusted in Maso again, I guess “it was just hope” that we could be a family and my children could have a family, to find it was deception yet again.

We left the safety of our home at my friends mums who lived on a quarter acre with a massive house. My child had her own room there but wanted a pet so I wanted to give the her all I could.

So it was also a good opportunity to mix with Maso’s children and family at Maso’s home. Now that I look back, although I was very weary of Maso, I was always in someway ‘hoping’ he would end the games of trying to hurt or ‘set me up’ with his games.

So, now that I look back, I can see how he used that “hope” against me. Deception has many masks.

So we left my home and when we arrived at Maso’s large home as he invioted us and stayed for three days, however that was also a trap, yet again. This time, I had my child with me.

During our stay there over those three days, they ‘isolated us’ — no one spoke to us, it was the strangest feeling.

We were in one room in a big house and it was about day three when my child said, “Dad, I don’t think they want us here.” I also knew that and was wondering about “how to break the news to her”. So she had beaten me to it.

So hearing that, we left straight away, not knowing where we would go, but perhaps a hotel or perhaps back to my friends, we were in search together for a new home. For me, what mattered at the time was the fact the child was out and free from ‘isolation and abuse.’ Everything else, I could fix in time. Nothing was an issue. She was so happy in her new found freedom.

It was around lunchtime or two pm when Mr Sado called and said, one of our friends has a unit for lease in Lalor why don’t you take it.

He said, “Come now and I can get it for you. I spoke to them and they said you can come and have it straight away.”

It was so strange ‘out of the blue’. Mr Sado had done a good deed for the first time in his life.

I didn’t think much as I was on the road and I said ok. The idea of someone renting their unit to us so suddenly was like “magic” all in a day. Yet at the time, little did I know, that too was a ‘set up’ of Mr Sado and Maso.

So I went there, it was a two bedroom unit. I rented it. Paid them and got the keys. By 4pm we had our own place.

It was very far from my child’s school but together we would manage I thought and we did. I started driving her everyday and picking her up. But at the time, nothing was a problem as we had climbed a mountain to free her. My role was to encourage her, and give her confidence and teach her all the things she had missed out on. I wanted to show her how to focus on her dreams and attain them. To have great outcomes in life. These would be achieved in time. She would be confident and free, independent and an “A” grade student. So everything I had set in place at that moment on would work unfortunately, little did I know that we were still entrapped within a vicious circle, surrounded by people that were after her.

Upon settling into the unit, I bought her a computer and a phone and taught her about social media. I went to work helping her to open her mind and be free from the many ‘fears’ she had.

She greatly relied upon me ‘as her protector’ and guardian.

I bought her a diary and I asked her to write three great ouctomes each night before sleep and if she wanted to, write about her day, it was up to her. Sge did that night after night, and continued to focus on great ouctomes. Life was just great for her, the bullying had come to an end.

I was doing all I could to end the fear she had. I was studying coaching at the time and had become a practitioner.

Shortly after Maso had set up a new deception to enter my life.

I was a single dad, now also trying to make a success of life yet again without the worry of one of my children being abused. I still had my son who was with Rada, however he was older and in time, perhaps he would also be free. I had not given up hope.

It was Maso who would once again, try to enter and disrupt my life. He commenced stalking my home with one of his close friends, who arrived, I noticed he was one of his strong arms. His friend apparently had a cleaning business and wanted to get a design for a website. That was the pretext.

Maso made out like it would help me and my business. My business was again starting off but was soon going to do really well.

I worked for Maso’s friend who would come over to our unit constantly and at the time, little did I know his friend was there to keep track of my child and me on behalf of Maso.

I worked and did the design for him, but his promise of payment never happened. That’s a part of Maso’s stalking, he will make you work and work and at the end, there is no payment. It all accumulates as I was to find. This was a new start, a new beginning as Maso and the abuse crew wanted my child.

I had other work and business that kept me going. I had little idea he had his friend was stalking my child at the time under the pretext of wanting work and I had no idea that Mr Sado was also stalking my child.

Getting that unit was a ‘set up’.

Maso got us out of our home with deception, and had led us to his home and made us feel so uncomfortable — knowing we would leave, then once on the road, like magic Mr Sado called and told me he had obtained a unit where we can live all on the same day.

I had not even informed him I left Maso’s home, so they had talked together, it was all organised. By keeping me and the child close by it is always easier for them to operate in taking the child back.

At the time, I did not think of this. My mind was so occupied on the happiness I felt, knowing the young child was finally free. I was never one to keep ‘dwelling’ on the past. In life, I had learned to survive by, keeping the wheel turning, moving forward.

To dwell on the miseries of old, would have crushed me long ago.

I had no idea they were abusing every child at the time. The way their operation of abuse ran had included so much isolation over the years and because they had the power to ‘work from within’ they always knew me and Deni’s every move.

All I would do was take ‘notes’ and they knew that and they always feared one day, it would all come out.

Then Maso came up with another plan and found a home near the child’s school that was also minutes away from Rada’s.

He got that unit and I paid for it ‘thinking for the first time in my life, I am getting help even from Maso. It wasn’t help. It was entrapment.

Over the many years, the new move to a unit near my son and his mother, Rada would be the fourth time that the crew or Maso had tricked me into moving in to one of their homes. This would be the final time.

This will also explain, why and how my child was ‘kidnapped’ and has been held a ‘hostage’ against her own fears…


I had bought my child a cat for Christmas and the three of us moved early 2011 to a new unit minutes away from school and minutes away from my son and Rada.

The DHS were involved and I would do all as they wanted and what they wanted was contact between the child and mother.

The mother had used ‘deception’ again with the DHS and tried to shift the blame to her actions to ‘alcohol’. This wasn’t true.

The abuses were not new. In fact the abuses began at the birth of my son during the year 1996 when he suddenly ‘vanished.’

Of course now with the accumulation of time and all the ‘notes’ and the actions taken by Rada and the Sado group it is clear to me what is going on.

Rada claimed to DHS that she was now going to “AA” and taking action for her alcoholism.

I did all I could to help the mother and child get together as DHS wanted and drove the child to see the mother at every request that was possible.

Unfortunately what the mother did during the year 2011 was made it extremely difficult on the child to have any meaningful contact with her.

How this was achieved and again, this would unfold to be all a part of the Sado and abuse groups techniques against the child in keeping the child ‘wanting’ the love and affection that the child never had as well as trying to lure the child for purposes of creating ‘fear’ in the child.

Creating ‘fear’ in the child was important part of their process because the child had lived in great fear during the years 2002 and 2010/11 until the child had come into my care. I had worked to remove the fears and isolation of the child. I had worked hard for the child to be greatly independent.

So in every action Rada did, it was designed methods to reverse whatever I was doing.

The mother joined “AA” and what she did was ensure that her “AA” meetings were between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.

The mother attended “AA” as she said nightly between five to seven times a week.

It is impossible for an eleven year old child to spend quality time after school with a parent who is simply ‘not there.’

It is also not my fault if Rada is not there to spend time with her child.

The mother used this process not for a few months, but over the course of the next 5 to 6 years.

When I was successful in taking the child to Rada’s, there was occasions where the child called me to pick the child up as I was informed, ‘the mother had left the child alone at home and gone to “AA”. I immediately attended and picked the child up.

These were deliberate tactics and methods of Rada and the Sado abuse group. Rada had lost control of ‘bullying’ the child.

The child was attending Rada’s home and on the first three occasions, I had to return and pick the child up within five minutes of her arrival, because the child now had a mobile phone and could call me for help.

