MELBOURNE TORTURE GANG: IMPORTANT STRATEGIES SO YOU DON’T BECOME A TARGET – How to Stop The Melbourne Torture Gang Harming You, Your Home, Business & Family..

October 15, 2017


‘His greatest trick and mask which he lures people in with is by using the word ‘family’ these people start ‘repeating’ it not knowing they have entered a ‘trap’ for the day — they will also be isolated. Until then he creates abuse in their life, targets females as he did to his own daughter.

He got a gang member ’embedded’ to go out with her, abused her for a decade, then isolated her kids, forever stalking her and having her abused then, isolating her with his torture gang prior to death.

He lures new people in especially females  in by saying ‘join the family’ they are unaware ‘they are in a trap, lured into, the Melbourne Torture Gang. Then it’s just a process of duplication as the torturer waits to torture on another day…

How to Stop The Melbourne Torture Gang Harming You, Your Home, Business & Family..
This is no easy task because the methods are ‘oraganised’.
In other words they run ‘long term operations on one target’.
Here, I will provide you with some strategies as a line of defence against the Melbourne Gang.
1: Do not think of them as a ‘gang’ that runs around the streets with baseball bats. They are not ‘that type of gang.’
2: Embedding: This is one of their main tools they try to use on new victims. *It is a most powerful tool because it enables them to ‘gather all the information they can about’,
a) you
b) your movements
c) finances
d) children
f) relationships
g) business
h) family
They will gather that information over a course of time.
3: RAPPORT: Winning your friendship and rapport with you is vital. They will try to see you often and create a special bond with you.
4: TIME: Do not be fooled to think they need to hit and run, they can conduct and operation targeting the victim for months, years or they will keep re-targeting the same victim – target over and over again.
5: ENEMY IS WITHIN: They want to destroy from ‘inside – out’ if the victim enables them to, but although this is only one strategy they always try to apply – they will apply other methods and strategies which I will explain later. For now these are important starters. Important because when they ’embed’ the ‘enemy’ is then within your home.
6: EMBED BY RELATIONSHIP – DATING: One strategy they can apply at anytime to gain access, if you are single, the Melbourne Torture Gang “Command Post” has access to male or females who will try to ’embed’ in your life by way of a relationship.
So by being ‘aware’ of these strategies – we find you will form the best protection.
If you are unsure at any moment – remember their major power,  ENEMY IS WITHIN: The are always seeking to get ‘in’, if you defend one method, the command post will re-organise depending on ‘what it is you have they want.’ It could be just the thrill of destroying you without any financial gain, at the core and heart remember ‘if there is the possibility to do mental or emotional or physical torture they come alive. Don’t be fooled to think ‘I have nothing, they won’t target me as their ‘core’ is based on the principle of ‘nazi’ systems they have studied and they will gain maximum joy from the loss of the ‘helpless.’ So do not think, you have little and won’t be targeted.
7: MULTIPLE AGENTS: They will try to ’embed’ more than one person in your life so they can introduce you to others.
8: ISOLATION: They will seek out ‘how isolated you are’ the more isolated you are, the easier it is for the Melbourne Torture Gang agents to frighten you, or your children and home.

9: SADO STALK: The Sado Stalk is applied to ‘scare you extremely’ and destabilize you. If you have children, they will make false notifications about you to departments. If they know you are home alone, they may scare you outside your window, yell or scream, or have someone you don’t know, threaten you, or pass your number to someone else. This will then multiply, you will feel like you are being hit from every angle. When there is an increase in the Sado Stalk – that’s the time they will be seeking to ‘take something from you.’ Do not give any credit card numbers, medicare card numbers, medibank numbers, not information. Do not accept a brand new mobile phone, because they have an extra one they don’t need with a number, after winning your rapport. Keep banking, email, passwords secure.
For example. if you are an accountant, they will send you someone who will ask you to do work, but remember the purpose of this is a) to make you work and not pay you, (MTG Slavery Strategy). They will string you along and on and get the most work they can for free. But there is another part to this as it’s not just about the work, it is about also the Sado Stalk as that person will continue to gather information about you and if you have ‘children’ the operation may be a long one as they may be working towards a ‘Sado Snatch’ ie kidnap. be extra careful who ‘you meet’ in Melbourne. They have people like ‘cleaners’. You can hire one of their ‘cleaners’ and you will have more damage applied. Repairs to a home, and so on.
10: BUYING YOU GIFTS: These are an easy rapport winner. If you have what they want, they won’t even mind spending a thousand dollars on you or even giving you a car to use to help you out. This is highly sophisticated deception.
11: ORGANIZED: So you can see that you are dealing with an organized and coordinated group who ‘have time’ they do not require baseball bats.
They will completely destroy all you have ‘inside out’, nothing will be spared.
Remember, they may appear like a florist or a bank manager, just an ordinary ‘friendly person.’ But they wear the ‘nazi’ sign in their heart, which you will never see and detect.
The Sado Stalk is a major weapon they can use, you will feel suffocated, sick, many have felt suicidal because it is like ‘leeches’
you shake one off, another will arrive.
The more information they have on you, the more they can stalk you. If you have something ‘big’ that they want, the organiser at the command post is a ‘master of infiltrating’ your home, your life, he has all the people he needs and will target you with one or all if he likes.
12: DECEPTION: Everything they will tell you will be a lie, it is all deception. You are dealing with experts in coordinated ‘Gang” manipulation and remember they are the Melbourne Torture Gang and those who are at the command post will want to inflict maximum ‘mental torture’ on you as well as physical if they have an opportunity. Females are a major target. Females with children leaves you in maximum danger.
13: CHILDREN: Do not fall for the “I will take her shopping or I will take her for a girls night or dinner trick.” Give zero access as they will be working towards an organised, pre-planned ‘kidnapping’ of your child. Intercept any person talking ‘fear’ or stories or things they keep repeating over and over. Lock all doors and windows. Report any strange vehicles like vans, business vehicles, cleaning vans, black vans, white vans, whatever that seems suspicious report  000 hanging around late at night.
14: FOOD OR DRINK: They could poison you, make you ill, do not eat or drink what you don’t know.
15: MELBOURNE WIDE They have connections Melbourne wide and not just the core we display on the map.
14: SECRECY: They are sworn to secrecy and study Hitler strategies, pychology to harm. The guy who is cutting your lawn or building your fence could be a MELBOURNE TORTURE GANG MEMBER:
15: Remember, they have existed now for 43 Years so they are nothing new, in order to exist so long they know what they are doing, you can be sure of that. They are one of the longest running ‘Gangster’ organisations in Melbourne. They have existed so long due to their code of ‘secrecy’ they won’t break.
Do NOT Disregard ANY Points.
Tell your friends, protect them. They are ‘expanding’ — Look at the points of main coverage on the map to see who is around you, and protect your children.
Our information comes to you from decades of research:
These points are only a starter
Study the free articles on our site read each article.
You are dealing with highly organised sophisticated and merciless people targeting people in Melbourne covertly.
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