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January 29, 2017

Americans are going through a tough time, with the presidential election leaving many anxious about the future.

While Republican nominee Donald Trump wants to “make America great again”, Canadians are taking to social media to remind their neighbours to the south that they’re already pretty great.

The #TellAmericaItsGreat campaign was started by the Garden Collective, a Toronto-based creative agency, who have also set up a series of YouTube videos designed to give the US a pep-talk.

“Sometimes friends just need to look out for each other,” said Shari Walczak, a founder of the agency, adding that they wanted to make a positive contribution to a depressing election season.

The hashtag quickly caught on, as Canadians starting listing all the good things about the US and its people.

Other countries are getting on board too.

And Americans are so touched, they’re tweeting their appreciation, with the hashtag #TellCanadaThankYou.

Well, most of them are grateful.


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