So when Rada could not confiscate the phone off the child, she started ‘screaming’ abuse as she has always done before. But now, the child had great confidence and was fear free knowing that all she had to do was ‘call me’ and I would be there to remove her to safety. The child used this tool on many occasions.

The next plot and technique Rada would use to try and scare and ‘trigger’ the child’s fears was she would ask the child see her after 11pm at night.

Rada also consistent with Mr Sado’s home, was residing at the time in an old home that resembled Mr Sado’s. Mr Sado always lives in old houses that appear to be scary for kids.

Scaring of children is an important factor in the Mr Sado system of child abuse.

By trying to get the eleven year old child to her home after eleven pm ‘in what appeared to the child as a scary house’ at the time, Rada was attempting to instill more fear to the child.

Rada also did not care about the child attending school and it is only logical that an eleven year old child is usually asleep after eleven pm and is not waiting to have contact access with the mother.

2011: More Scaring and More Trauma and More Sado Methods:

Rada had in her home, the child’s long term pet for some years, being a cat. I had also bought a cat which my child had wanted for a Christmas gift. Rada convinced and manipulated the child to take her cat to her home under the ‘pretext’ that the two cats would ply together. Shortly after, in order to try and cause ‘trauma’ to the child, the cat I had bought her for Christmas ‘died’ in Rada’s care.

Of course pet’s can die and they can have accidents. But this is the fourth pet that ha died in Rada’s care. Again, like every other time when a pet I have bought for the children has died, the children are not present.

It should be noted that previously when I had gone overseas when my friend was looking after my own pet, a small puppy, Rada had picked up that pet from my friends home. Rada had again used deception to do this and the pretext was, she wanted the children to play with the puppy.

I have the email still to prove that. The children had informed me that after picking my small Chihuahua puppy up “Tsunami’ the mother and her boyfriend had thrown the puppy outside and where they lived on a main road, there was no fencing that was adequate and of course “Tsunami” being an inside the home puppy vanished, never to be seen again. This loss of “Tsunami” caused distress to the children. Pet’s simply vanish and in Rada’s methods and Mr Sado’s system it is all a deliberate part in causing trauma to the abused child. The child living with me, Rada and Mr Sado and their gang were ‘desperate’ in keeping the child from ‘not speaking up’ about the abuses that the child had endured.

I had read on a government website that children who are abused are on the path to recovery “when they start to speak up on their own accord.’

In the Sado system of child abuse and torture and child slavery, it is a part of their process to ‘keep the child living in hope, wanting and reaching for a love they never had.’

On around the year 2002, court documents I have reveal that a DHS investigator asked me, “Why does the mother favor the son.”

So now in 2011, this tactic nearly a decade later had not changed and it is a tactic that has been used by Mr Sado and taught by Mr Sado to all of his ‘recruits.’ Rada learned these methods and tactics directly from Mr Sado.

I continued to motivate and encourage and help the child become greatly independent. The child picked the High School of her own choice and I enrolled the child into that school.

Rada opposed the enrollment in that school and again tried to stop the child enrolling into that school of her own choice but backed out after she found that it was not going to work.

Rada did not have a car. Rather than buying a car, Rada bought herself a motorbike. This was done so that again, she had no reason to ‘pick up the child’ or drive the child anywhere. So I did all the driving for the next five years.

Rada further used the motorbike to try and scare the child and me and called me saying when the child was with her on weekend, she was going to take her for rides on the motorbike.

When the child asked if she could have her friends over at Rada’s home during the times she stayed there, again Rada refused her friends visiting.

When the child was turning twelve years of age. Rada refused to have a party for the child at her home.

On numerous occasions, the child’s friends stayed over at our home.

The party for her eleventh and twelfth birthday was conducted by me. The party for her twelfth birthday was in our home where ‘many’ of the child’s friends attended.


Question: So now you are living minutes away from Rada and it is 2011, was there a time that you ever ‘isolated the child from Rada?

Answer: No. What I did was, I taught the child ‘how to communicate with Rada and how to not be manipulated by the screaming and methods Rada uses, that is the ‘repetitive talk’ of the Mr Sado system that Rada uses. I taught the child what to do in case there was concerns and I was only minutes away.


Question: What other methods did Rada use against the child?

Answer: I wanted to take the child away overseas, to Disneyland and NYC and see family there, the child would ask Rada for her to sign her passport papers but Rada would refuse for approximately four to five years. These methods drain a child, repeatedly asking and asking. It is all deliberate.

Question: What happened to your son?

Answer: For some time close to a year Rada has maniuplated him to not talk to me. He was in complete isolation. I could get little information about him since the time he was hidden at Rada’s friends home.

Question: So you were doing all you can and as per DHS requests to help the child with you re-establish and have contact with Rada but Rada was not doing the same when it came to your son and you, is this correct?

Answer: Yes. Excatly and I had great concerns about him. Rada metioned at one stage how my son had a computer and was doing well at school. But it was all a lie.

Question: Did you free your son and how old was he?

Answer: What happened was when Rada had no power to manipulate our child, she called me and said that our son was refusing to attend school. If I go back a couple of years, he was an “A” grade student. Rada destroyed that as the Sado system of abuse and neglect destroys the child’s schools and any future they have. What Rada did was call me during 2012 and said that our son is refusing to go to school. The isolation and abuse that he had lived under Rada had destroyed him. Rada was also making him work every night until midnight at a pizza shop and taking the money the child earned. Just like Mr Sado wanted to apply to me as a child. She had confined him to a room, not encouraging him to continue with his sport and be on the computer constantly, the very same method Mr Sado had applied to his step son who was isolated and became severely mentally ill. Rada gave me a single opportunity to go see my son at her home, he was locking himself in his room. I went and used that opportunity to speak to him through the door and after about forty minutes or so, I was able to access his room and I spoke to him, doing all I could to encourage him, and encourage him to come and see me, and that I was a walking distance away or a bike ride away. That was five years ago. I left and as I was leaving Rada asked me to buy ‘adult books for my son’ the xxx type.

Question: Did you buy them for him?

Answer: No. I didn’t. I had a good talk to him. I gave him a massive hug and I believed from our conversation that my son would come to my home on his own accord that week, as he said he would prior to me leaving.


Question: Did your son come to see you?

Answer: Yes and from then on he continued to stay and live with me and what I found was Rada had been sending him to work at the Pizza store nightly and that he had to give all his money to Rada. This completely disrupted all his studies and I found he was being ‘humiliated’ at school, just like the Sado system of abuse humiliates kids at school, just as I was humilated at school when I was a child slave and I had the courage to ask Mr Sado for a pair of shorts and I must have been around nine years of age at the time. It was the first time, I had actually cried as a child at school, he had embarrassed and humiliated me so much at the time.


Question: How did Mr Sado humiliate you with the shorts at school?

Answer: When I asked for shorts to play sport in, he threw me a pair of what appeared to be white shorts. I put them on under my trousers. I was always playing sport in my school clothes and school shoes which had holes in them. Every other child had sports gear, but I simply played on. But I was surprised on this occasion he actually gave me shorts, as I was always fearful to ask. What happened at school was, when sports time came around and I took my trousers off, every kid in my class just laughed and laughed at me and when I looked down to see what they were laughing about, I could see that Mr Sado had in actual fact given me his own ‘boxer shorts – underwear’ so that was a moment, I felt great humiliation, at school by his methods. I didn’t ask again.


Question: How was your son being humiliated at school by Mr Sado methods that Rada was applying to him?

