October 13, 2017

Some of them appear to be normal people but under it all, Mr Sado’s Melbourne Torture Gang is brazen., cruel and the most sadistic people you will ever find in Melbourne.

Mr Sado Loves to Torture and Have Tortured By His Crew in Melbourne and they never ever stop.

Their ‘mindset’ that they are somehow ‘elite’ and it is as Mr Sado wanted them to be.

They don’t believe they ever have to ‘stop hunting over and over the same people for decades, and apply masks until they get sick and die. Of course with one person who knows the information about ‘how they operate’ left, so we are exposing their strategies as much as possible in order to stop them harming anyone else and their deceptions, violence and torture in Melbourne.

Torturing people is a violation of their human rights.


The reason they can’t be shaken off is they ‘bypass’ the law.

For example they keep using ‘masks’ or the ‘Sado Masks’ as I call them, ‘cover’ lies, manipulation.

For example, they use labeling, like they did with one person they ‘hunted and stalked’ for decades. Females have zero chance of escape from Mr Sado’s system ‘and again this was to one of his own’ – that’s because he ‘gets joy from the abuse and degradation of females’, the Melbourne Torture Gang ‘core’ members all do, so you can imagine what she endured in Mr Sado’s favorite ‘isolation’ method for some time prior to passing away.


Mr Sado brought her here as a ‘teen’ and never stopped her gang abuse. He stayed hidden during those decades, yes ‘decades’ and did not go to help her once. That’s because ‘he gets joy from the knowledge of her being constantly abused’ which is in reality ‘by his own Melbourne Torture Gang people.


She doesn’t know this and for decades, unknown to her, she trusts and see’s people that she thinks are friends but most are ‘in the secret Melbourne Torture Gang.

What begins for her in Melbourne with Mr Sado forcing her to marry by a ‘set up’ pre – planned design, ends the same way during the time of her death.

This is the Melbourne Torture Gang method and strategy it relies upon. It is this strategy which makes them hard to detect, because they have person A) Organiser —-creating and planning, then once this is completed, that person will ‘allocate the task required to the person required. That task is then carried out.


With their strategy, the Melbourne Torture Gang are constantly hitting the same target. So this makes it even more harder to detect. So unlike groups that rob one place then move on to the next, Mr Sado didn’t need to do that because he thought they could get a lifetime from one person that was a child slave. So for sixty years or so, she was targeted constantly. This isn’t just for her, it is for ‘any’ who are not in his ‘elite or royals’ as it is the ‘elite’ his children who work in ‘secret’ with Mr Sado, so Mr Sado’s ‘slave children don’t know, they are working to harm and still abuse until death do us apart!


It is a horrendous system of abuse, this is why the Melbourne Torture Gang work in secret. With these strategies for example ten gang members against two of Mr Sado’s child slave, they are greatly outnumbered.


The elite gang members coordinate together, with full knowledge of what they are doing, however the target is ‘unaware’ that they are facing a “GANG WITHIN A FAMILY”. So the targeted female by the “gang” is under the idea that those people are maybe he ‘family’ or maybe her close friend, when most of them are in the Melbourne Torture Gang and all are working together to “Break Her” without her knowledge, beatings, alcohol abuse, sex and during these times, Mr Sado and the other Melbourne Torture Gang members are aware of her abuse. During her life she continues to pay off her property, but does not realize near the end, she will be swarmed by the Melbourne Torture Gang members and even people she ‘hated’ for bashing and then she will be isolated. Her assets will get taken over and controlled. It is “Organized Cruelty” – organized and deliberate harm – so in Mr Sado’s world not only does she get abused ‘as a slave’ all her life by his pre-designed methods, but the abusers take over control of ‘anything she ever had.’ This is how they do it.


Although it is all Mr Sado and organised “Gang Methods” he and the Melbourne Torture Gang use the application of “Sado Masks”.

Torture has profound and long lasting physical and psychological effects. The victims’ family members and friends are often also affected. According to research, psychological and physical torture have similar mental effects. Torture is always deliberate.


