Angelina Molluso

NewsCO MEB (Master of Excellence in Business) Awards Challenge – Angelina Molluso – Melbourne Make Up Artist

April 8, 2017

The MEB Awards Challenge is On:

UPDATE: MEB Award winning entry for this post can be seen here.

We want to congratulate Angelina Molluso for being selected to participate in The NewsCO MEB AWARDS Challenge! We select only the very best in their field.

This month we have thrown out the challenge to Melbourne’s extraordinary make up artist Angelina Molluso to create Catwoman by using her amazing make up skills. We would like to thank Angelina for taking us up on The NewsCO MEB AWARDS.

Angelina Molluso

–‘Angelina Molluso Make Up Artist Melbourne accepts the challenge!’–

MEB Challenge Requirements:

  • Mask is to be created by using ‘make up’.

The NewsCO MEB Awards Challenge Star Profile:

  • Angelina Molluso
  • Challenge Type: Make Up
  • Challenged Date: 4th of April 2017
  • Challenge Ends: 16th of April 2017.
  • Results: Will be published on this page. Find it under the ‘New Awards’ off the main menu.

Will Angelina complete the NewsCO MEB challenge on time?

Amazing previous work by Angelina Molluso ..

Good Luck Angelina Molluso!

MEB UPDATE: Angelina Molluso has successfully completed the MEB Challenge and her winning entry can be seen here.

The MEB Awards Challenge! 

Are you extraordinary in what you do?

Then, don’t be surprised if we ‘spot’ your amazing talent and challenge you! We only select those who are experts in their field and provide outstanding service to clients in their local community.

The NewsCO MEB Awards is recognition of excellence.

How to participate in the MEB Awards

Nominations – Participation:

Any Industry – Any Talent Can Participate:

Contact us for the NewsCO MEB Awards and nominate an extraordinary talent. We can’t promise that we will select requests as we seek only the great experts in their field however we do promise that we will check and consider all requests and notify you! Contact NewsCO here

  • All images are protected by Copyright t0 Angelina Molluso and may not be used or reproduced or distributed without her permission.
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