Answer: He was in high school and every kid in his class had an ipad, computer to use. Rada had informed me that our son also had all he required and he had a computer as I had asked. She had lied as he didn’t have a computer at all. What would happen during class was, he would try to do the work ‘using his iPhone’ then the teacher would constantly confiscate his iPhone. So he was not only able to do his work, but he would have his phone confiscated for trying to do his work. Rada had conditioned him to think, ‘it would cost too much money’ so he was scared to ask her for an ipad. Not only that she made him work for a few dollars every night and took the cash he made. So, shorts and boxer shorts may be different to an ipad. When I was a child slave, computers were not around, if they were there is not a chance that I would have been given one at the time. So for a fourteen and fifteen year old child, attending class and to be the only person in class that has no computer and the one who keeps getting his phone taken off him for trying to do his work, Rada was in actual fact ‘humiliating’ the child in the Sado Child Slavery methods. To make him work at a pizza shop every night and take all his earnings, she was using him in ‘slavery or a slave system.’ The person who introduced that system to Melbourne was Mr Sado who she learned the Child Abuse Group methods from.


Question: What did you do when you found out your son had no computer to use in class?

Answer: It was after 5.30pm when I found out. I immediately asked him to get in the car and I drove him to JB Hi Fi in Chadstone. We went inside and I asked him to find the one that the school requires him to have. He showed me. It was five or six hundred dollars at the time. I immediately bought it. Then I asked him ‘why he had not mentioned it to me sooner or even on the day, I went to see him. My son replied, “I did not want to waste any money.”

Question: So since 2012, your son lived with you and never returned back to Rada’s home, and it appears during the time he lived with Rada his education suffered greatly. As a fifteen year old child, were you able to help him turn this around or did he leave school completely shortly after he came to live with you?

Answer: He was very unhappy at the school where he was attending. So the first question was, I asked him, “which school he wanted to attend.” He informed me the school of his choice. I then spoke with him about his future and the limited time he had to turn his studies around and I would support and help him meet the challenges ahead. Soon after, I enrolled him in the school of his choice and he also went to Uni. We broke his isolation completely and he became an A grade student. Right now, five years on, at the age of twenty he also runs his own successful business.


Question: Was there anyone that you or your children loved very much and relied upon, or was supportive to you as a single dad?

Answer: Yes. Deni’s oldest daughter. The girl who saved her step sister “Tana”. Her name is “Leenie”. Leenie was Wilhelm’s eldest daughter and grew up isolated for most of her childhood. She would call me her favorite uncle. She was massive support and love for my children. From the extended family we had, we only really had Leenie and Deni, we had no one else. My son had wrote at fifteen, “I will do so great at school and make my dad and Leenie proud one day.” Notice how he wrote that on his own accord and it doesn’t say “mum”? Leenie was that close to both of my children, that no one could harm them. She gave them the most amazing love and care, so what their mother refused to give them for all of their lives, Leenie meant the world to the kids as she did to me.


Question: How was your work during 2012? Were you successful?

Answer: By the time 2012 reached I was very successful and my business was doing great. I also completed my Master Hypnosis and Master Coach studies and became a Master Practitioner of NLP. I was able to use my coaching skills to greatly motivate and help the children. This was evident in the vast turn around both children had after the years of isolation and the methods of their mother. It was also evident in their ability to see and spend time with their mother when they chose to do so and not be ‘harassed, abused or be manipulated.’ When it came to ‘abuses’ it was a matter of the children speaking up in their own time and, if that was to happen, then, I would ensure to help them get professional help in relation to those abuses when the time came up. Until then, I focused on doing all I could to eliminate the ‘fear’ from their lives and help them achieve independence.


THE YEAR 2012:

Question: So did the stalking by Maso and his people stop in 2012?

Answer: No. Maso having pretended to help us get in a home closer to the children’s school had actually entrapped us in that small unit.

He formed a new strategy and a “new set up”.

The stalking by Maso or Mr Sado and the child slavery, abuse group had not stopped, it has never stopped.

At the time he used a pretext, and although he was well established in his home and had everything he wanted by also the thefts and fraud he had committed against me and my children by he also had great concerns about being caught out.


Question: How did he fear being caught out? Did you do something to make him fear that?

Answer: It wasn’t me doing something to make him fear that. I had moved on with my life and now in 2012, I had both children with me. A single dad who is also a success in business with two kids, with only real support from my niece “Leenie” I had my hands full ensuring the success of my children. I was able to succeed in getting my children to achieve great things and overcome the adversities of the past by focusing on them and ensuring to have as little as I could with people like “Maso”. So I continued to stay my distance.

My business being successful, Maso tried to enter my life by using an excuse that he needed a ‘job’ and that if I could help teach him. He worked in one of my businesses with me over some weeks. During that time, he purchased a work vehicle and then suddenly could no longer work. From there on, in Maso’s plot, he asked me if I could take over the payments of that work vehicle. I took over those payments – paying thousands and Maso left. It was yet another set up trap. What would unfold is that Maso being the leader of the group as Mr Sado was now ageing, Maso greatly wanted to ‘snatch’ my young girl. This was the whole entire plan.

Once Maso left, I didn’t see him again.

I went to Sydney on a short trip for studies and exams and it was at the time I was there in 2012, that Leenie called me and she was greatly scared. Maso had been ‘isolating’ and scaring her.

I called Maso from Sydney and asked him to not scare Leenie.

He replied that “She was no good.”

What was odd about “Leenie” calling me is the fact she was married to a staunch man – Tim. Tim would not ever let anyone scare his wife and what was even more concerning is, I have known Leenie for decades and one of her habits is, “she would not call me during training when I am away, and she won’t even call me, while I am working. So for Leenie to reach out to me for help, all the way in Sydney was very odd. The other question that greatly gave me concern was the fact “Tim” the husband who would ‘jump’ the very second anyone upset his wife, was not concerned about someone scaring Leenie.

What was even more concerning was the fact that during 2012 when I returned from Sydney, the scaring of Leenie had greatly increased to constant phone calls of sheer and vulgar threats and abuse against her and the man doing this was “Maso”.

What was even more concerning was her husband the very staunch man Tim, did absolutely nothing for weeks. All of a sudden, Maso had a green light to abuse and threaten “Leenie” on the phone, night, after night, after night and her husband Tim let it happen.

Question: Do you think Tim let it happen because he was recruited into the Sado gang?

Answer: In my view, yes.


Question: Is there anything else that made you think at the time that Tim did which gave you concerns that he may be recruited into the Sado gang?

Answer: Yes. Now, because Tim as Leenie’s husband had the option to call the police, but he didn’t. What Tim did is he let the abuse of Leenie and scaring, stalking of Leenie continue on and on and on, day after day.


Question: How did you know this was going on at the time?

Answer: I knew, bcause having lost her support from her husband and feeling ‘isolated’ with no one to help her, Leenie contacted me constantly and informed me about the vulgar and sudden outbursts of abuse and threats towards her by Maso. It was a nightly event. Maso also knew she was calling me and complaining about his threats and abuse against her.


Question: How did your children feel at the time when Leenie was calling you in distress and fear?

Answer: You have to understand our unit was small and they felt and feared everything that was happening to Leenie and especially the youngest female was extremely scared and was becoming more scared by what Maso was doing to our only main extended family member they relied upon.


Question: So the whole thing was a ‘set up’ by Maso of some sort?

Answer: Yes and when Tim did act and do something about it to stop Maso, he revealed something even more which I noted.


