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January 29, 2017

Sydney’s lockout laws are affecting our international reputation in the eyes of American celebrities, after comic Hannibal Buress shared his salty experience with a Sydney nightclub bouncer recently.

Buress, best known for his work on 30 Rock and Broad City (and openly calling Bill Cosby a rapist in his sets), shared his story during his show at Sydney Enmore Theatre last night.

“There was a security guard, he was talking with a friend, then we walked up and I could see – it was like an actor getting into character – his whole vibe just switched into being a security guard. I’ve been in nightlife for 14 years, he asked me some shit I’ve never heard a bouncer say.

“He said ‘Where were you guys before this?’.

“I’m like ‘What? Dad? What? What the fuck, who’s this guy? Did this guy just ask me where I was?

“The weirdest part, I was with an Australian person, he was like ‘Yeah we were over at the other bar.’ What? Stop telling this narc where we were, dude! What place could we have been where he would have said ‘No, you can’t come in after there! Lockout rules.'”

“That sh*t sucks! Really puts a dampener on that Sydney versus Melbourne debate. You’re losing that one for a while.”

To watch Buress’s set about Sydney lockout laws in full, check out the video below.  

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