Assailant opens fire in Istanbul restaurant to avenge father’s killer, one

February 9, 2017

At least one person was killed and two others were injured after an assailant opened fire in a restaurant in Istanbul’s Beykoz district.

Initial reports suggested that the shooting was not terrorism related. A local news website reported that the assailant saw a man who shot dead his father 12 years ago, and started shooting at him, who is reported to have died in the incident.

Multiple victims were injured due to stray bullets or during the panic to leave the restaurant.

The shooting took place at a branch of a renowned Turkish restaurant chain located in Anadolu Hisarı neighborhood.

According to reports, Turkish popstar Demet Akalın was also at the restaurant when the shooting took place, and injured her hand. Replying to a tweet, Akalın said that many people were injured due to broken glass. Turkish daily Posta reported that Akalın, fearing that the attack could be similar to Reina attack, hide under a table during the shooting.

A suspect, believed to be the assailant of the attack, was detained after the incident.

The shooting reminded the Daesh terrorist attack against Reina nightclub in Ortaköy neighborhood of Istanbul’s Beşiktaş district on New Year’s Eve that killed 39 people.

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