Question: Leenie called me to say that Tim had left their home. Finally after some weeks of being abused and threatened and stalked over the phone by Maso, Leenie’s husband Tim had left their home and was driving to Maso’s home in order to ‘fight’ with him.

It was night time and dark. Leenie hung up. Then soon after Leenie called me back and said that Tim had not gone to Maso’s home but in actual fact had driven to her mother, Deni’s home in the middle of the night and ‘hurled abuse at her’ — banged on her windows and scared Deni. After doing that, he had then apparently proceeded to Maso’s home.


Question: So are you saying that Maso had used Tim who had joined the Sado crew to ‘stalk and scare’ Deni as well? Then you have both mother and daughter being stalked at the same time. Is that right?

Answer: Yes. That’s exactly what I am saying. But not only mother and daughter, but hurting the only real family my children or I have, he is also stalking and harrassing my children and me. He is well aware that Leenie is going to call me and tell me, and that the children are going to find out.

Most of what he does and achieves is by stalking and fear. Getting others to stalk and instill fear. He is a master of stalking and these methods, because he understands such constant methods against others also drives them towards ‘not sound health, but great fear creates great worry and concern and drives a person to poor health.”

One of the strategies that Maso uses and the Sado system of abuse uses is the “staging of fights”. What Maso does, in order to ensure that a connection between gang members can’t be traced is he ‘stages’ fake fights between each other. This is to make it ‘appear’ as they are not friends or connected in anyway.

So what he did here was, some weeks after he constantly threatened and abused Leenie, he thought, ‘we better make it appear as if we had a fight or an altercation so drive down to see me.’ By using this strategy, he breaks the connection between him and Tim and is trying to cover the gang involvement.

Now as this unfolds you will see that this is true. It is his methods of ‘organizing’ Maso style. He is constantly using and creating ‘covers’ for the system of abuse they are involved in.

Having known him for fifty years and observed his methods for decades, I am well aware of how he operates.


Question: Had Maso done anything to you and your children or home at this stage?

Answer: Yes. His abusive and threatening calls had also started towards me and our home, night after night. I had asked him to stop because his calls and abuse to our small unit was also ‘scaring my children greatly.


Question: So Maso scared Leenie, Deni and you and your children all the same time in 2012. He did this at the same time you were renting and entrapped in a home that was ‘under his name’.

Answer: Yes and not only that, he did that when I had two children, I was looking after at home. In other words, he knew, unlike before, I could not just jump in my car and drive to Deni’s or Leenie’s in the middle of the night to help them like I had gone to Deni’s so many times before. He used me looking after my children as an advantage to constantly target Deni and now Leenie.


Question: So no matter what, your youngest child is always somehow being targeted by fear and in her world, targeting Leenie her closest support and love is targeting her. Leenie would give her great strength is that correct?

Answer: Yes. Exactly. So it never stopped. If it’s not Rada, it’s Maso and if it’s not Maso, it’s one of Maso’s friends or recruits and if it’s not them, it’s Mr Sado, constantly targeting by driving fear into my kids. His aim was not to only hurt Leenie and Deni but to also hurt me and my children and prepare my child for the ‘snatching’ that was to come.


Question: Had he tried in any other way to infiltrate your home?

Answer: Yes. He had tried again with Marcia, by sending her to try and form a relationship with me and I rejected it and kept her at a distance so that failed. Then soon after the scaring of Leenie and Deni and our home, he continued for many weeks with no end trying to scare my children. In the end we ‘fled’ our unit very quickly.


Question: What did Maso do to make you flee.

Answer: Maso had people call us who were supposedly ‘gangsters’ and what they did was ‘threaten me’ and do so openly. Not only that but during the time of the call, it was on loudspeaker and my son also heard, the person calling told us our exact address. Maso had given these people threatening us who he had organised our home address. He then sent his friend Barry, the guy who he was sending to my home in Lalor to do work for him. Barry’s role was to purely win rapport, get me to keep doing work for him and never pay me. He is a ‘runner’ for Maso, does as Maso wants. So when he arrived at our unit unexpectedly under the pretext of me helping him with his business name, he informed me that the person Maso had given our home address to also carries a gun 24/7 and he identified who the caller was. So what I did was quickly find a new safe home for my children and immediatelyt moved house and I did my best to cut off all connection and ties I had with Maso and once moved to a new home, shortly after when he continued to threaten and scare my home, I blocked his number completely.

Question: Did Maso start using Rada more to access the child or children once you blocked him on the phone? What methods did they use?

Answer: Yes. He never stopped. They never stopped. That’s because they are a gang, a group that Deni and I were stuck right in the middle of.

Around 2013 or 2014 what happened was my youngest child went to school and informed the school and said “Maso is scaring us.” That was my child’s way of trying to somehow get help for our family. What Rada did is, she had used her contact acccess with the child to manipulate that child and teach the child to ‘not inform me’ and to inform the school. So naturally, for me as a parent, if a child is feeling greatly scared in someway, it is vital that I have that information for me to be able to take measures to help the child. So this tactic by Rada was completely harmful as it blocked me from knowing the real effects of what Maso was doing. The other issue with this was, having enrolled a child to a school, a parent does so with the trust that where there are concerns the school notifies the parent. I was baffled by such negligence that a child had expressed such concerns to a school, yet the school at no stage had notified me of these concerns. What must be remembered is we are also dealing with a child who was ‘enslaved for many years’ as we were to find out in the Mr Sado system of child abuse and slavery. The same child was ‘mute’ and as we were to find out Rada had not done anything to help the child in relation to what the court appointed specialist had recommended, but in fact done the opposite and piled on the sado system of child slavery, child starvation and child beatings upon that child. So the fear and the driving of fear deliberately and constantly to a child like this was slowly but surely, breaking that child down. This was the whole strategy. So Rada effectively could not manipulate the child so they formed this strategy to shut down my communication with the child. How she did this was she told the child simply as, it’s important for you to tell the school and not tell your father. The child then doesn’t see this as manipulation. It’s short. The child doesn’t see it as a threat as the child is telling the school which the child has been greatly motivated for. So this method of manipulation repeated to the young child that had been through the abusive experiences was an area Rada and Maso targeted. This is also evident when on one occasion later the child was bullied at school by a couple of students and where I had taught the child to inform me and the teachers of ‘anything that’s disturbing, I was to find at the age of only twelve the child was trying to ‘cope’ with it on her own. On that occasion, after school the child had gone to Rada’s home and when I called to see how it all was, it was then, I was to find out about the bullying. In Rada’s presence. So not even Rada informed me about it. So when the child told the school, I was not aware. It was around a year later when we were driving to school and I was informed by the child who said, “I reported Maso to my school and I told them Maso is scaring us.” So in these ways, Rada was always at work, trying to greatly disrupt anything we had achieved.



I enrolled our child to music and every Saturday I would drive and pay close to a hundred dollars for our child to express herself and learn freely. It was an event in the child’s life which she loved week after week. When it came to the child staying at Rada’s home during the time of music lessons, Rada refused to take the child, constantly repeating to the child that the music lessons should come to an end. However, Rada was unable to end the lessons, because the child knew at the time, although she was staying for contact access, Rada did not have the power to stop what she loved and all she had to do was call me and I would pick her up and take her. Even when she did not have to pay, Rada’s methods were to drive the child away from the music lessons.

Question: So as a single dad, you always seem to have the same people trying to stalk and destroy everything you did for the children. Is there anything good they did apart from disrupt all that you were trying to create?

