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January 29, 2017

A parliamentary meeting in Ukraine has ended in blows after two opposing party leaders launched at each other on Monday.

Punches were thrown after Radical Party leader Oleh Lyashko accused the head of the Opposition Party and former Vice Prime Minister Yuriy Boyko, of cuddling up to the Kremlin, and nearby politicians had to step in to separate the pair.

While fist fights aren’t an uncommon occurrence among Ukrainian lawmakers – similar brawls broke out last year and the year before – the reaction, or lack thereof, from one onlooking parliamentarian is somewhat puzzling.

In the video the man seems completely unfazed as the fight erupts right in front of him. Even when given a second chance to react when the warring politicians descend into another confrontation, the bystander remains deadpan.

Mr Boyko was later asked to leave the floor.

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