| Listen: Paulie Malignaggi Reveals All About Conor Boxing! CONOR McGREGOR FIGHTING STYLE ROUND BY ROUND DETAIL

August 8, 2017

INCREDIBLE: Paulie Malignaggi reveals it all about Conor’s boxing, not only that, he says he won’t talk about it, but then goes on to reveal every detail about sparring Conor and even about how ‘hittable’ Conor is and reveals sensational tactics during their recent 12 round boxing. Floyd’s “magic man” of media Paulie got in and got the information and got out fast and now he is all over the media ‘trashing’ Conor after revealing all of Conor’s fighting tactics. See this link to see Paulie everywhere. While it’s now at this phase, Floyd will remain quiet and let Paulie do most of the talking after getting the info about Conor from Paulie.

See the link below to see the close friendship between Paulie and Floyd and watch video how Floyd uses his close friend ‘the magic media man” . – JAD.

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