Answer: No. Maso’s child got married. Not even then were the children invited to a wedding. What needs to be understood is there was ‘no family.’ The only family we had at the time was “Leenie and Deni” all other persons were not family to us. Rada being the mother and an important part of the child abuse crew was the hole we had. We did not mix with any of these people. We did not go to their homes. We did not at any stage try to disrupt the homes of anyone. Other than Leenie or Deni we would not see any of them but they continued to come and they continued to stalk our home and they continued to scare the children in order to take my youngest child back into the system of abuse she was saved from.


Question: Did they set the children up in any other way?

Yes. It was around 2015 and until this point, I don’t even think Rada had taken our child to a movie. But out of the blue she wanted to take her on a weekend trip an hour so drive from Melbourne. They went. The child was sick. Our child wanted to see a doctor. Rada refused. Rada also cut off contact with me and kept the child away sick for a further twenty four hours. She then returned our child who was complaining of feeling very ill the next day at night and informed me of Rada’s refusal to get her a doctor. I took her to a doctor and she was unwell for around three months. Rada then vanished. Knowing the child would be unwell long term. I took three months off work and cared for the child. Rada did not even make one phone call during that period and only returned into the picture once the child had recovered. Taking the child so far away, refusing medical attention, and denying the child contact with me who could have driven to collect and help the child was a method of “isolation” and deliberately “isolating” the child once again. These methods were being applied to make the child ‘regress’ and they were being applied by Rada deliberately to ’cause harm’ to the child. The child is now fifteen and these are not the actions of a loving and caring mother.

Question: Was there any other times, the child was set up in a serious way by Rada where she tried to ‘Isolate’ the child?

Answer: It has never stopped. The plots never end in order to capture the child or children by these people. I am a single dad, raising two children and these people do not stop trying to constantly find ways and methods to ‘scare’ the children and break them down. The next plot they came up with was for Rada to move up and stay North for a few months. During that time she stayed in a certain ‘rain forest’. Once she had settled there, she contacted not our son, but contacted the young child and wanted her to ‘fly up to see her and spend time with her in the rain forest.’ To most people it would be a fun trip, but is there any idea why anyone like Rada and her group would want a child who has endured so much in a ‘rain forest’ isolated far away, not a drive but a flight from the only security she had? After the last incident where the child just recovered from where the child received no help by way of a doctor, it would be insane to send her so far. In any case, as the child’s father, I had to ask her what she wanted to do. Because in our home we always communicated and expressed and I ensured the children communicated and expressed their ideas and wants openly. She replied that she would go, if her best friend would go with her. She contacted her best friend who agreed and her best friend’s parents agreed to send their child. I then bought a ticket for my child. However, once the child told Rada about her best friend also attending the trip and the ‘rain forrest’, Rada refused to let her friend accompany her so therefore upon that refusal, the child was clever enough on her own to say, “I don’t want to go there alone dad.” Not that I would send her all the way alone because as far as I was concerned, the mother was trying to again ‘isolate’ the child far away and she could have been harmed. I also promised her, that if she wanted to, I would take her up and fly with her and stay at a hotel close by. So I gave every opportunity. But the thing is this, for decades, it has been nothing but child abuse, regardless of how the Sado system covers it up. Denying a child a doctor at their request is in fact ‘child abuse.’ So Maso and his crew continued to plot against the children and it would be revealed why in time to come.


Question: What other methods of Stalking was used by Rada against the children or you and your home?

Answer: Like I said, they never stop. The next method was to emotionally hurt our child. Rada appeared at our door now she had brought another ‘gang member’ with her, Simon who had bashed Deni many times and given her black eyes as even Leenie had told me recently. Rada was apparently going overseas for an extended holiday. She always has a lot of money for someone on a pension. But the story she gave us was, she had cleared her unit out and wanted to leave some things at our place temporarily. It was a Sunday, so all of a sudden, she just appeared. In the presence of my child, I said ok then, after they emptied Simons van, Rada said, ‘can I stay here tonight as I don’t have a place to stay and i don’t want to be on the street. At the time, I said to Rada she can stay for a night, I did not want to upset our child. Then, night after night she stayed in our home for around four weeks until our child kicked her out for making us feel ‘suffocated’ in our home. She said, “Why are you here? Why don’t you leave us and dad alone? Why do you just sit there on the lounge everyday? Please leave our home. So for me, the actions of Rada using deception to enter our home and stay was in fact another method of the Rada and Maso style of stalking us and the children. However, our child standing up to her gave Rada a new opportunity to drive more fear in the child and scare her more, traumatizing her.

Question: What did Rada do to traumatize the child even more?

Answer: What Rada did was told her, because that she had kicked her out, Rada was going to have the ‘pet cat put down’ a pet cat that had been the child’s pet for perhaps eight years. It traumatized her deliberately. Rada then left and a couple of days later, contacted the child and told her that she had in fact ‘put the cat down.’


So as a single dad, trying to live our life. I understand that Police may not want to deal with this and I understand that they may not see these actions as stalking or child abuse, however in my view it is and these actions are deliberate to cause great harm. In my view, stalking and abuse is a Police matter especially when it is directed to a child.


Question: What other methods did Rada and Maso use to stalk the children and your home?

Answer: One morning we woke up to find five or six removal boxes filled with kitchen utensils and belongings at our door. It was all left there by Rada. She had left them and gone. In the end we through them out.

Another weekend my son woke up to find Rada trying to leave envelopes at our door. My son picked up the envelopes and threw them back in Rada’s car before she drove off.


Question: Did you go away with her, as I know you said Rada never even took the child to a movie. What activities did you do since 2011?

Answer: I took her and her brother to a concert in Sydney where we stayed for a few days and traveled around Sydney. Our close friends came with us to the “Sludge Fest” concert. My friends daughter is a similar age to mine and their sons are also a similar age to my son and we had an amazing time.

During one of her school holidays, I took her on a surprise trip to the Gold Coast where we stayed around four days and went to places like Movie world and Brisbane.

We went to places like Sovereign Hill together, took her friend with us. I took her and her friends to the beach, to dinners, amusements parks, movies, shopping. Just the same things that a loving father does. I took her to her music lessons every week.

We had plans to go overseas but it kept getting delayed due to Rada not signing her passport.

As she grew older, there is a process of transformation where the child goes out more with their friends, like at fourteen, she would go to the cinema’s with her girlfriend in Richmond and so on.

We would often go out and have massive dinners together.


Question: Did she have a boyfriend at sixteen?

Answer: No. She didn’t but it was around the time she was that age when she told me about a boy who ‘liked her’ and he was in a class one year higher than her. What happened is the boy asked her out to attend a formal with him and she had asked me if she could buy a special dress for the occasion. I replied, “Pick the dress you want and I will make sure to get it for you.”


Question: So as a father and daughter, you both had free and I should say ‘fear free open communication’ and she had no fear about speaking with you. Is that correct?

Answer: Absolutely. From an early age when my children came to live with me, it was always important for me to communicate with them and ask their opinions and advice. She was always my ‘adviser’ and even the food we ate, when it was both of us, it was always her who chose.


Question: What was your child’s grades like?

Answer: They were ‘booming’ and had become was doing so great, she was an “A” grade student.


Question: How was your son doing?

Answer: My son had recently broken up from his girlfriend of quite some time. She was a nice person too and would visit often and stay over and at some point around this time they split up. However, he was going to uni and doing really well at school. He received great reports from his teachers.


Question: Did your son stay single or did he have a new relationship?