‘Some Sado Torture Masks’

Sado Torture Mask 1: He will say – “I had nothing to do with it.”

This is a vastly popular Sado Mask they constantly apply on the target. This is one of the main strategies they apply to ensure they don’t get detected. It isn’t only Mr Sado who applies this. This is a pre-requisite to the organisation of the plan. It is a main ‘key’ prior to organising a plan, ‘having someone else do it’ then say, ‘it wasn’t me. The authorities are not aware that it is an “organised gang.”

Sado Mask 2:  “Labeling” – He or the Gang Members will say, “She is crazy” – “She is mad” or “She is Mental” or “She is Mentally Insane” or “She is an alcoholic” or “She is a drug user” or “She is a drug dealer.”

Of course she or he is not ‘mad or mentally insane’ but what the Melbourne Torture Gang members and Mr Sado will do is ‘label her or the victim’ for their entire life over and over again.

The reality is ‘they are not qualified doctors to determine this but Mr Sado knows once they keep repeating ‘over and over and over again as a collective the same term to people, for some reason, people start to believe it. Melbourne Torture Gang use this method in courts and to authorities and so on. The people they say it to are not aware they are ‘speaking to a Torture gang member.’ It works, time and time again, this is the reason they have used this Sado Mask for decades.

Sado Mask 3: “Look Poor” This one is used by Mr Sado himself. Not all Melbourne Torture Gang members use this. He applies it because he greatly fears getting caught ‘that’s why there are the masks. The other reason is, enslaving your children and treating them by organised methods of abuse for all their lives and ‘hunting’ them down by organised ‘gang’ for pleasure, then taking over all their assets, is not something someone would want to be caught with. Add to this the application of ‘torture’ which is what it all is about, extremely horrendous ‘gang system’ which is fetish and sadistic related, which none of them want to be ‘exposed.

The Sado Mask 4: He achieves it so good that he lives and has lived in a house that should have been knocked down nearly thirty years ago. So when one see’s the house, it appears as if he is the poorest person in the world. Gang funds are not held by him, he can access gang funds through another Melbourne Torture Gang member when required. Mr Sado, appears poor and on a pension and likes to gamble often through the week.. He will have his ‘child based and abused all their life’ by pre-planned design, take over their assets on their death and appear poor.

This is the heart and soul of extreme cruelty, the heart and soul of a person, the core of all evil. The biggest of ‘torturers must always have the biggest mask.’

The Sado Mask 5: By living far from one another, the Melbourne Torture Gang members will ‘act as if they don’t know each-other. They know nothing, they see nothing. Yet where this breaks completely is because there isn’t many in the gang, it cannot be anyone else doing it but them. So they will say all of this, but when there is time to ‘isolate’ someone for ‘torture’ it is the ‘gang’ as recorded which comes together. It is the gang together that ‘isolates the victim’ – so it makes it very difficult to say ‘we don’t know each other. Of course they have many ‘holes’ which become very obvious, they know this, but the main strategy they rely on is ‘diverting with deception’ from the start. Once we start scratching the surface, all starts to reveal, the Sado Mask becomes unmasked.

The Sado Mask 6: “False Fights Between Torture Gang Members” This strategy is applied at times to make it appear as ‘there is no link between one Melbourne Torture Gang member and another. Although this strategy is applied, it often doesn’t work. On one occasion they applied it after they were stalking a female and she complained, so what they did was create the ‘false fight’ strategy and went to court ‘to make it appear as they are not gang related members. Naturally the “false fight strategy” is not something often used and again when it is used, looking beyond the surface reveals it for what it is.

SADO MASK 7: The use of hardcore and cruel torture gang female. By using a female ‘at the front’ that is highly deceptive who wins rapport, they Mr Sado and the gang members stay in the background. They also use females to easily convince ‘authorities’.

