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January 29, 2017

Savvy politicians are often versed on the price of ordinary grocery items like bread and milk, so they don’t come off looking out of touch in the lead up to an election.

But it seems someone forgot to tell French presidential hopeful Jean-François Copé, who was left red faced after falling woefully short when trying to guess the price of a humble pain au chocolat.

The politician told local radio hosts he thought a 10 to 15 euro cents would suffice for the symbol of the nation he is running to lead.

Naturally, he was no where near the actual price which can range between 1 euro and 1.50 euro, and tried to fumble his way out with a waistline watching excuse.

“I admit I don’t buy them very often because… you have to be a little careful because of the calories,” he said.

He later took to Twitter with a photo of fresh fruit and vegetable to again express his embarrassment and confess (unsurprisingly) that it’s been a long time between chocolate croissants.

Meanwhile others on Twitter were having a little more fun with the idea:

While we’ve got this scene playing on repeat:

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