Answer: Later, he formed a relationship with a young female Nadine and although they were friends, when he visited their home, Nadine’s mother was abusive towards the young female who was around eighteen. Apparently her mother was hitting her. My son felt worried about Nadine and gave her refuge in our home. On occasions when he visited Nadine, he informed me that he had to call the police due to the violence against Nadine. She was being abused and my son informed me ‘Nadine’s mother would hug her and hit her, and hug her and hit her.’ Used this method of abuse against the young female. I was shocked to hear it. he was greatly concerned about her welfare.


Question: Did you speak to Nadine when she came over?

Answer: I did speak to her on one occasion, not straight away, because when she came over, she didn’t leave. Nadine and my son had their own space. My youngest child would go out with her friends after school or she would ask me to pick her up at other times. When I did get to speak to Nadine, she informed me that she feel’s safe in our home. I explained to Nadine that she is welcome to stay or leave whenever she wants. Our door was always open if she needed a place to stay. They would visit Nadine’s mum, Anya’s on weekends. Nadine’s mum would also come over to visit her daughter but not at any stage did she ask her to leave. It was odd.

Question: How long did Nadine stay in your home?

Answer: Nadine stayed around ten months the first occasion. When she did return to her mums, there would be some sort of violence against her.


Question: So at the time, your youngest child, your son, Nadine all living under your roof. You were being stalked by Maso and Rada and their abuse gang and you were taking care of everyone. Is this correct?

Answer: Well, the way it worked is my children were never isolated or in any form of isolation when we lived together. So in a sense when you say, I was taking care of everyone, the thing is everyone had ‘choices’. When there is something to discuss, rather than make a decision, we would site down and together ‘discuss’ things openly. This way, although I am the parent, it enables the children to put their point across and I could also see what they actually wanted. I raised them independent so when it came to taking care of everyone, we didn’t have a ‘concentration camp’ as such like in the Rada or Maso or Sado system of child abuse. We lived our life and we were fear free. However, Rada and Maso’s never ending attempts to disrupt our home by way of stalking, naturally had a great affect in scaring my youngest child. There was also the saddest last two years we were trying to deal with at the time and the Sado system of terror sent shivers down the children, scaring them greatly.


Question: Did your children open up about their abuses at any stage.

Answer: It was my son, he had been with me for around two years and it was around the time when he was seventeen and the subject came up. He was doing really great, he was producing music, dancing and was highly motivated. He had top marks at school hundreds of friends. But the pressure of the constant stalking of our home by Rada and her crew started to bring something back in him and it was one day he said, “Dad, you know what it was like to be with mum, I can say this, one word, “TORTURE”.

Question: Did you talk much more about it then.

Answer: No, I listened and I could see at the time, that was all he wanted to say. We would have long discussions about success and motivation and achievement, and it was important for him to know that I was there if and when he wanted to speak to me. he was finally beginning to open up. It was important that he did so in his own time and his own pace. Then we could deal with whatever it was that was confronting us.

Question: What had you learned about your own abuses as a child slave and the tortures you experienced during those last few years.

Answer: What I had learned was by staying away from Maso and Mr Sado and any of their crew as much as possible, I was understanding that I too was becoming free from their evil web that they had entrapped me in.


Question: Did this make you realize anything else?

Answer: Yes. I was understanding their great fear in why they seemed to pursue me to a point for so long, that they feared I would ‘speak up’ about all of the abuses. What they miscalculated was as a father of two children who I was greatly trying to free from their burdens in isolation for so many years and help them achieve great independence, I had no time to stop and look back at all of the things and events that had taken place and the deliberate chaos they had done and committed against me and my family. Their whole system of destroying lives is to cause havoc and continue to cause havoc and abuse and part of their reason for that is they think by scaring and stalking the victims, the victims won’t have a chance to look back and see all of the destruction as a result of their set ups. There other reason is if there is a female child around 16 to 18 years of age, they want that child entrapped. By getting the child, they can then direct the abuse on that child and lead that child into prostitution. They also do this because of their ‘sado masochistic’ desire to inflict abuse to children or young females. If the teenagers are boys, they have no use for them, so to completely drive them ‘mentally ill’ or push them to suicide or set them up in some way so they are greatly harmed by way of bashing’s as I had encountered. So they have multiple reasons. But what’s important is at the heart of it, what had driven Mr Sado and Maso to abuse Deni during the year 1974 in Melbourne and what had driven them to ‘isolate’ and ‘enslave’ myself during the year 1974 in the year 2016 showed me clearly, their great desire to use Sado Masochism for their ‘thrill’ or torture had not changed.

Question: So it’s true then, Rada was also trying hard to get control of your son.

Answer: Yes. That was a major concern to her as their plan backfired. What happened was when Rada called me to talk to my son during 2012, they knew that he had been so abused by them that he would enter my life. Their whole plan was by him entering my life, they did not think, I would be able to cope. They thought I would not be able to help him achieve and that he would be too much work and that he would destroy all of us, and they would snatch the kids back. However, I went to work immediately helping my son as I did with my daughter, and I went to work immediately helping him achieve his goals and desires without ‘isolation.’ So this created a further problem for them, as they now had not one, but two children in my care that would someday possibly ‘speak up.’ So Maso used this pretext to try and get both back in the abuse crew’s control, so that way they can destroy both kids and me at the same time. My son overtime saw that ‘he was free to see his mother at any time he chose’ and that at no stage did I ever restrict him and in seeing that, his younger sister also could see their mother any time she chose, and dad had not restricted the. What he saw was that I actually helped them understand language and the methods how it is used, how the process of repetitive manipulation worked. By teaching them these tools they could be with their mother and not fear. by giving them free tools for safety, especially to the youngest child like a mobile phone, when she was in danger or felt any fear, she could call me at anytime and she would be removed to safety. So they saw, the isolation and system of abuse was all wrong and had no power or potential to hurt them. Our youngest child would be also focused on creating great outcomes for herself, not live in the past of isolation and abuse.

Question: So you did massive amounts of work and at the same time for many years, you were successful in stopping the Sado abuse gang from snatching the children again.

Answer: I did do massive amounts of work, helping them achieve these things by giving them love and support and space, and understanding. By treating them as they should be treated with the respect they always deserved. it was unfortunate that I was and my children were being targeted relentlessly for so many years by a gang and I also had to always ‘watch out’ for their safety. When people are always targeting your home, for years, it is very hard to raise kids. The day will come where they will sneak through.

Question: What was it that happened during the last two years which sent shivers scaring the children greatly? Was it Rada again?

Answer: It was the whole Sado gang. It was Mr Sado, Maso, Wilhelm, Rada, Simon, new recruits Tim, Tana who did so much damage. What this crew as a whole were doing was so absolutely brutal and savage it was beyond belief.

Leenie had developed cancer and suddenly her mum Deni had also developed cancer.

It was again the same two people who had been stalked in 2012 that now had cancer.

Two females, mother and daughter.

When we visited Leenie we saw that she was not getting support and she was being ‘spoken down to’. She had a very bad condition and Tim from my observations was not helping her at the time.

What happened was Wilhelm had deliberately advised Leenie to take a ‘natural path’ to recover from the cancer she had. She had been brainwashed to meditate or seek a Deepak Chopra style of recovery. Leenie told me these things which Wilhelm had told her.

Tim prior to the stalking of Leenie was always helpful to her, but now she was ill, she didn’t have his support.

Around 2015, we visited her hospital and Leenie was very nervous and she was visiting the bathroom every few minutes. I spoke to her and calmed her down. During that time, my son and Nadine and my youngest was with me. As I spoke to Leenie and she was relaxed, she lay down for around one hour or more without the need to visit the bathroom. Then the very second Wilhelm entered the ward, he yelled out to her, ‘you’re sick, you’re not well, you’re sick’ and continued on in this way, and we observed that immediately upon the repetition of those words by Wilhelm, Leenie was up and down going to the bathroom again.

