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February 8, 2017

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has brushed off Malcolm Turnbull’s withering Question Time attack just hours after the prime minister labelled him a “simpering sycophant” who wants his own “Harbourside mansion”.

Mr Turnbull unleashed on the Opposition Leader just before the end of Question Time on Wednesday.

In response, Mr Shorten told the ABC’s 7:30 “I have a mortgage, I live in Moonee Ponds I’m proud of it”.

“I don’t think Australians have seen that sort of anger from him since his famous election night speech,” he said.

During his 10-minute long sledge, Mr Turnbull when on to call Mr Shorten a “parasite” and a “social-climbing sycophant if ever there was one”.

“I feel a little bit for him at the moment as he is under great pressure,” Mr Shorten said.

“You would know as well as I do that the drums are beating in the corridors of Canberra about whether or not he will remain as Liberal leader and I think he is showing pressure.”

He said he didn’t “begrudge” Mr Turnbull’s wealth, despite accusing him  of being “out of touch” because of it.

“But I do begrudge when he has seriously out of touch policies which are massively disappointing,” he said.

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