SADO MASK 8.  Child torture and child abuse is horrendous and because the Sado System targets the ‘own children’ from ‘within they constantly make people believe that the targeted children are in some way their family and that it’s a family problem. If they said the truth which is, ‘we are not a family, I have nothing to do with that person for ten years, or I have nothing to do with that person for twenty years and we are a gang within a family that is targeting a couple of the children that were raised as ‘slaves by Mr Sado’ then the whole thing shifts. So although the targeted victim child knows this in order to cover it up, they tell authorities a lie and say,

  • ‘It’s a family problem, she is mentally ill.’

One female Melbourne Torture Gang member, although split up with her ex partner around 20 years ago and had another relationship for ten years, when they want toi= target that victim over and over again, she will say,

  • “She will make it appear as the two were some kind of recent partners and they are having some kind of ‘family issues.’
  • “They achieve this by creating ‘notches’ they call DHS with false complaints, one even called police several times for her student son, each time she saw him. Not because he did anything wrong, but by contacting police over and over again to the same target it makes that target look bad.
  • False notifications are a major key to the Melbourne Torture Gang.


Isolation is the heart and soul of their torture both mental and physical. Isolation is the foundation the root to the harm they do as harm is done to children taken by ‘pre-planned- methods as they have always done and then they get sheer joy from making one parent ‘suffer’ isolated from the child. In one instance they isolated children close to ‘ten years’ successfuly with deception and did so when the other parent could legally see the child. Torture by every means possible is the ultimate goal.


This is constantly applied mainly to female or male children in isolation, the more severe deliberate mental harm they can apply the more safer they feel in order to cover up their previous abuses on that child. Not only is it a Sado Mask, it is joy for Mr Sado who loves to make children severely ‘mentally ill’ as he has done. He now uses a female a to do this in his Gang and also a new female who joined around three years ago.


For years and years they continue to target and stalk the victim, making them feel sick, suffocated and far worse, they use deception and destroy businesses, and pre-design great harm to the same person over and over again, until death do us apart. If that person has children, they target their children and duplicate the slavery process and if the parent passes away, they then continue on that duplication to the child. Any female in the gang appears to be a ‘person who had problems in the past’ however that is deception, the females are the vicious heart and soul of the gang and have given Mr Sado vast access. One of his and his gang members great joys — is to have a female destroy a weaker female.

They get great joy from these sick acts.

SADO MASK 13: As long as they can bypass the law to Mr Sado and his Melbourne Torture Gang it is ‘ok to torture’.


The simple diagram below shows how they ‘hunt’ the same victim and their family or children over and over again for decades, a lifetime of torture.

Torturing people is a violation of their human rights.


They are brazen and openly tell their victims, “We will never stop.” True to their word, until others two other died that they applied their methods of Torture to in their illness and drove them to severe illness by endless abuse and endlessly ‘stalking and hunting them down’ in their homes with constant ‘fear’ – they will never stop until death do us apart. This horrendous gang of gross actions must be stopped, by revealing the Melbourne Torture Gang methods and exposing how they do it, we hope the police will shut them down soon and end the ‘torture in Melbourne.’

So these are some methods applied in the Melbourne Torture Gang strategies. It is all deception, and there are many more. There has to be as ‘torture and isolation’ and pre-planned methods by design that harm are extremely serious matters. It’s not about them saying ‘we will never stop, it is about, ‘they must be stopped, because the application of torture on people, hunting their own people down, driving to illness and death, in our view because it is long and deliberate, the end goal is torture and death, so therefore ‘it is no different than ‘culling your own family.’

This is going on right now.

It has never stopped.

The reason it won’t ever stop is because it is a “police job to stop torture, not not a citizens job. It is a police job to stop a group ‘hunting the same people down over and over again. If police won’t stop torture or torturers ‘hunting people down endlessly with pre-designed methods — then we must document all we can and do what we can to stop the hunt  & torture once and for all.

Torturing people is a violation of their human rights.

Just because the sado & his groups fetish is sado masochistic torture (torture) of adults and children masked by his group


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