I said to my son, no matter what I do to try and help and help coach Leenie, Wilhelm will destroy it. You see, when it comes to coaching, it doesn’t matter how many positives I can help her with when there is someone using such strong suggestions. My observations at the time of what had happened there, in my view was deliberate by Wilhelm. It was the Sado system of hypnotic talk at work.

Leenie called me on the phone and said that she was greatly concerned as she thought some other woman was involved. She had some form of benefits that if she was to die, her husband Tim would get close to a million dollars in benefits.

She very clear on what she expressed, as she said I am not signing it. She believed she had been greatly cheated.

She also called me again to say that Tana, her step sister kept going to visit her and was taking money off her. She asked, “Why does she keep coming here and taking money off me and she asked, doesn’t she know I’m sick?”

It was my son who had come up with a plan to raise money for Leenie by doing some promotion on the radio, however by him mentioning that, I had already placed a product on A Current Affair and that product had hundreds of sales across Australia so  after two weeks, I came up with an easy plan that would have raised in excess of a million dollars to help Leenie.

You see, Leenie had come to my home and said, there is a machine and it’s around sixty thousand dollars for an hour but I don’t have those kinds of funds. Leenie also said that the doctors gave her around a year to live. So something had to be done fast. It was only cash and a lot of cash that could give her any chance.

So at the time, we were just fortunate, I had the product that I could donate towards this cause of charity and when I spoke to Leenie the company she worked for over ten years all held her in high regard and it just so happened that the girl Leenie had helped and saved for so many years “Tana” had obtained a job at that company.

Leenie had got her the job there some time back and with a stroke of luck, Tana happened to be working at head office, and knew the buyer well, worked with the whole crew. So after hearing my plan and the product we already had, it was just a matter of giving it to that company as ‘it’s an exclusive’ product.

So Leenie asked me to quickly contact Tana and ask her to get me in touch with the people for an ‘urgent meeting’ and Leenie also advised me on the numbers, and amounts and what to offer.

I did that and with excitement contacted Tana, there was a real way we could raise really big money for Leenie, the thing was it had to be done quick, so all Tana had to do was help establish a meeting in that regard. I had not talked or called Tana for some years as she had been living and was still living in Wilhelm’s home.

When I called her and explained, Tana said, “No.”

I explained to Tana that she didn’t have to do anything, just do as Leenie had asked so I could fast track and just have a meeting that’s allm, but Tana said “no’. I explained to her that if we don’t do this or at least try that Leenie could die, that this is her only chance, but Tana replied “no”.

So the conversation ended there. Tana had no desire in helping me help Leenie in her time of great need. What had Wilhelm done to this girl during the ten years or so she had lived under his roof?

Question: I like to ask you, did Leenie have a child?

Answer: Yes she had a young child must have been aged around two or three at the time.

Question: Was Leenie’s child a female or a male?

Answer: Leenie had a daughter

Question: It was Leenie’s stalking that had also began in 2012 and her mum Deni’s at the same time. Now they both have cancer.

You mentioned Wilhelm’s brother who lived next door to him, also had cancer after he and Wilhelm had an argument.

You said that Kristo had hardly ever smoked but had his lung cut out.

You also said that when you were a child, Wilhelm would take you to work and he would make you sit in the car for long periods, during that time, he would mix a certain powder.

You said if I recall, you were aged around nine or ten and that as he mixed that certain white powder he would repeat the words, “This will give you cancer, this will give you cancer.”

You also said that some time when you were a child, he bought a book, and in that book, he read to you a part about dirty tricks and it was about a guy who worked at Mcdonald’s and Wilhelm kept reading that part, how the guy would urinate in the cooker for the french fries at 6 am. Purely because, he did not like the people he worked with.

You also mentioned that Lance died, and Lance was a pilot who had also been a commando but he had some kind of ‘fit’ as Wilhelm had mentioned to you, yet he was able to get passed many medicals, as he was a helicopter instructor as well.

You mentioned that Wilhelm had also beaten Deni and abused her all of her life, that she was beaten by Wilhelm with cricket bats.

You mentioned that Wilhelm had even burnt Deni with an iron.

You mentioned and said Jezzebelle had complained of the abuses, and that Wilhelm would cut her cords to her heating.

You mentioned that Jezzebelle would have to live in a cold room due to Wilhelm who would also put locks, isolating the child from the lounge room in their home.

You also said that it was reported to you by one of the female children and even recently that Wilhelm hoses down his ‘autistic son, even now as for the purpose of a shower.

You mentioned that the autistic son lives next to a garage now for decades.

You also said that Wilhelm had tried getting Deni’s child at the age of around four and she called out for your help and you intervened and stopped it then the child Tana was sent to foster care.

You mentioned that she was helped and taken into Wilhelm’s home around the age of ten.

You also said that when Tana moved into Wilhelm’s home, Wilhelm took over and the sisters were over powered by him.

You also said, that it was reported to you by one of the sisters that Tana had sex at the age of thirteen and one of the girls helped her get on contraception.

Is it true that when Tana moved into Wilhelm’s Jezzebelle was living there?

Is it also true that when Tana moved into Wilhelm’s Jezzebelle would get mistreated by Wilhelm however he would treat Tana like royalty. A girl that was not even his real daughter?

Who was the person that helped and took Tana into Wilhelm’s home at around the age of ten?

Answer: Yes. All of those things are true and there are people that can back all of the things I said and reports as well.

When Tana moved in, Wilhelm would do everything for Tana, make her drinks and treat her as gold, however when it came to Jezzebelle he would ‘cut his daughters cord to the electrical heating and she would even be forced to keep warm using a hair dryer.

The girl who always chased after Tana during Tana’s early years to ensure Tana was alright was Leenie and it was Leenie who leaded the way to ensuring Tana was safe from the girls. Jezzebelle also did all she could to help Tana once she moved in with the two sisters.


Question: So Wilhelm and Maso and the gang stalk Deni for years and abuse Deni for years and years driving her to misery to lose her daughter, then Wilhelm makes Leenie believe that her sister is in trouble blaming their mum and she tries to save a young child, bringing her home, to find Wilhelm takes over and takes full control of the child who then has sex at around thirteen. As you said, when you were nine or ten, Wilhelm was the corrupter of the children in group, the chemical man, who knew all the chemicals. Who also could not enter into the army as he failed a simple phyce test yet somehow he has weapons and bullets in his home today.

Can I ask you, as you mentioned Wilhelm also you said abused two young brothers when you were nine years old.

What was that abuse. You did not mention ‘how he abused those two young boys and you became very frightened. What did he do?”


Answer: The two boys, brothers  were being minded by Deni who was in the kitchen cooking dinner for everyone. I had been dropped off to their house shortly before. I went into the bathroom and when I came out into the hallway of the home which I remember distinctly the boys room where they were directly to my left. I saw Wilhelm standing there inside the room. He saw me and called me over. I walked up and he was holding two round biscuits in his hand. He picked his nose and got ‘snot’ from his nose. He then put it on the biscuits. He gave the biscuits to the two boys. The two boys ate the biscuits. Wilhelm went into a hysterical laughter as the boys ate the biscuits. Deni was in the kitchen at the time. The kitchen was at the other end of the house. She was cooking dinner for everyone. Wilhelm ensured I stay with him and he began cleaning his rifles on his lounge by stripping them. I had to watch. I was frightened of him at the time. Deni told me that night the boys would not be back as she was going to do industrial sewing from home. I felt relived to hear the news that they would not be returning. My age would have been around nine.

Question: You also said that Wilhelm has a line he uses, that he always say’s to Jezzebelle. What is that quote he repeats to her?

Answer: Jezzebelle says, he always tells her, “Be-careful what you eat, someone could poison you.” Jezzebelle said only recently again, that she does not eat anything he gives her and tries very hard to avoid him.

Question: What happened to Leenie?

Answer: Leenie was also brought up in the same system of isolation and abuse. Once she got older, she believed that it was not Wilhelm but it was in actual fact his brother Lance who was her dad. Leenie did not believe anyone as cruel as Wilhelm could be her father. She was heavily silenced. What happened was once she started to find out the actual truth at what had happened, she tried desperately to get close to Deni. In fact she tried so hard that when she married she moved to the same suburb as her and bought her first unit there with her husband Tim. As an adult “she was only around the corner” from her mothers, however by this stage her mum had got very old and frail and after the years of abuse she was stuck in her ways. Maso saw this as a threat and commenced his process of putting fear into Leenie. Maso also wanted to ensure that he took control of Deni’s house at the time once she became very ill. Leenie seeing that she could really not help her mother decided that the cruelty was just too much as she was viciously against any form of cruelty. What she did was she moved far away, where she was not easily accessible by any of the abuse crew, especially Wilhelm the Cruel. What happened then was she found she could not escape as Wilhelm used the stalking methods to pursue her an hour drive away from his home. When he visited her home, he camped at the front of her house. Leenie could not escape. There was then much talk between Wilhelm and Tim, they had formed an alliance, he was definitely recruited into the Sado gang as he started the scaring and helped in the scaring at 2012.

Question: Did Leenie tell anyone else about her being pursued and did she tell anyone else about how Wilhelm had set up camp in front of her home?

Answer: Yes. She also informed her very best friend.


Question: Would I be correct in saying that when Leenie started to talk openly and say Lance was her dad, that this angered Wilhelm greatly?

Answer: Very much so, yes.


Question: Did anyone else see Wilhelm give Leenie anything strange to eat or drink?

Answer: Yes. Her best friend wrote to me and told me that she had tried to see Leenie in hospital but Wilhelm had made it very dificult and that she basically had to stand over him to break through the isolation. She succeeded but then her and another person observed while they were there Wilhelm was feeding Leenie in such a way that he was forcing her to eat, forcing food down her throat and it appeared to them, he was doing it so ‘she did not speak up’ about what she had been going through in isolation.

She also never liked drink ‘coke’ and I observed and her friends observed her being given Coke by Wilhelm to drink.

Question: What was happening in your home at the time, did the stalking stop?

Answer: No. It didn’t stop. What they did was they started attacking our home with false notifications from the DHS. Radda had not been to my home for around nine months after I asked her to leave when she came to see my son. I asked her not to come back there and I advised the children to see her at her place or


Question: Did she sign whatever had to be signed for Tim to get the benefits?

Answer: No, she refused to sign then what they did was they changed strategy and applied isolation in order for her to sign.

I had helped her become greatly ‘positive’.

I had seen how they destroyed any ‘positive state’ she had. I had also observed how when I coached her become positive that time in the hospital, I had observed the method Wilhelm had used and applied to break her down. She also lived an hour so away from me, so I could not be with her everyday.

So I came up with a simple plan, knowing she would follow through.

If she followed through the simple plan I created for her then she would ensure a positive mental state. As a coach, that is all I could do for her to the best of my ability. I advised her strongly to get the help of a professional doctor and not rely on natural therapies like meditation for a cure as Wilhelm was.

In relation to her state of mind, she followed through on what I had asked her to do to be super positive. By doing that, it would have bypassed the negative input Wilhelm and others in the Sado system Gang would apply to her.

She was sounding so positive like Anthony Robbins at the time. She called my son and me and her mental state was beyond belief, super positive. She promised to come visit me and she had said that Wilhelm had promised her that he would be bringing her over to see me and stay at my home soon. It was a lie. Wilhelm lied to her. Wilhelm lied to my son as from what I recall, I am sure he also told him, he would be bringing Leenie to us. There was much work for us to do together as I also had my coaching office at home.

She was refusing to sign any document for any benefits for Tim and what they did was moved her into isolation.

The isolation of Leenie was in Wilhelm’s home, it was now her and Wilhelm. My kids tried to see her but were turned away. Then only on one occasion my son gained access to see her and Wilhelm was mixing ‘some form of drink for Leenie in his garage’. When he saw Leenie she was frightened. So by the time she did sign–it was after long term isolation in that house. Not even her sister Jezzebelle could access the house over the last month prior to her death. Jezzebelle lived close by and from what she says is Wilhelm isolated her from her own sister.

I was informed that she signed the documents some weeks before dying at the hospital and Tim had ‘charged in their in an angered state’ demanding the papers be signed. By this stage she had spent a couple of months in isolation with Wilhelm, who broke her down severely.

When I had called Tim to see how Leenie was, he informed me that Wilhelm was withholding her medication which was resulting in her having a lot of pain.

Question: What did Tana do to help?

Answer: What had happened was they had waited for a long time until Leenie’s dying days and in the last four weeks of her illness, Maso and the crew had sent Tana overseas on a holiday and Leenie had to watch the girl she saved ‘party on Facebook, posting her fun images on Facebook as Leenie died. It was my son who informed me of this and when I confirmed it was true, I could again see it was Maso, Radda, Loon, Wilhelm who were the main people doing this. Of course it’s mental torture and it’s deliberate. Then they made it so that Tana returned only one day or two days before she died. Tana was observed to leave the hospital with Tim that night, and it was observed Tim did not come back.

I spoke and observed Leenie two days before she died and there was witnesses next to me at the time, Wilhelm was also present and and I observed Wilhelm using language and using triggers with Leenie that instantly put her in a completely traumatized state — and after he used those trigger words, Leenie was pleading with me and those with me, “as if she had been tortured.

During those moments, seeing Leenie traumatized and in tears, appeared to bring joy to Wilhelm.

A day or so later after long term isolation Leenie died.

Leenie was one of the biggest threats to the child abuse and child slavery gang and system of Mr Sado. The time was nearing that she would soon speak up. This gave great concerns to many and like others who have endured, they pursue and do all they can until they can fully silence the abused in one way or another.


Question: Did Leenie speak against cruelty?

Answer: Very much so, she spoke about it everyday. She was completely against cruelty.


Question: Did Leeni’s mum Deni have a hatred for Wilhelm for many years?

Answer: Yes. She hated him–naturally after all the abuse and torture he inflicted on her.


Question: Was there anything that Jezzebelle said about Wilhelm that was really frightening?

Answer: Yes. She told me recently about the ‘skinning of cats’ and stories about such things that he would tell her. I couldn’t listen. It was just too gross.


Question: This must have been a devastating time for you and your children?

Answer: It was an extremely devastating time and unfortunately they struck again shortly after, we did not even have time to grieve. My youngest was so shaken up with Leenie’s death. Maso’s gang had worked it out to strike when we were grieving for Leenie passing away.


Question: How did Maso’s gang strike a few days after?

Answer: I went to pick my child up from school as my child had asked to find, Radda had used deception, to snatch my boy and ever since, I have not seen the child as they have the child in isolation.

That’s why they are The Melbourne Torture Gang